Mini Hot Mix Plant

Mini hot mix plant is also called mini asphalt mixing plant or mini asphalt plant with output capacity less than 80t/h. It actually is a set of functional equipment to conveniently and efficiently supply asphalt material for all kinds of road construction.

With compact structure and high performance, mini hot mix plant is widely used in various small or medium scale road constructions and asphalt pavement on-site jobs.

Mini Hot Mix Plant Cost

For mini hot mix plant cost, there are two topic to be discussed. One is the price of a mini hot mix plant, which is also the most concerned by buyers. The other one is the aspects influencing the cost of a mini hot mix plant, which can help you get more reference information before purchasing.

Mini Hot Mix Plant Price

Mini hot mix plant price varies according to the plant type, the output capacity, the configuration, the supply and demand of local market, etc..

Generally speaking, for the same type of asphalt plant, the higher producing capacity, the higher configuration and the more demand of market, will leads to the higher price.

Meanwhile, for different types of asphalt plants, the price will be affected by the difficulty of the designing process and producing Technology.

So, it is impossible to define a price for various asphalt plants. The specific price must be based on the actual needs of investors to determine the selection scheme and configuration content.

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What Is Influencing The Cost Of Mini Hot Mix Plant?

To solve this problem, it is necessary to make clear the differences between the cost and the price of a mini hot mix asphalt plant.

The price here means the unit price of a whole set of equipment.

While the cost, is not only the purchase price of an asphalt mixing plant, but also the costs from the preliminary construction sites inspection and preparation to the purchase of equipment. And of course, some of the costs incurred during the later production and maintenance process:

  • The cost of equipment purchase
  • The cost of land purchase
  • The cost of shipping and transportation
  • The cost of certifications
  • The cost of materials, water and electric consumption

All in all, take all these aspects into the purchasing consideration before take action. Hope you get the right mini plant.

LUTON GROUP, with rich producing experiences, focuses on designing and manufacturing all kinds of asphalt plant for more than 20 years. The mini hot mix plant is always the hot series on sale.

Mini Stationary Hot Mix Plant

LUTON LB Series is also another hot mode product. This kind of plant is a kind of stationary hot mix plant.

mini hot mix plant for sale

The lightweight structure and compact design are especially suitable for small and medium scale asphalt pavement engineering.

Specifications of LUOTN LB Series Mini Stationary Hot Mix Plant

Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant

mini mobile hot mix plant

LUTON mini mobile hot mix plant, also known as mini mobile hot mix batch plant, expands the advantages of small asphalt mixing equipment. With flexible wheels, it is more easy to transport, very suitable for all kinds of small asphalt pavement on-site jobs. The output capacity of LUTON mini mobile hot mix plant ranges from 10t/h to 80t/h.

Specifications of 10t LUTON Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Feeding capacity0.3m3  
Feeding weight0.5 ton/hopper
Finished product temperature  120-170
Oil consumption6.5~7.5kg/t (mixed material)
Dryer rotation speed19 rpm
Total Power Consumption~48.5 kw
Overall dimension=4100×2500×3650
Total weight~6.2t

Mini Drum Mobile Asphalt Plant

LUTON LYJ Series of mini drum asphalt plant integrates drying function and mixing process into one mixing drum, which realizes continuous asphalt production and saves a lot of investment cost. This kind of mini asphalt mixing equipment is high efficient and easy to operate.

With intelligent PLC controller and touch screen operation, mini drum plant can switch two operations (automatic mode and manual mode ) freely.

Based on the mobile chassis, it can be transported and installed more speedily and easily.

drum asphalt plant

Asphalt Recycling Machine

Asphalt recycling machine is also another hot selling type of LUTON mini hot mix plant.

Unlike other asphalt production facilities, this equipment based on hot recycling technology, reuses old asphalt mixed with cold aggregate and filler to reproduce new and higher-quality asphalt finished hot mix materials.

