The Guideline of the Ground Line Concrete Pump

The Features of the Ground Line Concrete Pump

The line pump is the trailer or truck mounted pump while the ground line concrete pump only refers to the trailer concrete pump. Because the ground line concrete pump doesn’t have the boom system, the concrete pumping has to be carried out through the delivery pipeline or hose.

The ground line concrete pump is more smaller than the boom pump, however, it is more convenient and flexible to operate and transfer the ground line concrete pump.

First, the ground line concrete pump has a long hose attached to the discharge port, so the concrete materials can be pumped to the required working locations horizontally.

Second, the ground line concrete pump is relatively small in size, so it can work at some particular locations such as the alleys, mountainous areas.

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Operation Instruction

Transportation of the Trailer Pump

When the trailer is towing the concrete pump, the landing legs should keep closed, the guide wheels must be completely retracted to avoid contact with the ground, meanwhile, the speed of the trailer should be moderate at a speed less than 15km per hour, besides, the cable shall be firmly tied.

The Operation of Pump

  • Operate the handle of the guide wheel to retract the guide wheel upward; the front end of the trailer frame downward and the whole vehicle tilts forward.
  • Put down the rear landing leg, insert the locating pin, and fasten the lockpin of the locating pin.
  • Operate the handle of the guide wheel to move the guide wheel downward, jack up the front end of the trailer frame, put down the front landing leg and insert the locating pin
  • After the above operations are completed, first keep the ground line concrete pump roughly horizontal, then make the four landing legs close to the ground at the same time, next ensure that the tire is not loaded, and finally retract the guide wheel.
  • If necessary, support with a jack.

Before the Operation of the Ground Line Concrete Pump

  • Check the positioning of the ground line pump. It should be fixed on a roughly horizontal and solid ground with four landing legs on the ground at the same time to ensure that the tire is not loaded. If the ground of the construction site is soft, it needs to be fixed with timbers or boards to prevent subsidence.
  • Check the laying and connection of each pipeline to see whether the straight pipe is on the same line, whether the pipe layout is reasonable, and whether the nozzle joints are tight.
  • Check whether the water tank and hopper are filled with water.
  • Check the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank and see whether the oil level of the lubricating grease pump oil tank is full. Fill it up if it’s insufficient. Pump oil manually and check whether the oil supply at each lubrication point is normal.
  • Check whether the cable connector is loose and broken, and see whether each switch is in the “off” position. Then close the power switch to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct
  • Before starting the motor, check whether the hopper screen and bottom door are closed and whether there are foreign matters in the hopper.
  • When the temperature is low in winter, it needs to be idled for a period of time, and the discharge pumping can be started only when the temperature of hydraulic oil rises above 20c.
  • Idling for 10 minutes, check whether the pressure gauge display is normal, whether the mixing device can be reversed, and whether the action of the positive and negative pumping is normal.
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After the Completion of the Ground Line Concrete Pump

After confirming the completion of concrete pumping, open the positive pump to idle for 3 to 4 strokes, discharge the residual concrete. Then stop the positive pump, remove the residual concrete in the hopper and S pipe with shovel, rake and other tools.

Next open the discharge door at the lower part of the hopper, flush the concrete inside and outside the hopper with water, and close the material door after it is clean.

Fill the hopper with water, start the positive pump to draw water to discharge the remaining concrete with the water pump. Then open the hopper door and start the reverse pump to discharge the stones and sand that have not been pumped out with the water.

Next close the hopper door with idling for 20 minutes, and continue to supply grease until the oil comes out of the lubricating point. After cleaning is finished, turn off the motor, the power supply and cover the pump.

Especially in winter, drain the water in the water tank and observe whether the water is turbid.

Clean and dry all parts of the surface of the ground line pump.

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