LT1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Zimbabwe

In April 2022, LT1.2 self loading concrete mixer sold to Zimbabwe. The customer from Zimbabwe saw a very advanced self loading concrete mixer on the website of LUTON GROUP. Through further communication, he ordered two sets of 1.2m3 self loading concrete mixers from LUTON GROUP.

1.2m3 self loading concrete mixer
2sets 1.2m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer from LUTON GROUP

The customer is from Harare, Zimbabwe. This is not the first time that LUTON GROUP has received inquiries from this city. Through the customer’s explanation, there are many construction projects in this area that are actively underway. The various self loading concrete mixers is ideal for construction in this area. Through further video and picture display, he placed the purchase order in just three days.

Through the client’s introduction, his projects are mainly some warehouses, house construction and bridge facilities and currently using two mixers (Refer to pictures for details). In order to improve efficiency and expand the scope of the project, he decided to fully upgrade his equipment.

Features of LT1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Zimbabwe

Self loading concrete mixer is a Machine For Producing Concrete

It mainly used for house building ,road construction,tunnel,bridge etc.

It can be driven ,and the speed can reach up to 40 Km/h.

It include Weighing system and the function of the machine including self loading ,self mixing and self discharging the concrete.

The model of the machine from 1.2 to 6.5cubic for per tank .the capacity of the machine is 10-30 cubic per hour.

The design of the whole size makes the body structure more compact, and it can operate freely in a small construction site.

The cab is equipped with luxurious leather soft seats to ensure that the operator will not be tired after a normal day of driving.

The whole body is made of Q345B wear-resistant manganese steel material, which is strong, wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

2 Features of Our 1.2m3 Self Loader Mixer Truck Obtain Customer Recognition

Automatic System

One is the automatic system of the machine, the cab is connected to the computer control, all the operations can be completed by pressing the buttons in the cab, The precise metering system for production can also be completed with one button in the operating room.This greatly helps him reduce labor costs while ensuring the output and quality of concrete. One machine is equivalent to a small construction team on the construction site.


The second point is the drivability of the self loading concrete mixer. In different construction sites, the machine can be driven directly. For customers with multiple construction sites, this is simply the best choice.

Customer’s Feedback After Receiving the Truck

After rigorous production testing, the customer finally saw his own self loading concrete mixer in the port of Harare, Zimbabwe. The customer sent a picture to us in the first time.

LT1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Zimbabwe

The customer sent photos of the machine at the construction site:

LT1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Zimbabwe

Two machines are working on the customer’s house construction project at the same time. According to customer feedback, this greatly improves work efficiency.

Praise from this Customer in Zimbabwe

After a period of use, the customer sent his feelings about the first cooperation with LUTON GROUP :

Praise from this Customer in Zimbabwe

Quality Certificates

LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD  is a joint-stock enterprises , already have over 20 years exporting experience with the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system,CE (European Standard),BV certificates and own 6 national patents, our products have passed the metrological qualification certification of the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

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Meanwhile, we accept customization products and supply relevant machinery.

We firmly believe that quality is the principle, and every machine is a market. We will insist on providing customers with the best products and the best service, welcome your inquiries, and we sincerely welcome all partners to join the big family of LUTON GROUP.

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