Hopper Batching Plant

Hopper Batching plant, a set of small scale concrete batching machines is widely servicing on construction sites, favored by many construction machinery investors. This article will take you to close to this well-received concrete batching plant.

Hopper batching plant

Economical & Practical & Stable & Sturdy

Efficient & Convenient & Accurate & Automatic

Easy to Maintain & Friendly to Environment

What is Hopper Batching Plant

Hopper batching plant, exactly hopper type concrete batching plant, is a common type of concrete batching equipment. The phrase “hopper type“ in the name comes from the skip hopper hoist machine of the aggregate lifting and conveying system.

Concrete batching plant loads, batches, measures and conveys raw materials to mixer machine, aiming to obtain concrete mixture with different proportions for different construction projects.

In concrete batching plant systems, raw aggregates after loading and weighing will be send to the center mixing machine at higher level by conveying devices. Skip hopper hoist machine is one of the conveying devices.

Actually, there is also another type of conveying machine named belt type conveyor.

Compared with belt type conveyor, hopper conveying machine with smaller structure, limited hopper volume, flexible disassemble and assemble methods, is more suitable for small and medium scale construction projects, such as constructions of building, bridge and tunnel, highway and bridge, etc..

What Models of Hopper Batching Plant are Hot Sold

Hot models of hopper batching plant in market of construction machinery range from HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 to HZS75. In the next paragraph, let’s take LUTON products as an instance to details these hot models.


Model: HZS25/35/50/75 Hopper Batching Plant

Capacity: 25/35/50/75 m3/h

Aggregate Weighing: Accumulative Weighing

Aggregate Feeding Type: Hopper Hoist Machine

Mixer Machine: JS Series Twin-shaft Type

Parameters of LUTON HZS Series Hopper Batching Plant











Mixing system

Twin-shaft concrete mixer

Aggregate feeder

Bucket (Skip hopper)

Discharging height




After-sale service

Erection & commissioning, operator training


12 months after erection

Concrete mixer





Discharging volume





Charging volume





Mixing cycle





Max. mixing size





Aggregate batching machine





Storage bins quantity

2 or 3 or 4 sorts

3 or 4 sorts

3 or 4 sorts

3 or 4 sorts

Aggregate scale hopper





Feeding height of batching machine


Why is Hopper Batching Plant

Why is hopper batching plant widely used in so many construction project sites? That origins from its unique characteristics and advantages.

1.Simple and Sturdy Structure

The sturdy structure of hopper batching plant ensures the whole system a steady perform and a long service life. Not only that, the simple and sturdy structure is easy to assemble or disassemble.

So, the whole system can be easily transported by truck. It’s very convenient to transport construction sites.

2.Stable and Efficient performance

The main components of hopper batching plant support the stable and efficient high-quality working performance, including PLD series aggregate batching machine, twin-shaft concrete mixing host, load cells of weighing systems, electric control components etc..

3. Precise and Practical Weighing Method

Most of hopper batching plant adopt accumulative weighing method. This weighing method can quickly and accurately accumulate weighing of different types of materials in orders.

After all materials are weighed, they are transported to the mixing machine.

Accumulative weighing method need only a set of weighing system to complete all aggregates weighing, more simple and more practical.

4. Convenient to Maintain and Repair

With compact simple structure and less components, hopper batching plant can be maintained and repaired conveniently.

5. Friendly to Environment

Hopper type concrete batching plant equipped with dust collecting system can effectively reduce dust emission into the air.

6. Economical and Low Consumption

Hopper batching plant with closed devices, less components, less consumption of materials and resource, as well as easy electric control system can fulfill the whole process of concrete production without extra equipment and worker. It is economical and cost-efficient.

Hopper batching plant with closed devices efficiently reduce materials consumption in working process. It saves cost of materials consumption.

Needing no more devices, hopper batching plant fulfill aggregate weighing by a set of weighing system. It saves cost of devices.

The automatic controlling system make the operation of the whole system easy and convenient, no requirement of additional workers. It saves cost of hiring workers.

Simple and practical hopper batching plant basing on advantages not limited to the mentioned above is favored by many investors.

And basing on actual applications, engineers and designers keep on working to improve and optimize the working performance.

So this type of concrete batching plant will become more and more prominent concrete batching plant.

Why is LUTON Concrete Batching Plant

LUTON Group with more than 20 years experience of design, manufacture and export construction machinery, the products covers various of concrete batching plant, asphalt batching plant, concrete pump, self loading concrete mixer truck, mortar mixing plant etc..

Nowadays, LUTON Group has grown up as a famous leading brand in China construction industry.

