Concrete Line Pump Truck

Nowadays, massive modern society development has been calling more and more efficient, economical, multiple-functional construction machinery and equipment. For various concrete pumping and conveying problems, among all sorts of solutions emerges a prominent method popular with all customers, which is Concrete Line Pump Truck.

concrete line pump truck

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What Is A Concrete Line Pump Truck?

Concrete Line Pump Truck is also named as Truck Mounted Concrete Line Pump, Line Pump Truck, Truck Mounted Line Pump and so on.

A Concrete Line Pump Truck, simply say, is a combination of a concrete pump with flexible pipelines, a concrete mixer and a truck. It is a set of versatile concrete conveying equipment which integrates multiple functions in one, including concrete producing, concrete conveying, transportation and so on.

Concrete Line Pump Truck sends mixed concrete to pumping machine to convey it to any precise target area through flexible concrete pipelines.

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Applications of Concrete Line Pump Truck

This type of function-integrated solution performs excellent in all sorts of construction areas, especially in small or medium scale of construction works on inaccessible sites for common concrete pumping equipment.

For example, rural house building in limited space, urban high building concrete conveying, tunnel constructions of roadways, highways and railways, as well as water conservancy and hydropower projects of bridges, dams and irrigation projects and so on.

Also, benefit from its wonderful mobility, concrete line pump truck is thought as the best solution of frequent site transfer.

Not only work on site, concrete line pump truck can also travel long distance to take part in projects in remote mountain areas without any other accessory equipment.

As the various superior characteristics, its high practicability and its wide application scope attracts numerous investors.

Truck mounted line pump makes modern construction more efficient and convenient meanwhile takes abundant profit for investors.

concrete mixer truck

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Concrete Line Pump Trucks For Sale

Concrete Line Pump Trucks are widely used in various small or medium construction projects. They are one of the most popular versatile concrete pumping equipment in construction machinery market.

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How Much Is A Truck Mounted Concrete Line Pump?

The price of a truck mounted concrete line pump ranges from $45,000 to $95,000 depending on many aspects, including:

  • Brands and manufacturers
  • Conveying capacity
  • Mainly configurations
  • Designing Process and Technical Difficulties
  • Materials prices (steel, rubber hoses and other accessories etc.)
  • Local policy
  • Market supply and demand situation

How To Find A Suitable Concrete Line Pump Truck?

For finding a suitable concrete line pump truck, there are three simple ways to do.

  • Find it on computer or mobile phone.
  • Ask friends in construction field for help.
  • Find a professional consultant company on construction machinery.

If you have an intention to invest a suitable concrete line pump truck for your construction work, these costs below are recommended to take into consideration when make a budget.

Concrete line pump truck cost here refers to not only the price of a single line pump truck, but also the total cost of the whole purchase process.

  • The transportation cost
  • The tax of purchasing a line pump truck
  • The insurance cost
  • The maintenance and repair cost
  • The worker’s wages and resources cost

Main Parameters of LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truck

concrete line pump truck

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Types of Truck Mounted Concrete Line Pump

There are types of truck mounted concrete line pumps according power source and functions.

Diesel Or Electric

There are two power sources supporting for concrete line pump trucks, diesel engine and electric motor. Both methods with their own characteristics are widely used in construction projects. More details are in the following table. 

Diesel Engine VS Electric Motor

diesel engine vs electric motor

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Diesel engine of concrete line pump truck is larger and more powerful than electric motor, whose structure is more complex and not so easily as electric motor to repair.

But it is more economical, powerful and stable than the later. With high adaptation to environment, diesel concrete line pump truck is especially suitable for areas with power shortage.

The structure of electric motor is compact and simple, which is easy to maintain and repair. And without too much noise and air pollution, electric motor is more friendly to environment. As the above advantages, electric motor is also widely used in concrete line pump truck.

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With Or Without Mixer System

Some of Concrete Line Pump trucks are equipped with mixers, known as concrete mixer pump truck, concrete mix pumping machine etc., to realize highly efficient working performance through multiple functions integration. For mixers, there are also some options, twin shafts mixer, drum mixer and vertical shaft mixer etc..

If customers need only a pump truck, there are also truck mounted line concrete pump without mixer supplied. This type of pump truck more suits to customers who have already owned a concrete mixing machine or plenty of concrete products supply.

concrete line pump for sale

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Advantages Of Concrete Line Pump Truck

Outstanding Concrete Line Pump Truck with so many advantages is popular with customers in construction industry. Its appearance makes the fast and efficient working mode of modern construction come true.

  • Flexible Construction Sites Transition
  • Compact Structure And Pipeline Conveying Methods Reach To All Sorts Of Construction Sites inaccessible.
  • Multiple functions integrated in one accomplishing the whole working process of concrete producing and conveying.
  • Simple working process saves labor cost and cuts down working period.
  • Short returning period of investment

Concrete Line Pump Truck VS. Concrete Line Pump Trailer

The biggest difference between concrete line pump truck and concrete line pump trailer is the movable unit.

Trailer is a frame with wheels pulled by another vehicle, which can be moved in short distance on site.

While, truck mounted line pump is equipped on a truck chassis, which can travel long distance more flexibly to farther construction sites.

 Concrete Line Pump Truck VS Concrete Line Pump Trailer

Concrete Line Pump Type




More Flexible And Efficient

Can Reach To Farther Sites

Suitable For Short Distance Transfer

On Site


Cost More For A Multiple

Function Chassis

Cheaper And Economical Solution


Multiple functions in one:

Loading, Mixing, Pumping,

Conveying and Transport.

