Hot Sale Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Jamaica

On September 24, 2023, Luton diesel concrete trailer pump with capacity of 50m3/h was shipped to Jamaica. This customer comes from Jamaica, and he found us from the website. He want to buy a concrete trailer pump for building construction. This concrete trailer pump sold to Jamaica opens up a new market for Luton Group. … Read more

LUTON Concrete Mixing Pump to Sierra Leone

Great job! Another set of concrete mixing pump of LUTON GROUP is exported to Sierra Lenone! This is a diesel concrete mixer pump, JBS30. The customer is from the USA, who wanted to find an ideal concrete equipment for his hospital construction project in Sierra Leone. On February 3rd, 2023, this client contacted us through … Read more

Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump in the United States

Recently, Luton HBT25m3 diesel concrete trailer pump will be sent to the United States. This concrete pump is powered by diesel engine, with capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour. This diesel concrete trailer pump in the United States has been completed. This pictures are as follows: HBT25 Concrete Trailer Pump Will be Used in … Read more

Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale in Indonesia

Towable concrete pump

Recently, Luton diesel concrete pump for sale in Indonesia. Indonesia is one highly potential market of LUTON’s construction machinery in South-east Asia. Customers in Indonesia are our important partners. LUTON diesel concrete pumps are the one of our hot sale machines in Indonesia. Recently, one of our customers in Indonesia purchased another LUTON diesel concrete … Read more

Luton Concrete Mixer Pump Shipped to Tanzania

JBS40 diesel mini concrete pump

Recently, Luton diesel concrete mixer pump has been produced and the running test is completed. Luton concrete mixer pump shipped to Tanzania. LUTON GROUP is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixer pump, our concrete mixer pump is a kind of concrete conveying pump which adopts fully automatic construction operation system and integrates feeding, mixing and … Read more

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Get to Saudi Arabia

Truck mounted concrete pump get to Saudi Arabia successfully. The pump, JBS-30C truck mounted concrete mixing pump from LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD., is the first mixing pump truck officially unveiled in Saudi Arabia. Features of This Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Get To Saudi Arabia The trouck-mounted mixing pump is a special engineering vehicle that integrates the … Read more

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania

luton concrete mixer pump

Tanzania is an important market for Luton’s construction machinery. Customers in Tanzania are our important partners. Luton concrete mixing plants and concrete pumps are popular in Tanzania. Recently, another JBS40-10-84R Concrete mixer pump sold to Tanzania. This Concrete mixer pump for sale Tanzania enjoyed the best price. JBS40-10-84R Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale Tanzania This … Read more

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump In Saudi Arabia

truck mounted concrete mixing pump in saudi arabia

Truck mounted concrete pump in Saudi Arabia is hot in local construction machinery market.Recently, LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD. successfully signed an order for a JBS-30C vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump with Saudi Arabia. This is the first time that Luton Heavy Industry has exported vehicle-mounted pump products to the Saudi market, which will fully open LUTON GROUP … Read more

Concrete Pump Price in Kenya

Kenya is a potential market. In the 2030 long-term plan, the Kenyan government lists energy, infrastructure, construction and other related fields as key development areas. Therefore, the concrete pump price in Kenya has attracted extensive attention of local construction contractors and machinery investors. As an advanced China’s manufacturer of road and construction equipment with more … Read more

Concrete Pump Price Malaysia

There are many kinds of concrete pump in Luton Group, Including concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, truck mounted concrete pump as well as concrete boom pump.The price various from type, configuration, model, capacity, etc. We can supply the specific price according your requirement. The concrete trailer pumps include diesel engine concrete trailer pump and … Read more