Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Concrete pump machine for sale in market offers great convenience to the modern concrete construction industry.

It makes the concrete conveying task, which requires heavy cranes, massive manpower and takes a long time in the original ways, can be completed now in just a short time.

Concrete pump machine for sale

We have long been inseparable from a variety of fast and efficient concrete pumping equipment.
In order to find the most suitable model for your business investment or certain projects, get to know them one by one right now.

In generally, all sorts of concrete pump products in market are classified into two main types, concrete line pump and concrete boom pump.

This is because no matter what type of concrete pump machine it is, there are mainly two ways of pumping. One is laying pipelines and the other is erecting booms.

Hot Models Of LUTON Concrete Pump Machine For Sale


Model: HBTS-30/40/60/80
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Max. Theo. Concrete Output:30/40/60/80 m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure: 10~16 MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 400~1000m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 140~250m

ground concrete line pump

Model: HBTS30/40
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Mixer Machine: Drum Mixer
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 30/40 m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 400~500m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 120~160m


Model: HBTS40
Engine Power: Diesel/Electric
Mixer Machine: JS500/750
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 40m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 500m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 120m

concrete line pump truck

Model: HBC80
Max. Theo. Concrete Output: 88/60 m3/h
Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure: 18/12 MPa
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 960m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 260m
Overall Dimension: 8745*2370*2760mm

concrete boom pump

Model: 38M Concrete Boom Truck
Vertical Reach: 38m (124’8”)
Rotation Angle of Turntable: 360°
Max. Theoretical Output: 34 ml/r
Max. Pumping Pressure: 7.5 MPa
Boom Type: Z folded 4 section arm

shotcrete pump machine from LUTON

Model: PBM20
Theoretical concrete output: 1.5/1.8m3/h
Theoretical concrete pumping pressure: 1.5MPa
Max. vertical conveying height: 12-15m
Max.horizontal transmission distance: 50m
Max.Aggregate particles: 6mm

Why Choose LUTON Concrete Pump Machine

  • Over 20 years product experience make sure high quality, long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Simple operation, intelligent control system, automatic process.
  • Adequate concrete pump products provide various concrete pumping methods.
  • Exported to over 100 countries in the world winning high praise.
  • 10 oversea branches in the world supply you 7 days*24 hours service
  • More than 20 projects and 1000 workers ensure delivery time.
  • Main components are all from international famous brand, which is high performance assurance.
  • Goods and spare parts are in stock, can delivery at any time.
Luton concrete pump for sale

What our Customers say


It’s my first construction machinery investment, a small concrete pump machine for my house building project. To my surprised, LUTON HBTS40 concrete pump performed so perfect on site. Now my project is done successfully! Thanks a lot!


I’ve looking for many concrete pumps. But none of them can meet my special requirements until I found LUTON GROUP on the Internet and told their technical consultants about my needs.

After many detailed communications, they tailored a purchase plan for me. The configuration is very reasonable and the price is also within the acceptable range. I’m satisfied.

Timothy Davis

LUTON products are among my trust equipment. I’ve purchased several concrete mixer pump machines from LUTON GROUP. The products perform good, work efficiently, long service life and reasonal price. The most importagn, their service is professional.

No matter what kind of problem I have, they can always help me solve it sucessfully. Now LUTON GROUP has become an indispensable close partner in my work.

Manuel Kramer

Concrete Pump For Sale Around The World!

concrete line pump truck

Concrete Pump For Sale In The USA

The United States is one of the earliest countries to start the manufacture of concrete equipment.

With advanced and mature manufacturing technology, the products in the USA is excellent and widely praised by customers around the world…

However, due to the brand effect, the overall cost of concrete equipment in the USA is relatively high, and the demand in the local market is not large.

So the market activity is not high. The development momentum is not as good as China, India and other countries.

Concrete Pump For Sale in China

With the further acceleration of China’s urban and rural development construction, a variety of construction machinery has become an indispensable support, among which efficient and convenient concrete mixing and pumping equipment has been widely used in various construction occasions…

A wide variety of concrete pumping and mixing equipment has emerged in the Chinese market.

