Self Loading Concrete Mixers Exported to Kuwait

On June 15, 2023, two sets of self loading concrete mixers exported to Kuwait have completed the operation testing, and will be delivered to Kuwait. The two self loading concrete mixers include a self loading concrete mixer with drum mixer and a self loading concrete mixer with pan type. Each capacity is 2.0 cub meters per batch.

LT-1.2 Drum Type

Discharge capacity: 1.2m3

Output: 8m3/h

Power: 78KW

LXWXH: 6950X2720X3850mm

LTP-1.2 Pan Type

Discharge capacity: 1.2m3


Power: 55-60KW

LXWXH: 4750X2750X1870mm

Our customers from Kuwait has a small company, specialized in the construction industry. They need a mobile small concrete mixing equipment for their mountain road and tunnel construction projects. Due to the rugged terrain and shortage of electric power, so the concrete mixer truck and other large vehicles cannot reach the construction site. The self loading concrete mixer is the perfect equipment for their requirement.

We recommend two sets of self loader concrete mixer with capacity of 2 cub meters, in accordance with the specific needs of our customers, including daily concrete requirements, uses, budgets, etc. There are different in the mixing machine of the two equipment, one is pan mixer, another is drum mixer. They have different advantages in construction. They are both the small type equipment, with small oversize, flexible body, ideal for tunnel and narrow roads.

Features of Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Mountain Construction

 It is equipped with the diesel engine free of any other power.

2.0m3 self loading concrete mixer has small size, so it is very flexible. You can drive normally on the narrow roads.

Luton self loading concrete mixer can climb a 30 degree slope with a full load.

The self loader concrete mixer with functions of self loading, automatic weighing, self mixing, as well as self discharge. It is equipped with the electronic weighing equipment on the big arm, which can ensure the accurate ratio of sand and cement.

There is a screen in the cab, the driver can see the situation around the whole vehicle.

The construction of two self loading concrete mixers at the same time can ensure the progress of project.

Testing Video of Self Loading Concrete Mixers exported to Kuwait