Concrete Line Pump

As concrete pump equipment is widely used in rural and urban construction industry, concrete producing method is changed largely. It plays an important role in speeding up construction process and enhancing productivity.

This in turn promotes the development of concrete conveying machinery manufacturing industry. More and more concrete manufacturing and conveying equipment is designed by engineers.

Concrete line pump is one of the most common Concrete Pump Machines.Luton Concrete Line Pump

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What Is A Concrete Line Pump?

A concrete line pump is a concrete transit equipment which conveys concrete liquid through pipelines or hoses to target locations. Usually, a concrete line pump is equipped on a movable trailer or a truck, which enable it to flexibly move from one spot to another on site.

There are two main parts of concrete line pump, the concrete pumping unit and the conveying pipelines.

The name comes from the shapes of the conveying pipelines. Just like a winding line, the pipelines or hoses are placed skillfully on the construction sites. By this way, concrete can be pumped to any construction spot even on project sites with limited space.

In general, the maximum pumping height of concrete pump can reach 120m, and the maximum pumping distance is up to 600m.Luton line concrete pump

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Concrete Line Pump For Sale

Concrete line pumps for sale are popular with investors in construction industry. Especially in countries that are developing infrastructure,the sale volume of concrete line pumps is even large. There are various concrete line pumps for sale in construction mechanism market.

With perfect mobility and outstanding pumping performance, concrete line pumps are widely used in all sorts of small and medium construction projects, such as rural and urban housing, roads and highways, narrow tunnels, dams, bridges and so on.

These flexible concrete pump machines not only play crucial roles in modern construction industry, but also bring plenty of profits for investors.

Main Parameters of Concrete Line Pump TrailerConcrete Line Pump Trailer

Trailer Concrete Pump For Sale

Trailer concrete pump for sale is more popular with the customers of construction project with limited space ( like tunnel ) and some domestic concrete operations (like interior secondary structure).

This kind of concrete line pump mounted on a trailer has characteristics of compact structure, flexibility, efficiency and economical cost.

So the prices of trailer concrete pump for sale ranges from $18,000 to $38,000.concrete pumps for sale

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Concrete Line Pump Truck For Sale

Concrete line pump truck for sale is more suitable for projects frequently changing working sites. Unlike the trailer concrete pumps suitable for short distance transportation, this type of concrete line pump mounted on a truck, makes long distance transporting and changing working sites available.

Main Parameters of LUTON Concrete Line Pump Truckconcrete line pump truck

Concrete line pump trucks are often seen in medium and large scale construction project sites. They can even pump concrete to more high place than boom pump (another concrete pump type).

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The concrete line pump truck for sale prices about $45,000 to $95,000.

concrete line pump for sale

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Used Concrete Line Pump For Sale

In construction market, there are also all sorts of used concrete line pump for sale.
Some customers believe that a used concrete pump is more economical than a new one. Seemingly, it is the fact. But, considering the following probably questions, the new one must be more stable and reliable than a used concrete line pump.

  • The actual condition of the used concrete line pump is difficult to make clear. There may be significant hidden trouble in quality and safety.
  • The quality problems are solved and paid only by customers.
  • The cost of later maintenance and repair is undertook by customers.
  • The shipping cost equals to a new one.

In short, a used concrete line pump actually is not cheaper than a new one. Why not purchase a new concrete pump with perfect quality and high performance, and free professional after-sale service. It will make your investment more easy and lead to more reliable profits.

Concrete Line Pump Rental

Rental concrete line pump is another solution of concrete long-distance conveying. Without worrying about problems of maintenance and repair, a rental concrete line pump is easily available from a concrete pump rental company or a rental platform on line. Contractors can easily lease a suitable concrete line pump for a certain project.

used concrete line pump

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What’s more, no need to consider the problems of equipment storage , a hired concrete pump will be directly moved away without any further delay when pumping work is done.

However, for a long term intention, a new one is superior to a rental concrete pump. The reasons comes from the advantages of the former.

  • Ready to use, no long wait
  • High utilization ratio
  • cost-saving, more economical
  • Clear with actual equipment condition

Concrete Line Pump Prices

Concrete line pump prices, nowadays, covers from $18,000 to $45,000 on average, which mainly affected by the following facts.

