Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

What is a Self loading Concrete Mixer With Pump?

A self loading concrete mixer with pump is a construction equipment, which is a perfect combination of a self-loading concrete mixer truck and concrete pump.

Aiming to provide efficiency and convenience in modern construction, self loading concrete mixer with pump stands out from the other concrete mixing equipment. Because of its excellent characteristics and mobility, the self-loading concrete mixer with pump has won the preference of most of the customers.

The self loading concrete mixer with pump integrates the superior performance of the self-loading concrete mixer truck and the concrete pump, making it especially suitable for flexible operations on rough terrains and narrow spaces.

In some construction sites such as high-rise buildings, tunnels, etc., that cannot be reached even by self-loading trucks, concrete pumps play the crucial role of conveying concrete raw materials to higher and farther places.

With the cooperation of each other, it is possible to extend the workplace to various construction sites where the ordinary concrete mixing equipment can hardly reach.

What is a Self-loading Concrete Mixer?

A self loading concrete mixer is a mobile concrete batching that is equipped with a metal bucket that allows the operator to load raw materials into the drum.

The concrete production originally requires a loader, a mixer, a transport vehicle, and several operators. Now, all these operations can be completed with only one self-loading concrete mixer truck, which makes it economical and useful machinery.

The automatic feeding function of the self-loading concrete mixer helps to significantly save on the cost of equipment, manpower, and working time. This is one of the unique features of a self-loading concrete mixer when compared to other concrete mixing equipment.

Thanks to the efforts put in by our creative engineers and designers for designing self-loading mixer trucks that can combine with concrete pumps perfectly.

5.5m3 self loading concrete mixer



Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck
With Drum Mixer
LT-1.8 $20,000~$29,000
LT-3.5 $29,000~$35,000
LT-4.0 $48,000~$58,000
LT-6.5 $70,000~$75,000
Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck
With Pan Mixer
LTP-1.2 $10,000~$12,000

What is a Concrete Pump?

diesel concrete trailer pump to Jamaica
HBT60 electric trailer concrete pump

A concrete pump is a tool that is used for conveying freshly mixed concrete mortar to the construction site location where it is to be used. It works by using a valve system and the basic principles of hydraulics.

For easy transportation and utility, this kind of pump is designed with a sturdy chassis and wear-resistant tires in order to be towed by trucks or it is installed on a truck.

When concrete is required, first the self-loading mixer truck mixes concrete in its rotating drum. Then, the truck discharges the concrete mortar into the hopper of the concrete trailer pump, which continues to churn the concrete to avoid solidification. Further, the concrete pump sucks the liquid concrete out of the hopper, through a valve system, and transports it to the area where it is needed, sometimes with the use of auxiliary hoses.

In this way, the advantages of the two devices are expanded thoroughly. The combined equipment now is the specific star in the family of concrete mixing machinery.

Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump HBTS20 $15,000~$25,000
HBTS30 $17,000~$27,000
HBTS40 $22,000~$30,000
HBTS60 $28,000~$33,000
HBTS80 $32,000~$48,000
Diesel Concrete Boom Pump LT-HBJ-30 $170,000~$350,000

Mobile Self loading Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Theoretically, the price of the self loading concrete mixer with pump is the sum of the price of the self-loading concrete mixer price and the concrete pump price. Actually, the price ranges from $30,000 to $400,000.

Self loading concrete mixerwith pump

Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer For Sale

The price of Luton self-loading mobile concrete mixers, also known as self-loading concrete mixer, ranges from $10,000 to $70,000, depending on the types and the production capacity of the self-loading truck mixers.

The price of pan type self-loading concrete mixer is generally between $10,000 and $18,000, while the price of drum type is about $15,000 to $75,000.

Concrete Pump for Sale

Luton Concrete trailer pump costs range from $15,000 to $480,000, depending on the production capacity, which is between 30 to 100m3/h.

Applications of Self Mixing Concrete Truck with Pump

Self-loading mixer trucks are widely used in projects such as – new rural construction, urban construction, tunnels, airports, ports, high-speed rail stations, remote areas without electricity, intermediate projects, farmer housing construction, rural roads, irrigation, reservoirs, mines, bridges, rural roads, etc.

