Concrete Boom Pump

What is the Concrete Boom Pump?

The concrete boom pump, also called the concrete pump truck, is a machine which uses the pressure to convey concrete continuously along the pipe.

By and large, it consists of the pump body and the delivery pipe. And to be more specific, the concrete pump truck is comprised of the pump body installed on an automobile chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck.

Besides, the concrete boom pump has the strict requirements on the construction sites due to its volume and the limitation of working height.

Compared with the truck mounted concrete pump, the concrete boom pump has the independent booms, so it can convey concrete even though the workers don’t lay the concrete pipelines.

concrete boom pump

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Cost of Concrete Boom Pump

Generally speaking, the price of a concrete pump truck is determined by these factors such as brands, the length of the boom, the configuration and materials, and technology and leaving factory standard.

For example, different brands have different guarantees for product quality, service and after-sales, the prices of different brands are also different. Therefore the price of a concrete boom pump is at $110,000-$450,000.

Concrete Boom Pump Specs

boom pressure concrete pump

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The Concrete Boom Pump Parts

The concrete boom pump enjoys tremendous popularity of construction sides since it can move independently and needn’t lay pipes in construction.

So what are the components of the concrete pump truck? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

The concrete pump truck is mainly used to pump the concrete required by diverse construction projects, which is mainly composed of electronic control system, pumping system, boom system, hydraulic system and automobile chassis as well as mechanical parts.

Electronic control system

It is the control system of the concrete pump truck that mainly controls the operation and is used to control other parts, such as the flow of the main hydraulic pump and the speed of the engine, so as to change the concrete discharge of the pump truck and make the concrete pump truck quickly complete the pouring operation.

Pumping System

It mainly determines the pumping pressure and output displacement of the concrete pump truck.

Boom System

The role of the boom system is that the concrete will be directly conveyed to the project pouring place along with the boom distribution rod in the process of pumping.

Hydraulic System

It is a crucial part of a concrete pump truck. The hydraulic system of a pump truck is composed of the pumping hydraulic system and the boom hydraulic system.

Automobile Chassis

The concrete pump truck is transformed from the truck chassis. It is equipped with motion and impetus transmission device, pumping and mixing device, placing device and other aided devices to provide power and free driving function for the concrete pump truck.

concrete boom pumps

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How Does a Concrete Boom Pump Work?

When the roller rolls, the rubber pipe is extruded so that the rubber pipe has the ability of absorbing and outputting concrete, further to achieve the purpose of transportation.

The drive shaft(8) drives the roller carrier(2) and three c(4) to rotate with continuously pressing the rubber hose(5). The c(6) is linked to the vacuum pump.

When a concrete boom pump work, continuous and steady sucking air of the vacuum pump causes the formation of the negative pressure in the pump body(1).

And the role of supporting stick(3) is to get the extruded hose back into original shape in order to enhance the capacity of absorbing concrete.

If the pump is placed on the vehicle chassis and equipped with boom rod, frame, landing leg, hopper and water washing mechanism, etc., it will form a concrete pump truck. The structure of the concrete pump is as shown in the following figure:

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structure of the concrete pump


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  1. -the shell of pump
  2. – the roller carrier
  3. -supporting stick
  4. -roller
  5. -the rubber hose
  6. -the rubber hose
  7. -elastic cushion


The Benefits of Owning a Concrete Boom Pump

For individuals who want to enter the manufacturing industry, the purchase of concrete boom pumps will benefit them a lot in the long run.

Most manufacturers are considering the purchase or hire of a concrete boom pump.

Before making this decision, some factors should be considered such as sites location, work scope, available employees and time to complete the project.

Generally a concrete boom pump make individuals get the upper hand in any projects. They’d better invest in one instead of renting a concrete mixer pump.

At the beginning of buying a concrete boom pump, the investment or cost is probably a little high, however the machine enterprises or individuals bought can avoid spending on hiring the labors in the future.

The amount of saving will be more and more tremendous over time, and the money can be used elsewhere.

concrete boom pump truck

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What is a Concrete Pump Truck Boom?

Some people may ask what is the boom? What impact does it have on the service performance of the pump truck?

The boom, as the supporting equipment, is a long and elastic metal pole, which is one of the main components of a pump truck and the core part.

When the pump truck works, the delivery pipe transports the concrete to the designated position on the basis of support of the boom.

As the most significant structural part of a pump truck, the quality of the boom is not only the direct factor to measure the quality of a pump truck, but also the key to determine whether the pump truck can play the specified performance.

Those who learned more about the pump truck know that the service life of the boom directly determines the service life of the pump truck.

Therefore, pump truck manufacturers need to be cautious about the design of boom. We can’t play to the gallery for the sake of boom length, nor can we give up the design of boom length for the sake of stable performance.

Therefore, when designing the boom, we need to mainly consider the manufacturing materials of the boom. Only light materials with sufficient high strength can support the super long boom.

What is a Placing Boom?

The placing boom consists of a rotatable, elastic and folding boom and conveying pipe, conveying concrete materials within a certain range.

The frequently-used boom has 3, 4 or 5 sections, which can be folded hydraulically. And it’s common that a placing boom is made into a box shaped boom structure.

According to the different folding methods, it can be generally divided into Roll folding and Z-shaped folding or the mixture of the two folding methods.

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shape of the placing boom


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  • a-Z-shaped Folding
  • b-Rolling Folding
  • c-the mixture of Z-shaped   Folding and Rolling Folding

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Mobile Placing Boom

The mobile placing boom is the machine that is used for conveying the concrete onto the certain place of a certain floor. At present, the mobile placing boom available in the registered sales list mainly includes radius 21m, 28.1m, 33m and 35.2m.

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