PE Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crusher is coarse crushing equipment, which is mainly used for medium-size crushing of various ores and large materials. It can crush materials with compressive strength of less than 320Mpa. It is the preferred equipment for primary crushing. PE series jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.

PE Jaw Crusher

parameter of PE Jaw Crusher

Models of PE Jaw Crusher

ModelFeed Opening (mm)Max Feed Size (mm)Output adjustable Range (mm)Capacity(t/h)Power (KW)

Working Principle of PE Series Jaw Crusher

The PE jaw crusher is powered by a motor, and the eccentric shaft is driven by a V-belt and a grooved pulley through the belt pulley of the motor, so that the movable jaw reciprocates according to a predetermined track to crush stones entering a crushing cavity. The crushing cavity is composed of a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate and an edge guard plate, and the finished materials are discharged through a discharge port.

working principal of PE Jaw Crusher

Main Components

PE jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, large belt pulley, flywheel, movable jaw, side guard plate, toggle plate, toggle plate backseat, gap adjusting screw, reset spring, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, among which the toggle plate also plays a role of insurance.

PE Jaw Crusher main components

Main Wear-resistant Parts of PE Jaw Crusher

1. Jaw plate: On the basis of the original high manganese steel, Lutong’s jaw plate is added with a certain amount of chromium element to improve the hardness of the product.

The movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate of jaw crusher can be used for crushing limestone (compressive strength 150MPa) for more than one year, and for crushing river pebbles, quartz stone, granite, basalt and other strong materials for 30-40 days in two shifts a day (about 16-20 hours in total).

2. Toggle plate: cast with HT200 material. When it is impacted by an external force greater than the rated load, it can be broken quickly to protect the main machine from damage and the motor from being burned out.

3. Eccentric shaft: with 45 steel, diameter up to 500 mm, large torque to meet high production.

4. Counterweight wheel: cast with HT material. It is installed by expansion sleeve, which is easy to disassemble. It is bright, beautiful and durable. The specific size of counterweight wheel can be designed according to the user’s needs.

5. Movable jaw: waging treatment (high temperature of 900 degrees, not less than 24 hours) is adopted to eliminate internal stress, stabilize component size and prevent cracking and deformation.

Features of PE Jaw Crusher

Deep cavity crushing

The crushing cavity is deep, jaw plate uses the high manganese steel and cast steel. It has advantages of improving the feeding capacity and output, and larger crushing ratio. The finished product has high quality, uniform discharging, as well as beautiful shape.

Convenient maintenance

Simplified structure, strong crushing capacity, easy operation and maintenance; with centralized lubrication system.

Convenient adjustment of discharge port

The adjustment range of the discharge port is large, the wedge type discharge port adjustment mode is adopted, and the overall discharge particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted between 20-90mm, which is convenient for producing stones with different particle sizes.

One machine for multiple purposes, green environmental protection

Gasket type discharge adjustment device, discharge range can be adjusted according different requirements of customers. Our plant has low noise, and can be equipped with dust removal equipment, fully in line with national environmental standards.

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