HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

stationary concrete batching plant

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant is a medium-sized concrete mixing plant for compulsory high-yield concrete products. This plant features a JS1000 twin-shaft concrete mixing host, a belt feeder, a PLD1600 aggregate batching machine, and other excellent accessories.

Parameters Of LUTON HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

This highly efficient concrete mixing plant is a perfect choice for every medium-sized manufacturing industry. Impressively, HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant can produce various kinds of concrete, such as hard concrete and quaking concrete featuring high production efficiency.

While it is largely used in medium and large-scale construction works, it can also be used for road construction, concrete product prefabrication, bridge, and other commercial concrete works.

While it is largely used in medium and large-scale construction works, it can also be used for road construction, concrete product prefabrication, bridge, and other commercial concrete works.

HZS60 belt type concrete batching plant

With excellent mixing quality and high productivity, this host mixing machine has a discharging volume of 1000L and a mixing time of 60 sec to obtain the highest uniformly mixed concrete products.

Mixing systemTwin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feederBelt conveyor
Discharging height3900mm
After-sale serviceErection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty12 months after erection
Concrete mixerJS1000
Mixing cycle≦60s
Aggregate batching machinePLD1600
Weighing systemAggregate,Water, Cement, Fly-ash, Additive
Weighing precision±1%
Air systemAir compressor, etc
Control system TypeComputer automatic control module with PLY

Another component of the HZS60 concrete batching plant is PLD1600 which can be installed with 2-4 hoppers based on the manufacturer guidelines. This component allows users to easily sort and load different aggregates. Each hopper installed within the PLD1600 can feature an independent weighing system to effectively weigh aggregates at the fastest speed to increase production.

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HZS60 concrete batching plant

As far as designing and manufacturing concrete mixing solutions are concerned, LUTON offers great expertise in manufacturing high-end and state-art-the-art concrete mixing machinery for over 20 years. Our professionalism lies in fabricating HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant for our esteem customers.

Here at LUTON GROUP, we offer a team of professionals that provides ongoing pre-sale services. Services provided include and are not limited to installation, after-sales guidelines for use, including maintenance and repairs.

Component of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant


Aggregate Batching Machine

The PLD1600 aggregate batching machine offers an excellent capability to batch 3-6 types of aggregates, including stone, sand, or cement, at the same time.

It comes with a PLY control system, an electronic weighing system, a weighing sensor, and a computer that works together to achieve precise weighing, rapid operation, and automated adjustment. There are options for cumulative hopper weighing, separate weighing, and cumulative belt weighing.

HZS120 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Belt Conveyor

A durable and reliable component of HZS60 concrete batching plant with an assured long life span. It comes in varieties such as patterned, flat type, and customized type.


JS1000 Mixing Machine

The JS1000 mixing machine offers a more efficient and stronger concrete mixing operation. It features twin horizontal shaft compulsory mixers with a 60s mixing duration and a maximum aggregate size of 100/80mm. It is highly functional in mixing plastic concrete, light aggregate concrete, dry hard concrete, flow concrete, and other mortars.

The application of the JS1000 mixing machine is famous in industrial and civil construction, such as constructing bridges, harbors, waterworks, precast concrete factories, and many more.

fully automatic control system

Electric Control System

The HZS60 concrete batching plant features an integrated automated electric control system with a manual control panel, making it easy to achieve precise control.

Screw conveyor of hzs75

Screw Conveyor

While Screw Conveyors are typically available in two sizes, 219mm and 273mm, the length may be customized to the specific installation circumstances.

weighing system for concrete batching plant

Weighing System

The HZS60 concrete batching plant comes with an excellent weighing system with provisions for cement weighing, water weighing, and additive weighing. In addition, the weighing system may be customized to meet the user’s needs.

cement silos

Cement Silos

Cement silos as a component HZS60 concrete batching plant are designed with a safety warning system, air pressure and cement monitoring system, a duct collecting system, and other excellent components.

Interestingly, the built cement silos may be tailored to your HZS60’s manufacturing capacity, footprint dimension, and environmental safety requirements. This component is cost-effective with an assured long-life span.

Bag type dust collector

Dust Collecting System

There is provision for effective dust collection systems to minimize dust emissions to achieve environmentally friendly manufacturing. Two types of dust collection systems options are available based on the customer’s needs. The first is a bag-type dust collection system, while the second is a water dust collection system.

The bag-type dust collection system employs a two-stage dust removal system. The first stage consists of gravity dust removal, while the second stage consists of bag dust removal.

However, a three-step dust removal system is mostly recommended due to its efficiency in dust removal. In the three-step dust removal system, the first stage consists of gravity dust removal, the second stage consists of whirlwind dust removal, and the third stage consists of water dust removal.

fully automatic control system

The Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system features an air compressor, a pneumatic triplet, a gas tank, a solenoid valve, a pneumatic valve, and an air cylinder. The air compressor of the pneumatic system produces compressed air, which is then purified and regulated by the pneumatic triplex’s filter and pressure regulator.

A control signal is then sent to each pneumatic actuator that controls each pneumatic valve’s action in accordance with the signal’s command, resulting in the opening and closing operation of each door part.

