Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria

Recently, a 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer was recently shipped to Nigeria successfully, as it was loaded into the container and delivered to the customer’s site by sea. This particular type of concrete mixer is currently on sale in Nigeria and boasts the best price available.

The customer wants to buy a self loading concrete mixer for mining construction. After understanding the customer’s daily production needs and procurement costs, our professional staff recommends our most cost-effective LT-3.5 self loading concrete mixer to the customer.

Luton self loader concrete mixer is suitable for use in rugged mountain areas, powered by a branded diesel engine with strong power, and a maximum speed of 38 kilometers per hour when fully loaded. Fuel consumption is 4.2 liters per hour, and it can climb a slope of 30 degrees. It is very suitable for the customer’s mining project.

Parameter of 3.5m3 Self Loader Concrete Mixer sold to Nigeria

The 3.5m3 self-loading concrete mixer is known for being highly efficient and having an optimal configuration, which makes it a hot seller in Luton.

Discharge capacity3m³
Drum rotate270
Gear shift4 forward 4 back
Oil tank16L
Water tank620L

Customer Test Run Video

During the production process, we report the production progress to the customer in a timely manner and send them production detail drawings and videos.

After the production is completed, we conduct a comprehensive machine testing.

Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria Will be Sent to the Port

Send shipping details to customer.

Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria
Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria

What Customers Say About Us?

This self-loader concrete mixer is beyond my expectations, powerful and perfect for our mining construction. Good performance. Good! Look forward to the next cooperation!

-User in Nigeria

Quality Certificates

LUTON Group ensures all export standards are met and has been awarded various certificates and patents like the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates.

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Why the New Self Loading Concrete Mixer is Very Popular in Nigeria?

The Self loader concrete mixer truck is capable of completing various functions, such as self-loading, self-mixing, self-discharging, as well as transporting concrete over short distances.

1 Set of Self Loader Mixer


1 Set of Loader


1 Set of Weighing Machine


1 Set of Mixing Machine


1 Set of Concrete Mixer Truck

In addition, the self-loading mixer can act as a replacement for a small mobile batching plant, and, most importantly, it is a cost-effective solution that requires only two workers (1 driver + 1 person for paving concrete), significantly reducing labor and investment costs.

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