Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines

Self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines wins widely compliments locally.

Why it is so popular with Philippine investors? Is it really profitable and efficient? This article will lift the veil of self loading concrete mixer for sale in Philippines through a real case.

Efficient & Portable

Economical & Practical

Convenient To Operate and Maintenance

Prices of LUTON Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines

Prices of LUTON self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines varies from $10,000 to $70,000, which is depend on the types and the producing capacity of the self loading truck mixers.

The price of pan type self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines is generally between $10,000 and $1,8000, while the price of drum type is about $15,000 to $75,000.

Price Range Of LUTON Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

Type ModelPrice
Mobile Diesel Self
Loading Concrete
Mixer Truck with
Drum Mixer
Mobile Diesel Self
Loading Concrete
Mixer Truck with Pan

A Case of LUTON Self Loading Mixer For Sale Philippine

This is a 3.5m3 LUTON self loading mixer truck for a Philippine customer.

When he contacted LUTON GROUP via email, he has been looking for an ideal self loading concrete mixer truck for his construction project of roadside ditch for three months.

In the process of communicating with our experienced and professional consultant, he gradually established the trust of LUTON.

After further communicating the actual use of his project, the actual situation of the site, and the total concrete demand of the project, A 3.5m3 A-type self-loading concrete mixer truck was recommended to him.

Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria

(Of course, there are also other models of self loading concrete mixer products from LUTON GROUP. The types of A, B, C, D are all optional for customers to solve different concrete using problems in constructions.)

Equipped with a powerful turbocharged diesel engine and wear-resistant tires, this four-wheel driven self-loading vehicle can adapt to all kinds of complex terrains.

With multiple functions of self water loading, self aggregate weighing and self products unloading, it saves cost of time and labor.

What’s more, the mixer drum is designed with a 270° rotation angle, adding up to the discharging chut, which can easily deliver the concrete mortar to almost every unloading points.

For the project of roadside trench building, A-type self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines is definitely the right choice. Our Philippines friend is very satisfied with the cost-effective concrete producing equipment.

Without further hesitate, he decided to take it.

Luton self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines is working on site

It’s surprised that after months using, he even recalled us to express his satisfaction and appriciation to the products and to LUTON GROUP.

“I’m amazed at the wonderful self loading concrete mixer. It’s so simple to operate and drive. Workers quickly learned the operation method and were able to put into production immediately.

What I didn’t expect was that it is so efficient and flexible. No need to worry about finding other devices anymore, just one is enough.

LUTON GROUP can be completely trusted. They are absolutely professional in the field of construction machinery.”

Why LUTON Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines

LUTON self loading concrete pan mixer products

Why is self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines so popular with local investors?

When it comes to this question, allow me to start from the description and the characteristics of self loading concrete mixer.

As we all know, self loading concrete pump for sale Philippines is a series of multiple functional concrete equipment.

Combined with self loading, measuring, mixing, unloading as well as transporting functions in one, it can be used at any time for transportation, feeding, and mixing concrete production.

Benefit from the multiple functions, compact structure and the simple operations, self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines is especially suitable for the construction projects at narrow places locally.

Low Extra Equipment Cost

Without extra equipment, self loading concrete mixer can replace a whole small concrete batching plant. It can save lots of cost on purchasing extra machines.

High Degree of Automation

A variety of functions of the self-loading vehicle can be automatically completed. With high degree of automation, without too much manual, only an operator, and one or two on-site cooperation workers can complete the full processes such as feeding, weighing, mixing, unloading and transportation.

Fast Return of Costs

LUTON Self Loading Concrete Drum Mixer

With the compact structure and flexible chassis, multiple functions, simple and easy operation, self loading mixer truck can be quickly put into use, providing a guarantee for investors in Philippines to quickly costs recovery.

High Precision of Ingredient

Self loading concrete mixer truck is installed with a precise electric aggregate scale unit on the loading arm, which sent the real time weighing result to the display in the operation cab.

And the operator in the cab will soon get the actual situation of ingredients and make the adjustment of the rate at any time.

All these ensure a high precision of ingredient in mixing concrete process.

High Efficiency

Take a LUTON 4.0m3 self loading mixer truck as an example.

On average, it can produce a batch of concrete every 12 minutes. If it continuously works for 10 hours, the daily concrete output will reach to 500 tons, which is already several times of the output of a common mixer.

Obviously, it’s more efficient.

Strong Power

The whole body of self loading concrete mixer is mounted on a light truck with powerful engine, which can easily handle various projects in difficult terrain.

The strong power of self loading mixer truck is provided by the diesel engine, which ensures it to travel freely on rough mountain roads, not to mention smooth roads.

The four-wheel drive system and super wear-resistant and anti-skid tires strongly ensures its off-road performance, making the self loading mixer a definitely all-terrain construction machinery.

High Product Quality

The visible electric weighing system of self loading concrete mixer truck provides easy control of weighing aggregates through hydraulic shovel and weighing sensor on the arm.

In the drive cab, the operator can directly read the data of aggregate weight and easily observe the loading situation through a camera and a display screen on real time.

All above ensure the high production quality to meet various projects requirement.

There are also other efficient and profitable models of LUTON self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines. Such as small self loading concrete mixer, self loading concrete mixing truck with pan mixer, drum type self loading concrete mixer truck, etc.

Welcome to contact us and tell your need to us because LUTON GROUP is always your concrete construction solution expert.

About Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, situated in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of around 7,641 islands.

The Philippines is an emerging market and a newly industrialized country whose economy is transitioning from being agriculture-centered to services- and manufacturing-centered. 

self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines

The Philippines, which is in the industrial development, also comes into the development of the construction industry.

This emerging market is opening its arms to the manufacturers and investors in the field of construction machinery to absorb more fresh vitality. This will certainly make the development of construction machinery here full of good prospects.