Why Choosing Self Loading Concrete Mixer

LUTON GROUP self loading concrete mixer have always had a good market because of their high quality and wide application. Mixing concrete is a delicate business. You have to ensure that the concrete is always fresh and it contains the right mix of ingredients, in order for the buildings you erect to be solid and durable. Why choosing self loading concrete mixer? Here are a few of the main advantages of a mobile solution.

LUTON 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale

Produce Fresh Concrete At Any Construction Site

The first and foremost advantage of LUTON GROUP Self loading concrete mixer  for sale is that it can always deliver freshly mixed concrete, thanks to its separate storage bins for all ingredients. Since you’ll only mix the volume you need, you won’t have to discard any materials. This can help you make your business more profitable by eliminating unnecessary waste.

Why Choosing Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Convenient Operation

The other advantage of a LUTON GROUP Self loading concrete mixer is that it comes with its own water tank. Should you need to add more water to your mix, you won’t have to do anything else than to push a button to add the right amount of water to the mix. This will allow you to prepare high quality concrete or cement mix each and every time, regardless of the location of your projects. As you can easily imagine, this will result in higher client satisfaction without any additional investment from your side.

LUTON GROUP self loading concrete mixer is sometimes the only solution to pour concrete in hard to reach places. If your work site has limited access, you may not be able to bring in your regular equipment. If you want your concrete to be always fresh and ready to use, you need a mobile solution to mix it on site rather than bringing it over from a distance. This is the best method to avoid waste or to keep it at a minimum.

Last but not least, you can use your self loading concrete mixer to make some money on the side by renting it out to other contractors. This can be an excellent way to earn money without needing to invest in any other piece of equipment or machine. Just make sure you do your homework before setting your rental prices of self loading concrete mixer, in order to be able to find some clients for this extra service.

All these are good reasons for you to choose LUTON GROUP self loading concrete mixer for your constructions business. However, make sure it will be able to fulfill your needs in terms of concrete volume and flow rate.

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