All these reprocesses are finished on a trailer chassis, which can be transported freely on site. So it is the sophisticate expert of mini scale asphalt road paving and maintenance working.

mini hot mix plant price

Specifications of LUTON LZ15 Asphalt recycling machine

Total Power27.96kwFuel Consumption8kg/t
Heat-up Time6min/batchFuel TypeDiesel
Capacity of asphalt tank800LAsphalt pump Power1.5kw
Asphalt Feeding methodPressure atomized sprayDust removal method and powerCentrifugal cyclone dust removal 3kw
Operation methodManual methodCold aggregate feeding methodRail hoist
Lifting hopper capacity1.3m³Power of hoist system11kw

This small asphalt recycling equipment, not only costs lower and consumes less materials, but also recycles waste materials to reuse. It is an economical small hot mix asphalt production equipment.

Components of LUTON Mini Asphalt Plant

Although LUTON small asphalt plant is light and compact, it integrates complete functions in one and performs perfectly. The high quality of the finished asphalt material can be also assured. So it is called as the typical example of mini and delicate road construction machinery.

Prominent performance comes from the high-quality components. Here are some of the main functional parts.

Cold Aggregate Feeding Unit

Cold aggregate feeding unit collects cold aggregate according particle size and types.

Firstly, the belt feeder is installed in variable frequency regulator with wide speed range and high working efficiency.

Secondly, there is a vibrator on the sand bin to ensure normal operation.

Then, a screen is placed on the top of the cold aggregate hopper to sieve out the large-size materials.

Next, the conveyor belt is designed with a round belt, which works smoothly and with a long service life.

Drying And Heating Unit

At first, the optimized blade of the dryer makes the drying and heating process more efficient. It reduces energy consumption and increases the heating efficiency by 30%.

Secondly, completely insulated and composite aggregate drying drum. The support roller is driven by the friction energy of the polymer by the motor and the gear unit.

Thirdly, the temperature intelligent control system is from the famous manufacturer Honeywell, which is the assurance of the high quality and long service life.

Also, the high combustion efficiency burners from Italian famous brand ensures low exhaust emissions ( such as carbon dioxide, low NO1 ,NO2 and SO2 , etc. )

At last, burners suitable for various fuel are optional, including diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, coal, etc. Also, versatile burners for multiple fuels are available.

drying drum

Mixing Tower

At first, compact structure integrate vibrating screen and thermal storage, weighing and blender in one for easy transport and installation.

Then, weighing sensor from well-known brand ensures the accurate weighing and high quality of asphalt mixture.

Next, the mixer is installed with bidirectional mixing blades, long arms and short-diameter shafts according to a three dimensional hybrid design.

Also, bitumen is sprayed from multiple holes evenly aggregate by one pressure bitumen pump for full coverage and high mixing efficiency.

Support legs with base ensure adequate stability.

In some portable series, mixing tower is replaced by more compact mixing drum.

asphalt hot mixing plant

Dust Collecting System

Gravity type dust collector is used as the primary dust collection.

The discharge of the secondary dust collector in the bag space is less than standard, which is environmentally friendly.

The filter bag is high-temperature resistant and has a long service life. It also can be replaced easily without special tools.

The system is equipped with intelligent temperature control system. Once the dust temperature is higher than the set value, the cold air valve is turned on to avoid the damage of the bag caused by the high temperature.

bag house dust catcher

Electrical Control System

Germany SIEMENS electrical components ensures stable working even under harsh working conditions.
Japan’s OMRON PLC and touch screen with strong capability of data processing and automatic data sheet control. OMRON PLC can store various operational data in real time.

Through the control panel, all system power switches can be controlled, which is easy to operate.

General control circuit

Used Mini Hot Mix Plant For Sale

Someone believes that used mini hot mix plant is more cost-efficient than a new one.

For short period consideration, a high quality mini hot mix plant may be an economic choice. But there are some preconditions.

Make sure the selected machine is in good working situation.

Make sure the wear of each parts is small.

Make sure complete insurance and maintenance guarantee.

But for long term working, a new small asphalt plant is the more reasonable option. It is certainly because of the long service life, high quality of each functional parts, complete assurance and after-sale service.

All in all, hope you find the ideal plant for your project. And LUTON GROUP is always ready for supplying various service including technology supporting, purchasing plan consulting and after sale service, and so on.

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