Assemble Steps Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

When your self loading concrete mixer truck is arrived, it is the first thing to get it out of the container and assemble it together. How to do these things? LUTON makes an operation list for the assemble steps of self loading concrete mixer truck. Assemble Step1 – Receiving Products & Check Check Container Check … Read more

Hydraulic System Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Hydraulic system of self loading concrete mixer truck is the important link which provides the driving energy to the mixer drum, feeding loader, and other actuators to move. So, the hydraulic system’s performance and stability are directly related to the operational efficiency and safety of the entire vehicle. How does it work?How can we deal … Read more

Debug the Electronic Scale of Self Loader Concrete Mixer

How to Debug the Electronic Scale of Self Loader Concrete Mixer 1. To debug the electronic scale of self loader concrete mixer, begin by verifying that the wiring and sensor installation are correct. After starting the truck and turning on the electronic scale, ensure that the oil intake value is larger than the oil return … Read more

Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer VS. Common Self loading Concrete Mixer Best truck VS. Common truck Modern production process Process process Small workshop processing Complete models, and also support customization. Models Single model High quality, no problems during use. Quality Quality can not be guaranteed, delay time and cost. Perfect pre-sale and after-sales service. There … Read more

When to Change Tires of Self Loading Mixer Truck

4 Cases When to Change Tires of Self Loading Mixer Truck Depth of Tire Tread Pattern The thickness of the tread pattern must be greater than 1.6 mm. If you often drive on wet and slippery roads with low friction, try to ensure that the tread pattern thickness is twice the above value. You can … Read more

Why Does The Self Loading Mixer Tank Turn While Walking

Do you know why does the self loading mixer tank turn while walking? Although we can see mixer trucks in many places, Many people think the reason is very simple. The concrete just coming out of the mixing plant is the initial material, which is only a simple mixing process after batching. In order to … Read more

Common Issues and Repair Methods of Self Loading Mixer Truck

As more and more users use self-loading mixer truck on construction projects, it will lock up if it is not cleaned in time or not clean well. So here will shows the common issues and repair methods of self loading mixer truck. 3 Common Issues and Repair Methods of Self Loading Mixer Truck Walking Weakness … Read more

Why Is The Self-loading Mixer Truck Immensely In Vogue

Do you know why is the self-loading mixer truck immensely in vogue? Do you really understand it? what is it used for? In recent years, the construction industry has emerged a device called self-loading mixer truck.This post will explain it for you. These advantages are shown as the following sentences: Independence: independent operation completes the … Read more

Advantages of LUTON Self Loader Concrete Mixer Truck

Self loader concrete mixer truck is a cost-effective truck for producing concrete. Why LUTON self loader truck is hot sale? Advantages of LUTON self loader concrete mixer truck includes two aspects: our factory and our truck. Advantages of Our Factory 1. Shot blasting machine When the elements are moved in to the machine, thousands of … Read more

Application Method of LUTON Self-loading Mixer Truck

Application method of LUTON self-loading mixer truck helps you to prolong the service life of your machinery. Hope it bring you more and more profits. 1) Conduct detailed inspection before operation. Check whether all parts of the vehicle are normal. In particular, whether the steering and braking mechanism is sensitive and reliable and whether the … Read more