Application Method of LUTON Self-loading Mixer Truck

Application method of LUTON self-loading mixer truck helps you to prolong the service life of your machinery. Hope it bring you more and more profits.

1) Conduct detailed inspection before operation. Check whether all parts of the vehicle are normal. In particular, whether the steering and braking mechanism is sensitive and reliable and whether the tire pressure meets the standard.

Check whether the mixing system is firmly connected, whether the mechanism position is correct, and whether it will be stuck during operation. Start the machine only after confirming that all parts of it are in good condition.

2) The hydraulic oil pressure of each part shall be in accordance with the specified requirements and shall not be changed at will. The oil quantity, oil quality and oil temperature of hydraulic oil shall meet the specified requirements, and all parts of all oil circuits shall be free of leakage.

Daily Use And Maintenance of LUTON Self-loading Mixer Truck

3) The continuous operation time of the working device shall not exceed 8h. If you work continuously for 16h or 24h, the service life of the machine will be shortened rapidly.

4) The time for transporting concrete by the LUTON self-loading mixer truck shall not exceed the time specified. If water evaporation is found during using, water shall be added appropriately to ensure the quality of concrete.

5) During the transportation of concrete, the mixing drum shall not stop to prevent the initial setting and segregation of concrete.

6) When the mixing drum changes from positive to reverse, be sure to put the control handle to the middle position first, After the mixing drum stops rotating, put the control handle to the reverse position.

7) The water tank should always be kept full for emergency use. When parking in winter, drain the water from the water tank and water supply system.

8) The discharge hopper can be extended according to the use needs. If it is not long enough, it can be extended by itself.

floor construction of self loader concrete mixer
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9) Before loading, add a small amount of water into the cylinder to make the feeding smooth and prevent sticking.

10) When mixing concrete, it is necessary to add 2 / 3 of the total water into the mixing drum, and then add aggregate and cement for mixing.

11) Before leaving work, the driver shall clean the mixing drum and vehicle body surface to prevent concrete from condensing on the wall, blade and vehicle body. In addition, auxiliary work such as cleaning, maintenance and oil change shall be carried out for the machinery.

12) When the machine is parked in the open air, cover the relevant parts to prevent the moving parts from rusting and failure due to wind and sun.

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