LT4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer to Guatemala

Good news! One more LUTON self loading concrete mixer is sold to Guatemala on 3rd April, 2023! This set of self loading mixer is customized for a housing project. It will cooperate with a concrete trailer pump on site in Guatemala. The Guatemala customer found us on line, who has skimmed other products websites before but hasn’t determined which machine to buy.


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Equipment ModelLT-4.0
Discharge Capacity4m3
Engine ModelYuchai 4108 Turbo-charged
Rated Power91KW
Gear4 forward 4 back
Oil tank16 liters
Water tank660L
Water supplyTime relay
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)7500*2800*3600
Curb Weight (kg)8500
Drum rotate270º

After reading our product introduction on our website, he decisively contacted us through the email. Making a brief introduction of his project and communication with our consultant, he told us that he owns a concrete trailer pump and will soon start a small house construction project. However, suitable concrete supply channels are lacking around the construction site of this project. For this, he looked for various solutions. According to the characteristics of the project, the construction scale is small and the site space is limited. We provided three suitable schemes for this Guatemalan friend. Finally, he selected this LT-4.0, which is also the preferred self loading mixer solution we provided to him.

Characteristics of LUTON LT-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer to Guatemala

  1. Yuchai 4108 supercharged diesel engine, the maximum power of 95kW, large torque, strong power.
  2. Reinforced frame, maximum speed 35 km/h, maximum climbing ramp 40° in full-load condition.
  3. Articulated hydraulic cylinder steering system, with a minimum turning radius of 5300mm, can adapt to the construction operation of narrow and small space.
  4. The four-wheel drive system, mainly including the 315 hydraulic torque converter transmission, closed hydraulic gear oil pump, and reverse gear control device, can control the “working speed” and “moving speed”. There are three forward gears and three backward gears, respectively: First gear: 0-5 km/h; Second gear: 5-15 km/h; Third gear: 15-30 km/h.
  5. In order to meet the actual needs of the project, on the basis of the original first four tires, add two more front wheel tires, with stronger bearing force and higher stability. Selected leading brand in the global tire industry, LingLong tire 12R22.5, the maximum load of 12,000kg, 800kPa.
  6. Four-wheel steering, the field movement is less affected by the space, more flexible. Wheel reducer bridge, the bridge is equipped with planetary deceleration gear, flange connected to the gearbox.
  7. External clamp disc service brake and emergency brake act on the 4 wheels. Negative-pressure parking brake.
  8. Self-priming type 24V large capacity water pump, with fast suction capacity. Maximum flow rate of 90 L/min, enabling the water pump in the cab. The double cone drum has a double spiral mixing screw and a middle convex bottom. Geometric capacity:……6100L; Rotary speed:…….At 20 rpm; Concrete output:………4.0m3 / tank
  9. Drum rotation is achieved through the plunger pump and the plunger hydraulic motor in the closed circuit, with a manual electric air valve in the operating room and at the rear of the mixer. The drum is mounted on a heavy spherical saddle and can for 180 horizontal rotation by hydraulic drive.
  10. The roller outlet position provides a chute extension part in the standard configuration.
  11. Hydraulic system gear pump and hydraulic motor are from the international first-line brand Rexroth, efficient and stable with strong sealing.
  12. The loading arm is equipped with automatic weighing sensor, dual-action loading device and reset oil cylinder, with a hopper capacity of 700L. And it takes about 6 times to fill the mixing tank each time.

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