Application Method of LUTON Self-loading Mixer Truck

Application method of LUTON self-loading mixer truck helps you to prolong the service life of your machinery. Hope it bring you more and more profits. 1) Conduct detailed inspection before operation. Check whether all parts of the vehicle are normal. In particular, whether the steering and braking mechanism is sensitive and reliable and whether the … Read more

Tips on Saving Fuel for Self Loading Mixer Truck

In addition to the pursuit of efficiency, many customers who purchase LUTON concrete self-loading mixer trucks also pursue its low cost. but after all, vehicles need to “drink oil”. What is the best way to “drink” and save more fuel? The following will present the “tips on saving fuel for self loading mixer truck”. Inspection and maintenance … Read more

Why Choosing Self Loading Concrete Mixer

LUTON GROUP self loading concrete mixer have always had a good market because of their high quality and wide application. Mixing concrete is a delicate business. You have to ensure that the concrete is always fresh and it contains the right mix of ingredients, in order for the buildings you erect to be solid and … Read more

How Does Self Loading Truck Automatically Load the Material

There is a large arm near the cab of LUTON automatic loading mixer, which is called the loading arm. The driver operates in the cab, and the loading arm can carry out a series of lowering, shoveling and lifting actions. After a worker arranges the materials, the driver controls the loading arm to lower the … Read more

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Self-loading Mixer Truck Operation

What are the advantages of automatic self-loading mixer truck operation? To answer this question, we should know generally that the function units of an automatic self-loading mixer truck includes automatic feeding, automatic stirring, and an automatic water supply system. Then Let’s take a close look at the details of a LUTON self loading concrete mixer … Read more

The Belt and Road with Self loading Mixer

Since March 28, 2015, the “Vision and Actions on Promoting the Joint Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” issued by China has achieved high growth. As a leader in the construction machinery industry, LUTON GROUP has also followed the steps of “the Belt and Road”, allowing products … Read more

How to Operate the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer truck is integrated with self loading, mixing and transportation. How to operate the self loading concrete mixer? Here are 7 steps: 1. Ensure that the various working systems of the mixer truck are in normal before operation. The surrounding environment is in a state of safety and no hidden dangers. 2. … Read more

Maintenance of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

LUTON self loading concrete mixer is a concrete mixing truck suitable for small-scale engineering construction, which integrates automatic loading, mixing, transportation and automatic unloading. Therefore it combines the functions of the concrete mixer, transit mixer and wheel loader which now is the more cost-effective equipment for construction. As the construction equipment for dealing with concrete, … Read more

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale Zimbabwe

Self loading concrete mixer for sale Zimbabwe made in LUTON Group participates in supporting Zimbabwe’s infrastructure industry. In March 2021, LUTON GROUP was invited to participate in the National Foreign Trade and Business Forum held in Beijing. As a leading brand in China’s construction machinery industry, our boss made an important speech. And after the … Read more

Why Self Loading Mixer Truck Is Popular With Contractors?

Do you know why more and more customers are choosing the self-loading mixer truck? Why self loading mixer truck is popular with contractors? Star Product The self-loading mixer is a multifunction concrete equipment that can load, mix, transfer, discharge the concrete, like a small concrete plant. Because of its convenience of use and flexibility of … Read more