The Working Principle and Benefit of Cone Crusher

Working Principle

When working, the rotation of the motor rotates around a fixed point through the pulley or coupling, the drive shaft of the cone crusher and the cone part of the cone crusher under the forcing of the eccentric sleeve. Therefore, the crushing wall of the crushing cone sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing cavity to achieve the crushing of the ore.

Outstanding Benefits of Cone Crusher

High performance and low cost

The combination of optimized cavity type, reasonable speed and stroke, the performance is stable and reliable, the production capacity is improved, and the production cost is reduced. Using the principle of lamination and crushing, the number of cubic finished products is increased, the particle size is uniform, and the gradation is reasonable.

Safe and reliable operation

Large-diameter spindle and heavy-duty main frame ensure that the equipment is durable and reliable in operation. Independent thin oil lubrication system with multi-point control can ensure double protection of bearing lubrication. Over-iron protection device and automatic control system can realize automatic safety protection.

Easy to operate and maintain

All components can be disassembled from the upper or side to facilitate the removal of fixed cone and moving cone assemblies. The hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean the broken cavity and greatly reduce the downtime.


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