  • Brands and Manufacturers
  • Types of Concrete Line Pump ( Stationary, mobile or mixer pump)
  • Conveying Capacity ( 10m3/h – 100m3/h )
  • Mainly Configurations ( engine types, main hydraulic oil pump etc.)
  • Pipeline Types and Length ( steel pipe, high pressure pipe, hoses, etc.)
  • Designing Process and technical difficulties
  • Materials Prices (steel, rubber hoses and other accessories etc.)
  • Local Policy Condition
  • Market Supply and Demand Situation

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Concrete Line Pump Cost

Concrete line pump cost here refers to not only the Concrete Pump Price, but also the total cost of the whole purchase process.

If you have an intention to invest a concrete pump, these costs below are recommended to take into consideration when make a budge.

  • The transportation cost
  • The tax of purchasing a concrete pump
  • The insurance cost
  • The maintenance and repair cost
  • The worker’s wages and resources cost

Lline Concrete Pump Manufacturers

There are many prominent concrete line pump manufacturers around the world. With advanced technology and modern design ideals, they provide various classes of concrete conveying equipment for construction industry markets all over the world.

With more than 20 years development , LUTON GROUP is now growing up into a versatile construction equipment manufacturer leading modern design concept and advantage producing technology in China.

LUTON products now are sold all over the world, such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri LanKa, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana,Kenya, Vanuatu etc..

LUTON covers a broad products range of concrete line pumps, concrete boom pumps, stationary concrete pumps, concrete batching pumps, self loading concrete mixer, crushing plant, mortar station, road roller etc.

Concrete Line Pump Near Me

Nowadays, there are various concrete line pumps supplying in construction equipment market. “How to find a perfect concrete pump near me?” That is a common question customers ask frequently.

The most popular method is to get the answers online. Type the phrase
“concrete line pump near me” into search box on a computer or a mobile
phone, and you’ll get many relevant information. Maybe, your right
concrete line pump is among them.

Also, you can ask friends who have bought such a concrete pump for
Information. Usually, their information from their experience is much
more valuable.

A line pump accessible from nearby regions is an economical solution of pumping concrete.

  • Saving much more costs of shipping or transportation for investors
  • Timely resolving problems during working process
  • Convenient for after-sale service and contacting to manufacturers
  • Convenient to communicate between customers and manufactures
  • Convenient to buy accessories
  • More familiar to local conditions

If you can find a right concrete line pump from near regions, it will be the most perfect purchase.

LUTON GROUP with several subsidiaries all over the world, is always prepared to try its best to provide you high quality concrete line pump products, professional service and detailed relevant information.concrete pumps for sale

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Ground Line Concrete Pump

Ground line concrete pump is one type of line concrete pump, which is equipped around the ground of construction areas with steel pipe or rubber hoses as concrete conveying pipelines.

With such a flexible pipeline, a ground line can efficiently convey concrete through narrow tunnels, around impassable barriers and other areas difficult to access.

Compared with giant boom pump, this type of line concrete pump suits various small and medium construction sites much more flexibly.ground concrete line pump

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Static Line Concrete Pump

Compared with mobile line concrete pump, static line concrete pump is usually assembled on ground or on a trailer, which must be transported or hauled by a truck.

So, static line concrete pump usually with compact and simple structure can be easily moved, maintained and repaired. And the small bulk of static line concrete pump is flexible and can be placed much closer to construction sites.

Benefit from the versatile pipelines and hoses, static line concrete pump can deliver large or small volume of concrete to almost any needed place of construction sites.

Small Line Concrete Pump

Small line concrete pump is one of the most popular concrete pumping machines.

Generally, the output capacity of small line concrete pump is less than 40m3/h. With small outline and small output volume, it is economical, efficient and can be easily moved.

Small line concrete pump with high performance is ideal for small scale projects in various field of urban and rural construction.small concrete line pump

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Concrete Line Pump Truck

A line concrete pump mounted on a truck is called a concrete line pump truck. Together with crawl concrete pump, they are belong to mobile concrete line pump.

Unlike short-distance movement of trailer concrete pump and crawl concrete pump, truck mounted concrete line pump makes long-distance transportation available.

It makes concrete line pumps accessible to remote construction sites. Concrete line pump truck largely expands the working scope of concrete pumping and provides more convenience for a variety of constructions.concrete line pump truck

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Concrete Line Pump Trailer

Line concrete pump mounted on a trailer unit is also known as concrete line pump trailer. It is one type of static concrete line pump, which can be easily trailed to a any construction site.

No needs of more time on installing equipment. This trailer-mounted methods improve concrete pumping speed and make changing sites more timely.

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Concrete Line Pump Hoses

Conveying pipelines are the important parts of a concrete line pump.

Concrete line pump hoses are a type of conveying pipelines, which are mounted on the outlet of the concrete pump and more flexible to enable concrete reach to precise target areas on site.