The picture belowing shows a set of self mixing concrete truck with pump sold to Guyana from LUTON GROUP in April, 2023. This is a combination of a LT4.0 self loading concrete mixer and a HBTS60 diesel concrete trailer pump, which will be used for a new factory construction. The client owns a construction team and often contracts small and medium sized projects.

With a concrete pump, self loading concrete mixer can deliver concrete directly from the mixer to the working site. This combination is highly efficient and has many applications.

self loading concrete mixer with capacity of 4m3 per batch
Diesel concrete trailer pump to Guyana

Advantages of Concrete Self Loading Mixer with Pump

Due to their compact design and functionality, concrete of self loading concrete mixer with pump is widely used in various construction fields. We can see them in new rural construction, urban construction, tunnels, airports, ports, high-speed rail stations, remote areas without electricity, intermediate projects, farmer housing construction, rural roads, irrigation, reservoirs, mines, bridges, rural roads, etc.

Why are they so popular with customers? Let’s consider some of its advantages.

Low cost

  • Low equipment cost – The self loading mixer truck with pump is designed to integrate multiple functional mechanical types of equipment in a special truck– such as the loader, mixer and transporter, which reduces the number of equipment otherwise required and saves lots of cost on these machinery.
  • Low manpower cost – The operation of a self-loading mixer truck with pump can be completed by minimum manpower (just one operator and one auxiliary worker), contrary to the number of operators and workers required for other common concrete mixing plants.
  • Low maintenance cost – Based on the compact design of the self-loader mixing truck with pump, the maintenance required is much lesser. So the cost of maintenance is lower than others.

High efficiency

Let us consider the Luton 4.0 m3/h self-loading mixer truck as an example. On average, this model can yield a batch of concrete every 12 minutes. So now, if it works continuously for 10 hours, the daily concrete output will reach 500 tons, which is sometimes the output of a common mixer. Therefore, obviously, it is more efficient.

Fast recovery of costs

Thanks to the compact structure, multiple functions, and simple and easy operation of the self-loading mixer truck with pump. This allows the equipment to be put into use without delay, which provides a guarantee for investors to recover their costs quickly.

Applicable to all terrains

The diesel-powered engines provide strong power of self-loading mixer truck, which enable it to travel freely on rough mountain roads, not to mention smooth roads. Equipped with a four-wheel-drive system and super wear-resistant and anti-skid tires gives it a strong guarantee for its off-road performance, making the self-loading mixer veritable all-terrain construction machinery.

High product quality

The visible weighing system of concrete mixer truck with pump provides simple and easy operation of weighing aggregates through hydraulic charging shovel and weighing sensor on the arm. In the driver’s cab, the operator can read the loading weight and obverse the loading situation through a camera and a display screen.

All of the above points ensure the high production quality to meet various customers.

Types Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump consists of self-loading concrete mixer truck and concrete pump. So the types of this kind of versatile and combined concrete producing and conveying equipment are determined by the two parts.

Theoretically, every type of self-loading concrete mixer truck can be combined with various types of concrete pumps. So let us consider some of the combinations.

self loading concrete mixer with pump
self loading pan mixer

1. Small & large self loading concrete mixer with pump (According to production capacity)

First of all, when we consider the discharge capacity, there are about eight types of self-loading concrete mixers – 1.2 m3/h, 1.8 m3/h, 2 m3/h, 2.6 m3/h, 3.5 m3/h, 4.0 m3/h, 5.5 m3/h, and 6.5 m3/h.

Usually, self-loading mixer trucks with a production capacity of below 3.5 m3/h are called small self-loading concrete mixer trucks or mini self-loading concrete mixer trucks, those with capacity from 4.0 m3/h to 5.5 m3/h are medium size self-loading mixer trucks, and those with a capacity of 6.5 m3/h are called large size self-loading mixer trucks.

These multiple output selections accurately meet the various needs of the customers. It is believed that with the continuous efforts of engineers and designers, there will be more models of self-loading concrete mixer trucks in the future to provide users with better services.

Concrete pumps also come with different production capacities – right from 30 m3/h to 100m3/h. This enables customers to choose the most suitable concrete pump according to match the concrete production capacity.

