LT-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale in Tanzania

LT-2.6 Self loading concrete mixer for sale in Tanzania has gained the trust of many customers. In July 2022, our customer in Tanzania purchased 2 sets of LUTON self loading concrete mixer after picking up our concrete mixer pump which run well.

Self loading concrete mixer as one of our hot sale construction equipment which is combined the functions of the wheel loaders and concrete mixers and transportation truck. It is convenient for site transportation, easy for operating with super site performance. 

two sets of 3.5m3 self loader concrete mixer

Advantages of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  1. Configured YUCHAI supercharged engine with strong power, long life.
  2. Our self-loading concrete mixer truck is made of thick steel which is strong and durable.
  3. Imported tank rotating motor which has large torque and refuses to seep oil.
  4. Configured with closed wheel screw slewing support with strong air tightness.
  5. The drum is made of high wear-resistant manganese steel and the bottom of the drum is with convex design to ensure unloading completely.
  6. Oil pump is the plunger pump which replaces the traditional gear pump and has a stronger output power.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Application Site

2 sets of Self loading concrete mixer was delivered to our customers in Tanzania, we trust when they picked up the LUTON self loading concrete mixer, no matter they use the self loading concrete mixer for their own project or rent, the self loading concrete mixer will bring them a favorable profit. We trust our self loading concrete mixer will win more customers in Tanzania.

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