Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Continuous asphalt mixing plant is one type of the two basic asphalt mixing plants. Continuous mixing plant adopts continuous mixing mode for production, and the heating and drying of aggregate and mixing of mixture are carried out continuously in the same drum.

LBD20 continuous asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD-20

Output: 20t/h

LBD40 continuous asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD-40

Output: 40t/h

LBD60 continuous asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD-60

Output: 60t/h

LBD80 continuous asphalt mixing plant

Model: LBD-80

Output: 80t/h

Two Basic Types of Asphalt Mixing Plants

According to technological process (or mixing mode), there mainly exists two basic asphalt plant types:

Continuous drum type asphalt mixing plant:

The process flow and equipment are simple. The process of grading, metering, heating and drying of cold aggregate is basically similar to that of batch type asphalt mixing plant, but the continuous asphalt mixing plant does not have such processes as hot aggregate lifting, screening, secondary metering, etc. The dynamically metered cold aggregate directly enters the drying drum for heating, and then it is mixed into asphalt mixture in the mixing drum connected to it for continuous feeding and discharging.


Forced batch (or intermittent ) type asphalt mixing plant:

Batch asphalt mixing plant can ensure the gradation of aggregate, and the proportion of aggregate and asphalt can reach a fairly accurate degree. At the same time, the aggregate gradation and asphalt aggregate ratio can be changed at any time according to needs. Therefore, the asphalt mixture produced by mixing is of good quality and can meet various construction requirements.

Batch asphalt mixing plant

Workflow of Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

continuous asphalt mixing plant workflow

Model and Parameter of Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

model and parameter of continuous asphalt mixing plant


What is A Small Asphalt Plant

Based on the production capacity divided into: small-size, medium-size and large-size asphalt mixing plant. The small-size asphalt mixing plant refers to the plant that the productivity is less than 80t per hour. And it has the characteristics of small module, fast installation and simple operation, and is suitable for road paving and maintenance.

What is A Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

The cold mix asphalt plant is the whole set of equipment that product the cold mix asphalt without heating. Cold mix asphalt is cold mix asphalt mixture, which is a forming method of asphalt mixture, corresponding to warm mix asphalt mixture and hot mix asphalt mixture. The production of cold mix asphalt mixture is an asphalt mixture mixed with certain graded crushed stone, emulsified asphalt and additives at room temperature.

The cold mix asphalt overcomes the disadvantages of hot mix asphalt mixture due to the limitations of season, weather and temperature in the process of repairing asphalt pavement, as well as the environmental pollution caused by asphalt heating at the repair site.

What is a Mobile Asphalt Plant

The mobile asphalt mixing plant refers to the plant which is mounted on a trailer frame and can be transferred based on the different construction sites. It is suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highway.

What is An Asphalt Plant Capacity

There is no definite answer to asphalt plant capacity, why? In the process of asphalt mixture production, the capacity of the asphalt mixing plant is affected by various factors, including aggregate moisture content, aggregate particle size, mixing time, asphalt weighing time, powder and storage bin selection, etc.
The most common asphalt plants are between 150 & 400 tons per hour.

Are Asphalt Plants Profitable

The decision of the enterprise or individual together with the development plan decides whether asphalt plants are profitable to a large extent. As it’s known to us that an asphalt plant belongs to gigantic construction equipment with a large cost, it’s suitable for the long-term project. The enterprise or individual need to make a plan for sustainable using as much as possible, contracting for construction projects constantly is the optimum. Do like this, you can get rewarded as time went on, so asphalt plants are profitable to a large extent.

Where does the Asphalt Mix with Aggregate in Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plants

-In dryer drum.

For the continuous asphalt mixing plant, the production process will not be interrupted, because the production rhythm will not be carried out in batches. The drying, heating and mixing of cold aggregate are carried out in the same assembly – dryer drum.

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