Among them, there are big Chinese brands leading the development level of in the industry, as well as small and medium-sized enterprise brands with high quality and low price and strong practicability.

They have their own characteristics and provide the market with a wide variety of high-quality concrete pumping products to meet different needs.

Compared with the concrete pump machine for sale in the United States, China’s concrete pump started late, but the momentum of development is fast, the market is more active, the product is more cost-effective, the product is more practical, and is loved by users around the world.

Now, China’s construction machinery industry has surpassed its American counterparts and ranks among the world’s advanced.

a concrete mixer truck with a pump on site
ground concrete line pump

Concrete Line Pump Machine For Sale

Concrete line pump is actually a ground pumping equipment, so it is also called concrete ground pump. This is because, whether it is a stationary pump or a tow pump or a truck mounted pump, it is necessary to establish a concrete pumping channel by laying pipelines near the ground …

This type of pump is usually small in size, flexible in movement, occupies less space, and has a compact equipment structure. So it is especially suitable for small and medium-sized construction sites with limited space, including residential house building, bridge and tunnel construction, garden and swimming pool building, etc..
Best of all, these pumps are usually inexpensive to build. So it is an ideal choice for fresh investors to purchase such a concrete pump.

Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

On the other hand, the characteristics of the latter, concrete boom pump, are obvious. Usually, the pump machine, mixer and placing boom are installed on a chassis of a truck. Then, by manipulating the position of the mechanical arm, the conveying channel is erected in the air to pump concrete. In this way, it is also called the sky pump, which is large in size and covers a wide range of space…

This large-scale fully automatic intelligent pumping equipment only needs a dedicated operator to complete the extension of the robotic arm and accurately position it to the pumping point.

With a high content of advanced technology, a high degree of automation and high quality components, the cost of it is also higher than other concrete pump machine for sale.

Even though, concrete boom pump is still a popular choice by investors. That is because investors all know that it is efficient and conveys concrete materials at an amazing speed. It is especially suitable for large and medium scale construction projects needing massive concrete materials, such as large-scale high way projects, interchange construction bridge, high-speed railway construction and so on.

It turns out that this kind of flexible mobile concrete pump machine can return profits in fast way.

An important indicator of a concrete boom pump is the length of its boom. This is also an important parameter for many manufacturers to name products.

A short boom usually refers to a boom with a length of less than 30m.
A long boom means the length is between 30m and 47m.
A super long boom is a boom with a length beyond 50m.

By far, the longest boom pump truck in the world is a 101-meter carbon fiber boom pump truck from Zoomlion, a leading Chinese brand. It can easily deliver the concrete liquid to a height of 30-40 floors.
Concrete boom pump is the biggest concrete pumping machine. The outstanding robot arms with different lengths, sections and folding forms can reach to various working sites over large horizontal and vertical obstacles. It especially suits for large bridge construction, dam projects, flyover, high-rise building and high-speed railway construction, etc..

4 section concrete boom pump
Small concrete pump

Small Concrete Pumping Machine For Sale

Small concrete pumping machine for sale are one of the hottest concrete line pumping machines in market today, whose output capacity is usually less than 40m3/h.

Benefited from its small size, compact structure, simple operation and convenient transportation, it is very suitable for pumping concrete on small and narrow project sites.

Although it is small in size, its pumping capacity is not weak. With the ground pumping pipelines, it can flexibly avoid ground obstacles and realize concrete delivery in narrow spaces.

Suitable Areas:residential housings, rural roads, small scale bridges, tunnels, urban buildings, foundations, and so on.