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Information Details on HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

Pros of LUTON HZS60 Concrete Mixing Batching Plant

portable concrete batch plant
small concrete mixer for sale
belt conveyor machine


A compact design for easy and quick installation and disassembly

Unlike other manufacturers’ concrete batching plants, our HZS60 offers a modular design for easy mobility, maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble. As a result of this compact design, the components of HZS60 are easily maintained, built, and dissembled to ensure a faster production cycle.


Twin shaft mixer for maximum efficiency

The HZS60 concrete batching plant comes with a twin shaft mixer that features a durable spirally distributed blade to ensure uniform distribution of the materials in the tank to achieve excellent missing efficiency. At the same time, working speed is enhanced without sacrificing product quality.


Quick and efficiently built belt machine

With the belt machine, users can achieve a quality and efficient working experience. It has a great capability to lift aggregates to the main mixer, enhance the pace of aggregate feeding operation, and many more.


PLY control system

A Complete automated control system

The operation of the HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant is controlled by a single key operating system that is based on a PC and a PLY controller. This helps to ensure great reliability and consistency of the production output.


software of commercial concrete batching plant control system

Precise control system computation

The control system has an accurate computation that ensures good production quality. It collects each kind of aggregate’s weight and automatically adjusts the value while preserving the original setting number by some precise calculating technique.


Control System of HZS75

Real-time surveillance of the manufacturing process

The real-time monitor is applicable in monitoring the status of the raw material batching hoppers and the output of the discharge port. The system is automated, stabilizing the process while achieving a rapid manufacturing process without leaving the controlling room.


Auto-lubrication system

The system features an auto-lubrication system that uses an innovative automatic regulating technology.

This system automatically regulates the oil lubrication system to feed oil to the central mixer on time, keeping the core machine in excellent working order for an extended period.

mobile concrete mixing plant
HZS60 belt type concrete batching plant


Durable state-of-the-art metallic structure

The HZS60 concrete batching plant features a state-of-the-art metallic structure with excellent surface treatment, durable welded joints, and exquisite manufacturing.


Consistent and reliable electrical fittings

The HZS60 concrete mixing batching system offers well-known electric elements from popular brands with more reliable and consistent features and performance.


Eco-friendly Design

The design of the HZS60 is cost-efficient as it ensures wastewater treatment and waste material recycling to reduce pollution. To achieve this, it comes with a closed design of a batching system that reduces dust emission.

It features an eco-friendly dust collection system at the top of the powder bin to recycle and reduce air pollution to a minimum.

What Is The Cost Implication Of Setting Up An HZS60 Plant?

While building an HZS60 is totally cost-effective, its construction cost typically ranges between $70,000 and $100,000. This cost depends majorly on the capacity of production, occasional use of the concrete, customized configurations effect, and many more.

Factors to consider in setting up an HZS60 Plant include the cost of purchase, cost of shipping, labor cost, water cost, electricity cost, cost of environmental safety, and many more. It is highly recommended that you consider the expertise of professionals in this field for cost-effective planning.

Note that there is no universal budget for setting up a concrete mixing plant. This is because there are variations to different set-ups in terms of the environment of operations, concrete usage amount, product quality requirement, and many more.

Therefore, carry out a prior estimation of the output size, location, projected site size, and transportation before set up. This planning will help you obtain vital information precisely to construct a cost-effective concrete mixing plant.

HZS60 Concrete Batching Station Production Capability

The theoretical production capability of the HZS60 follows as its names suggest: 60m3/h. However, there is always a gap between theoretical and actual production capabilities. As a result, the production requirements must be considered before choosing an HZS60 Concrete Mixing Batching Plant.

Method For Calculating Theoretical Capacity

concrete plants

With this calculation, a lot more crucial information is not considered. Such information includes and is not limited to raw materials mixing ratio, actual mixing cycle, actual amount of additives and water, transportation, and actual ingredients arrangement.

Also, achieving an output of just 60m3/h is problematic because of mixing losses. In addition, the production cycle may be more than 60 seconds due to mixer truck schedule delays and batching management. For the calculation stated above, the actual production capability may range between 45 and 50m3/hour.

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HZS60 Concrete Mix Station Application

The HZS60 concrete mixing plant is applicable as a commercially ready concrete mixing batching plant for various applications.

Its application can be found in construction projects, including roads, tunnels, bridges, highway roads, harbor wharf, municipal projects, docks, airports, hydroelectric power stations, water projects, national defense projects, and many more.

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Luton workshop

The HZS60 Concrete Mixing Plant Best Manufacturer

Are you considering the best HZS60 Concrete Plant for your construction operations? If YES, contact LUTON – one of the high-end manufacturers across the world.

For over 20 years, LUTON has focused on mixing equipment manufacturing solutions with great expertise in designing and manufacturing high-end full-range capacity concrete batching plants.

Our manufacturing solutions meet various customers’ requirements with guaranteed after-sale quality. Contact us today to request a quote or visit our factory!

We offer a full range of excellent product options: ready-mixing concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant and stationary concrete batching plant, hopper concrete batching plant, dry concrete batching plant, and wet concrete mix plant, amongst all. Partner with us to stand a chance to gain from our offers of:

  • High-quality materials
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  • Custom design options
  • High productivity
  • Maintenance services
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