Multiple functions in one:

Loading, Mixing , Pumping

And Conveying


Various small or medium scale construction projects

Especially suitable for jobs of frequent transfer between sites.

Various small or medium

construction projects

suitable for working on site

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Concrete Line Pump Truck V.S. Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck



Line Pump Truck

1. Mounted on a truck chassis

2. Multiple functions in one

3. Flexibility of sites transfer

4. No need of extra equipment

and too much labor

5. High Efficiency and Suitability

1. Economical and Functional

2. Low cost of maintenance

3. Compact design suitable for narrow sites

4. Pumping higher and farther

5. Powerful Pumping Ability

Boom Pump Truck

1. High Investment

2. Huge Structure suitable For Large Scale Remote Working

3. Need to be fixed on a specific flat area to support, high requiring for the site

4. Pumping height and length limited by robot arm size

5. High pumping efficiency

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Both are mounted on a truck chassis, which are assembled with multiple functions in one and can be flexibly transferred between sites. By this compact design, they both need no extra equipment and too much labor. So, both concrete line pump truck and concrete boom pump truck are efficient and suitable concrete pumping solutions.

Compared with later, line pump truck is more economical. With compact structure, it is adaptable to many space-limited sites. Moreover, it has more powerful pumping ability than boom pump, which is limited by the robot arm size.

How Far Can A Line Pump Truck Reach?

The longest pumping distance of a line pump truck is determined by the engine power, the pumping direction, the pumping pressure, the material characteristic, etc..

Generally, the average concrete pumping distance of a concrete line pump is 80m to 100m vertically and 1000m horizontally.

Some pumps can reach to 200m vertically and 2000m horizontally.

How Do Concrete Line Pump Trucks Work?

The working principle of line concrete pump truck is similar with a concrete line pump trailer.

It mixes concrete mortar evenly, then conveying the mixed concrete product into the pump system. By high pumping pressure, the pumping system conveys concrete liquid in pipeline and hoses to precise target areas. In this way, concrete line pump truck accomplishes sequentially the whole working process.

All the feeding, mixing, pumping and other mechanical actions are completed by the main diesel or electric power system and hydraulic power system.

Pumping system alternately pulls two hydraulic oil cylinder piston rods through a series of high pressure and low pressure oil, so as to drive the movement of the concrete cylinder piston, and then through the S-type reversing valve, concrete is conveyed out continuously. In this way, pumping process is done.

During the working process, the movement of the whole pumping system are all controlled by the instruct signal from electrical controlling system.

pumping system

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1&2-two main oil cylinders; 3-water tank; 4-the reversing device; 5&6-two concrete cylinders; 7&8-two concrete pistons; 9-a swing arm; 10&11-two swing oil cylinders; 12-the spectacle plate; 13-the distribution valve(S-shaped valve); 14-the discharge hole

Main Concrete Line Pump Truck Parts

A concrete line pump truck is mainly consisted of about five cooperative parts, including truck chassis, mixing system, pumping system, hydraulic system, conveying system, electric control system and some important accessories.

Truck Chassis And The Whole System

A stable and reliable truck chassis is the basic of the outstanding working performance of the whole system. It takes multiple responsibilities for the whole concrete line pump truck, such as transportation, carrying and supporting of all equipment, power supply and so on.

LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truck is equipped with high quality chassis from well-known Chinese brands, ensuring the whole stable and efficient working process. The tail gas exhaust standard of all LUTON Chassis meets the standard of Nation V.

Considered different needs of customers, LUTON Line Pump Truck are equipped
with three optional types of power source, diesel engine, electric engine and
hybrid of the both.

power sytem of concrete line pump truck

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Mixing System

For mixing systems of LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truck, two optional mixing systems for customers, they are twins-shafts concrete mixer machine and drum mixer machine. Both of them are all performance with efficient concrete mixing and ensure the concrete products meeting commercial standards.

Pumping System

Excellent pumping performance of LUTON Line Concrete Pump Truck makes efficient concrete construction come true, the pumping distance of which is up to 50-100m vertically and 200-300m horizontally driven by 8MPa pumping pressure, taking a concrete line pump truck with conveying capacity of 30m3/h as an example.

Hydraulic System

Double open hydraulic loops with two pumps, makes the whole hydraulic system much simpler. This is convenient for judging and removing trouble.
LUTON line pump trucks are all equipped with prominent hydraulic system of world famous brands. The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly.

Hydraulic System

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Conveying Pipeline

LUTON provides cost-efficient steel pipes and flexible hoses. With high quality, fully sealed high pressure hoses and steel pipes ensure stable and efficient concrete conveying performance. Also, the rubber hose can be easily moved by workers to target placing area, which makes accurate concrete conveying easy and efficient.

For different output capacity of line pump truck, LUTON provides pipes and hoses with different diameters (from Φ76m to Φ133m)and length (from 1m to 7.5m) to meet different conveying jobs.

conveying pipeline

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Electric Control System

Electric Control System is the center of the whole concrete line pump truck, which charges all movement of every operation unit.

Adopting proximity switch in hydraulic cylinder can realize changing direction with non-touch, which ensures that the direction can be changed reliably.

The wireless remote equipment is convenient for operation far away.

concrete trailer pump for sale

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All components of electric control system of LUTON line pump truck are carefully selected from world-wide famous brands, such as OMRON, SCHNEIDER, etc..

Some Important Accessories

For convenience of using and replacing the wear parts, LUTON prepares for customers all kinds of accessories including high pressure conveying hose, transparent spiral conveying hose, common steel pipes, elbow pipes, lamps, transfer pump pistons, remote controller, cleaning balls, O type ring, proximity switch and so on.

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