2. Free fall mixing type and forced mixing type

According to different mixing methods, there are two types –

  1. Free fall mixing type
  2. Forced mixing type

Free fall type self-loading truck mixer, also known as drum mixer or gravity mixer feeds raw materials into a mixing drum. The material is then lifted to a certain height through the mixing blades that are installed in the drum and then the materials fall freely due to gravity.

In this way, the materials are continuously lifted up and they fall down in the drum over and over again until they are stirred thoroughly and evenly. This free fall type of self-loading truck mixer is widely used in producing plastic or semi-plastic concrete.

In forced type, the truck mixer stirs the materials using mixing blades which are evenly distributed on a rotation axis. In this type of mixing making, the mortar is fully and uniformly mixed and it ensures high mixing quality. It is an efficient batching method and is suitable for dry hard concrete.

3. Pan shape and drum shape

There are two main mixer types: pan type and drum type

LT4.0 self loading concrete mixer truck
Luton 2.0m3 pan self loader concrete mixer

Usually, pan type mixers are used for self-loading concrete mixer trucks that are designed for production capacity of less than 2 m3/h per batch due to its structural limitations.

Whereas, drum type mixers are used in self-loading truck mixers with a production capacity of more than 2 m3/h. By far, the maximum production output capacity of a drum mixer truck has been up to 6.5 m3/h.

It is also important to note that all drum type mixers are free fall mixing types while pan mixers are forced mixing types.

Lately, many more advanced types of self-loading mixer trucks are coming out with the sole purpose of providing more and more sophisticated concrete raw materials and efficient and convenient operation for modern construction projects and customers.

4. Line pumps and boom pumps

Line pumps pump concrete mortar in hoses at almost the same level (horizontally) until the concrete reaches its destination. The hoses offer the flexibility to snake through alleys and around houses, which is not possible for the truck to reach.

A boom pump extends through the air to pump the concrete (upward) where it needs to go. It has a long, flexible, remote-controlled arm that is made up of articulated sections. This arm extends into the air much like a crane. Boom pumps can be used for hard-to-reach areas – such as the upper floors of a high-rise or apartment complex. 

Manufacturers of Self-loading Transit Mixer with Pump

Luton Group

Luton Group is a popular name in the Chinese construction equipment manufacturing industry. With more than 20 years of design and production experience, Luton Group now symbolizes super design, high quality, and thoughtful services in the construction equipment field.

Some of the most popular products manufactured by the Luton Group are:

  • Concrete mixing plant
  • Stabilized soil batching station
  • Asphalt mixing plant
  • Precast concrete batch station
  • Belt conveyor
  • Aggregate mixer
  • Concrete pump,
  • Self-loading mixer
  • Dry mix motor plant
  • Crushing plant

Schwing Stetter India

Schwing Stetter India, a 100% subsidiary of the Schwing Group of companies GmbH was incorporated in the year 1998. It is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment in India supplying world-class concreting equipment.


Apollo Inffratech Pvt Ltd is an Indian self-independent self-loading mixer manufacturer. It is a joint venture with CARMIX – Italy exclusively for the Indian market.


Macons is an Indian manufacturer with a focus on delivering high-performance construction equipment. It joined hands with SO.CA.GE who is established in 1974 as a specialized Italian company in the production of metallic components and truck-mounted cranes.

Fiori Group

Fiori Group was founded in 1942 and its headquarters is in Finale Emilia (MO) Italy. Fiori group designs develop and manufacture off-road Concrete Batching Vehicles and Dumpers for the construction industry.

Which is the Best Manufacturer of Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump, LTG?

The Luton Group is a leading manufacturer of self loading concrete mixer with pump that can be customized according to the customer’s specifications.

We have a perfect combination of excellent mixing technology and advanced environmental protection technology. It perfectly integrates a professional steel structure design with an advanced modern industrial design. This embodies the requirement of the new design concept of low-carbon emissions, energy savings, and environmental protection in our concrete mixing stations.

Luton Group has subdivided the self-loading configuration to meet the different requirements of different customers. There are four styles to choose from and the equipment can also be customized according to the special application of customers.

Our only purpose is to help customers get truly suitable equipment with as little cost as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our self loading concrete mixer with pump, feel free to contact us to save your time and to get the best rates. Our highly efficient team will be pleased to offer you professional answers to all your queries.

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