Dump Truck – Your Efficient Construction Assistant

Dump truck is a widely used transportation vehicle in construction, road, mining and other engineering projects. With high efficient and convenient unloading functions, it has become an indispensable component of modern logistics and construction. Here, we will come closely to this kind of unique construction machinery and take you on a journey to appreciate its charm and value.

dump truck
Chassis: LTE3310B2Cargo Body (mm): 6000*1390*2300
Engine: YC6L280-42Gross Weight (kg): 31000
Power (kg): 206Wheelbase (mm): 1850+3100+1350, …
Fuel: diesel fuelTires: 11.00-20 18PR
Capacity (kg): 16305Axle Loads (kg): 6500/6500/18000

What Is A Dump Truck?

A dump truck, as the name suggests, has the function of automatically dumping goods. It is mainly composed of a carriage, frame, hydraulic system, etc., and has the characteristics of automatic dumping and strong load-bearing capacity. In the construction industry, dump trucks are mainly used for the transportation of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, and soil. Their efficient and fast unloading method greatly improves construction efficiency.

The dump truck unloads goods on hydraulic or mechanical lifting system. It usually has an automatic dumping bucket, which can either dump goods backwards or sideways. It is also known as a dump truck, dump trailer, Tipper truck etc.

What Are Dump Trucks Used For?

The application range of dump trucks is wide, covering multiple fields such as construction, roads, and mines. At construction sites, dump trucks can be used for the transportation of building materials such as sand, gravel, cement, etc., providing strong support for various construction projects; In mines, dump trucks are responsible for the excavation and transportation of ore, providing efficient solutions for mining operations.

Types Of Dump Trucks

Classified by appearance:

  • single-axle dump trucks
  • double-axle dump trucks
  • triple-axle dump truck
  • flat head dump trucks
  • pointed dump trucks
  • front-four and rear-eight dump trucks
  • double axle semi trailer dump trucks
  • triple-axle semi trailer dump trucks

Classified by driving mode:

  • 4×2 (single axle)
  • 6×2 (double axle)
  • 6×4 (front four and rear four)
  • 8×4 (front four and rear eight)

According to the direction of carriage flipping:

  • rear flip
  • side flip
  • front flip

When choosing a dump truck, it is necessary to consider factors such as the vehicle’s load capacity, unloading height, and driving speed based on actual needs. Choosing a suitable dump truck can not only improve transportation efficiency but also reduce operating costs.

Classified by purpose: ordinary dump trucks, pump dump trucks, horizontal dump trucks, fully hydraulic dump trucks, etc.

A regular truck refers to a vehicle equipped with one or more unloading devices on its body, which can be manually operated to complete unloading operations.

A pump truck is a vehicle equipped with a hydraulic pump on the basis of a regular dump truck, which uses the pressure boosting effect of the hydraulic pump to assist manual operations in completing unloading operations.

A horizontal truck refers to a vehicle in which the unloading device of the vehicle body is placed at the rear of the vehicle body, and a horizontal suspension rod is installed at the front of the vehicle body. The lifting effect of the suspension rod helps manual operation to complete the unloading operation.

A fully hydraulic truck is a vehicle that replaces the unloading device of a regular dump truck with a hydraulic driven unloading device, utilizing the pressure boosting effect of the hydraulic system to assist manual operations in completing unloading operations.

In addition, dump trucks can also be classified according to different standards such as chassis carrying capacity and unloading hydraulic lifting mechanisms. In short, there are various types of dump trucks that can be selected according to specific usage requirements.

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