Continuously, LUTON centers users requirement and goals practical applications, we have improved production technology, made breakthroughs and innovations, and manufactured a batch of concrete mixing equipment praised by domestic and foreign investors.

LUTON HZS Hopper Batching Plant is a series of upgraded products basing on new manufacturing technology of world wide construction machinery industry, customers’ feedback and years of manufacturing experience.

Main Components of LUTON Hopper Batching Plant

Mixer Host
JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer meet full range mixing requirement.

Aggregate Conveyor
Skip hopper conveyor with less occupation, simple structure and powerful hoist engine can deliver aggregate materials efficiently, stably and automatically.

Aggregate Batching Machine
With accumulative weighing system, the aggregate batching machine automatically weighing each kind of aggregate in orders by one set of weighing system. Less components fulfill the precise weighing and batching job.

mixing machine
Mixer Host
Aggregate Batching Machine
skip hoist conveyor machine of hopper batching plant
Aggregate Conveyor

Weighing System
Weighing system for cement, water and additive are all equipped with precise load cells, which ensures the weighing accuracy ±1%.

Pneumatic System
Controlled by PLC and computer, pneumatic system as the action execution device of the whole batching plant system, is responsible for the important task of switching all doors of materials container, controlling the batching sequence and batching ratio, so as to ensure the proportion accuracy of finished concrete products.
And it can also be switched to manual method if necessary.

Cement Silo
The welded type cement silo has a fully enclosed structure.
The cement powder is blown from the upper part of the powder silo. And a dust removing device is arranged on the top of the powder silo, which reduces the load pressure of the powder silo and prevents the dust from polluting the air.
The arching device is placed in the cone and combined with the pneumatic system and the control system to break the arch.

cement silo
Cement Silo
screw conveyor for sale
Cement Screw Conveyor
Host computer and the human-computer interaction touch screen
Controlling System

Cement Screw Conveyor
The Cement Screw Conveyor of LUTON hopper concrete batching plant adopts the full sealing device, and the soft connection of the discharging port. And the measuring bucket does not affect the measurement accuracy.

Controlling System
Full-automatic Control System with control room and air conditioner supports safety and steady controlling environment.

Application Cases of LUTON Hopper Batching Plant

LUTON HZS35 Hopper Bathing Plant is working with a Diesel Concrete Pump HBT40 on a Myanmar construction site.

LUTON HZS35 Hopper Concrete Batching Plant and a set of brick making machine are working in Bran-Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Working Safety of Hopper Hoist System in Concrete Batching Plant

There are three main factors that affect the working safety of hopper hoist system in concrete batching plant.

  • First of all, the selection of the reducer and the steel rope.

The important point of the reducer selection is the parameters of the gear reducer, including power, rotating speed, allowable output torque at maximum rotating speed, safety factor and braking performance.
If the speed selection is unreasonable, the running time will be too short or too long, which will affect the production efficiency.

If the selection of the maximum allowable output torque is unreasonable, the lifting hopper will automatically slide down during the lifting process. Even when the reducer motor cannot brake, the lifting hopper will fall down.

The wire rope selection is also very important.

The steel wire rope pulls the hoisting hopper through the hoist and pulley mechanism.

According to the standard of “ Wire Rope For Important Purposes”, the tensile strength, safety factor, diameter and minimum breading force of the steel wire rope should be carefully considered. It is recommended that the service life of the steel wire rope should be more than 3 years.

  • Secondly, the safety devices.

Safety devices include protective nets, warning signs, safety pins, limit switches, buffer devices, anti-loosening rope devices, overload alarm devices, lifting hopper anti-fall devices and so on.

The protective net can effectively reduce personal injury.

The warning sign can remind personnel to pay attention to the danger.

The safety pin can fix the lifting hopper.

The limit switch can control the upper and lower limit positions of the lifting hopper.

The buffer device can reduce the impact of the lifting bucket.

The anti-loosening rope device can send a brake signal to stop the hoisting hopper when the wire rope is loose.

  • The third one is the controlling system.

The basic movement rule of the hoisting hopper of the hoisting system has three stages including acceleration, constant speed, and deceleration.

Under normal conditions, the lift hopper can move smoothly up or down on the track under no load or full load.

When the frequency conversion speed regulation control system is adopted, if the operation is abnormal, the control system will alarm in time and stop the operation of the hoisting bucket.

In the actual use process, if the lifting bucket is overloaded by 20%, it will inevitably increase the motor load and reduce the service life.

When the overload reaches a certain amount, the control system will alarm. If the overload reaches the limit value, the control system will prompt a serious overload and stop the operation of the lifting hopper.

For more details about hopper batching plant or other LUTON products, please contact LUTON Group and gain professional consulting service.