Screening System In Asphalt Batching Plant

As an important facility in road construction, the asphalt station’s aggregate screening system is a key link in the entire production process. The main task of the aggregate screening system is to screen the raw materials entering the asphalt station to ensure accurate separation of aggregates with different particle sized, and to provide qualified aggregates … Read more

What is Hot Mix Asphalt

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Asphalt Plant Environmental Issues

Under the background that all current production activities are oriented by environmental protection policies, environment-friendly and energy-saving products are more favored by customers. Especially in the process of road construction, we should pay attention to the asphalt plant environmental issues. Luton, as an advanced China’s manufacturer with more than 22 years of experience in the … Read more

Hot Mix Plant Cost

The hot mix plant, likewise named asphalt mixing or mix plant, is a set of equipment for asphalt production. As countries are vigorously developing infrastructure construction, asphalt mixing plants of various brands are emerging one after another. Then the question arises. What is the hot mix plant cost? A set of hot mix plant cost … Read more

Hot Mix Plant Manufacturers

Before talking about the hot mix plant manufacturers, the editor will briefly introduce the asphalt plant here. The hot mix plant, likewise named hot mix asphalt plant, asphalt mixing plant, is a set of equipment that mixes the cold aggregates, liquid asphalt, powder and etc, to produce the finished asphalt mixture. Currently, the hot mix … Read more

Asphalt Plant Process

Asphalt plant process varies each other due to the different types of asphalt mixing equipment. The asphalt plant process refers to a series of production processes from the addition of aggregate to the completion of finished materials. The asphalt plant is a complete set of equipment for mixing various cold aggregates with different particle sizes, … Read more

Asphalt Plant Components

Do you know the structure of the asphalt plant? Or do you really know the specific functions of asphalt plant components? To sum up, the asphalt plant is a complete set of equipment used to produce asphalt mixture. The asphalt plant is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating … Read more

Types of Asphalt Plant

As an important production equipment for the production of pavement construction materials, asphalt plants play an indispensable role in the construction of infrastructure including roads, bridges, airports, parking lots, parks and squares. Various types of asphalt plant on the market are dazzling. Do you know how to classify the types of asphalt plant? What are … Read more

What is an Asphalt Plant

What is an asphalt plant? The asphalt plant, likewise named asphalt concrete mixing plant or asphalt mixing plant or asphalt mix plant, is a completed set of equipment that mixes the bitumen, mineral powder and aggregates in various particles to manufacture the asphalt mix. The asphalt plant is mostly applied to these road constructions of … Read more

Asphalt Batch Plant VS Drum Plant

Asphalt batch plant and asphalt drum plant are two types of asphalt mixing equipment according to mixing mode. Asphalt batch plant is the mixing equipment for batch production of asphalt products; The asphalt drum plant is a mixing equipment for continuous production of asphalt finished materials. What are the differences between asphalt batch plant and … Read more