Usually, concrete line pump hoses are produced according to international standards. So, they can be easily substituted when problems occur.

Concrete pump delivery hose selection is related to pipe inner diameter, external diameter, length, maximum delivery pressure and so on.

For more detail information, please contact Luton.

concrete conveying pipelines

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Concrete Line Lump v.s. Boom Pump

Concrete line pump and boom pump are two significant concrete pump types. With different characteristics, they both play their unique roles in concrete pumping field. Their appearance improve concrete pumping technology and raise the construction speed largely. They make modern concrete conveying more efficient.

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Differences between line pump and boom pump:

Appearance Differences

Line pump usually mounted on a trailer or a truck in a compact cabinet. With the small structure, one of the biggest features, concrete line pump is accessible to many narrow areas common concrete pump can not reach. Concrete line pump is ideal to small scale construction projects. It is one of the most economical and flexible solution to concrete pumping.

Boom pump is much larger than Line pump. The folding robot arm makes it conspicuous among concrete pumping machineries. Benefit from it, boom pump make fast massive concrete pumping come true.

Output Differences

The output capacity of line pump usually ranges from 10m3/h -120m3/h.

While the output capacity of boom pump is more than 120m3/h.

Application Differences

Line pump is super suitable to small and medium scale concrete pumping projects. It does especially well in near-ground concrete pumping jobs.

Boom pumps with a robot arm accessible to remot controlling are widely seen in large scale construction sites. It is good at long distance with obtacles or vertical massive concrete conveying work.

Concrete Line Pump v.s. Boom Pump

Types Advantages Applications
Concrete Line Pump 1. Flexible and swiftly move on site.

2. Accessible to many areas with limited space by hoses.

3. Super suitable for horizontal or near- ground pumping.

4. A very economical solution for concrete pumping.

5. Output capacity: 10-120 m3/h

Small or Medium Construction

Such as swimming pool, housing, driveway repair and other projects on narrow sites etc.

Boom Pump 1. Convenient and super fast  massive conveying

2.Do well in vertical pumping jobs

3. No needs of many labors

4. Easy transition to another site

5. Output capacity: more than 120m3/h

large scale construction of dams, bridges, highways etc.

How Does A Concrete Line Pump Work?

To answer this question, we should make clear that the key of a concrete pump working principle is the pumping process.

The concrete pumping system adopts double cylinder and double loop hydraulic system.

As the concrete is discharged into the hopper, with the impetus of high pressure oil, the hydraulic motor drives the S valve to swing left and right and the S valve alternately connects with the output ports of the two concrete cylinders.

Concrete Line Pump Working Process

The two concrete cylinders are separately connected to the two cylinders of the main oil pump through the water tank.

The main oil pump alternately pushes and pulls the piston rods in the two main cylinders through high pressure oil, thus driving the piston heads connected with the rods to constantly alternately inhale and extrude concrete in the two concrete cylinders.
So as to realize the continuous concrete pumping.

concrete line pump working process

In this way of pumping, the independent main pump hydraulic oil circuit system and S valve hydraulic oil circuit system make the whole system more concise, higher reliable, and easier to troubleshoot.

How Far Can Concrete Be Line Pumped?

The longest pumping distance is determined by the engine power, the pumping direction, the pumping pressure, the material characteristic, etc..

Generally, the average concrete pumping distance of a concrete line pump is 80m to 120m vertically and 1000m horizontally.

Some line pumps can reach to 200m vertically and 2000m horizontally.

What Are The Major Problems In Using Pumping For Concrete Works?

There are two major problems in concrete pumping work:

Blockage Of Concrete Pump

Blockage is the failure of concrete to emerge at the end of the pipeline. It is characterized by an increase in pressure that can be observed on the pressure gauge. It is caused by improper selection of pump equipment, gap-graded aggregate, lack of pipeline maintenance, high water/concrete ratio and loss of workability due to waiting at the construction site.

Segregation and bleeding in concrete mix

Segregation is the separation of cement paste and aggregate during the handling and placement of concrete. It occurs when pumping pressure overcomes the adhesion force in the concrete mix.concrete blockage

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How to avoid concrete pumping problems?

1.Use well-graded aggregate and proportion concrete constituents property.
2.Mix concrete properly to fully coat.
3.Lubricate constituents and facilitate pumping process.
4.Correct and adjust labor skills.
5.Select the proper concrete pumping equipment.
6.Use pipe diameter of at least three times the maximum aggregate size to avoid the risk of blockage near bend points.
7.Clean the pipeline after each work.

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