Specifications of LUTON Small Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

















Diesel Types





$18,000 ~ $20,000

Diesel power, strong power, stable performance, without external power supply, especially suitable for the construction of power shortage areas





$20,000 ~ $22,000





$22,000 ~ $23,000





$20,000 ~ $22,000





$24,000 ~ $26,000





$27,000 ~ $29,000







$13,000 ~ $18,000

Electric power, energy-saving, environmental, compact structure, easy to maintain, stable performance





$16,000 ~ $18,000





$18,000 ~ $20,000





$20,000 ~ $22,000

Mobile Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Same as small concrete pump, mobile concrete pump is another hottest concrete pumping machine for sale in market, including various types, like concrete trailer pump, truck mounted concrete line pump and self-propelled concrete pump, etc..

Mobile pumps are especially suitable for workplaces where the engineering site changes frequently.

Thanks to the addition of a flexible mobile chassis with tires and tracks, it is easy to move around the site.

The mobile pump is installed on a mobile unit as a whole, without too many disassembly and assembly steps. Just laying the pipeline according to the site terrain, mobile pump can be put into production immediately.

It is efficient and fast, saving time and effort.

Pull Behind Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Pull behind concrete pump here is actually also known as concrete trailer pump. With a mobile chassis, this kind of concrete pump machine can be pulled behind a truck or tractor.

It concentrates all the advantages of line pump and mobile pump. It is lightweight, easy to move, economical, and has strong environmental adaptability.

Concrete pump trailer can work in narrow spaces, flexibly bypass most of ground obstacles, and deliver concrete to destinations that other pump machines cannot be reached.

Thanks to the strong power of diesel or electric engine, it can pump concrete liquid to a long horizontal or vertical distance. This distance is unsurpassed by other types of pumping machinery.

About pumping distance, it will be further explained below.
(Flexible, Convenient, High Efficient, and Powerful)

high pressure concrete pump

Specifications of LUTON Pull Behind Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Model Parameter






Main Oil Pump






Main Pump Capacity

112 ml/r

112 ml/r

112 ml/r

112×2 ml/r

112×2 ml/r

Theoretical Capacity (m3/h)











Diesel Engine



Weichai 82KW

Weichai 82KW

Weichai 129KW

Weichai 129KW

Control System Components












Price Range

$20,000 ~ $22,000

$22,000 ~ $23,000

$23,000 ~ $25,000

$34,000 ~ $36,000

$36,000 ~ $38,000

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

concrete pump truck

Like concrete pump trailer, truck mounted concrete pump is another mobile concrete line pump.

Different from concrete trailer, the entire pumping equipment (and sometimes the mixing system) is installed on a dedicated truck site.

So, the concrete pumping range has been greatly expanded. Without the need for additional transport equipment, truck-mounted pump can travel farther, even in remote and rugged mountainous areas.

Also not same as concrete boom pump, there is no placing boom in concrete pump truck. When it get to the project site, pipeline placing is the first necessary process to do.

Specifications of LUTON Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Product ModelHBC80-18-176RSHJBC30-18-85RS
Max. Theoretical Output Capacity (m³/h)88/6030
Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)18/128
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distance (m)260/960120/400
Conveying Cylinder Size (mm)Ф230*1800Ф200*800
Hopper Volume (L)600650
Engine Power Rating (kW)17685
Gross Mass (kg)120008000
Overall Dimension (mm)8745*2370*27605100*2200*3150

Concrete Mixer With Pump For Sale

small diesel concrete pump

Moreover, in order to achieve more efficient production, the designers integrated various pumps with concrete mixers.

The stirring and pumping functions can be realized continuously in one machine, saving time, effort and money.

Of course, due to the addition of the stirring unit, the price will be slightly more expensive than the separate pumping equipment.

Specifications of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale

Main Oil PumpJindaKawasakiKawasaki
Main Pump
71 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r
Capacity (m3/h)
Diesel engine37KWWeichai 82KW129KW
Control system componentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneider
Price Range$18,000~ $20,000$34,000~ $36,000$42,000~ $44,000

Shotcrete Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine is a unique concrete pumping machine.

It is widely used in wet concrete spraying on various surfaces, underground and tunnel construction, mining construction, as well as civil construction, hydropower projects and hillside protection, etc..

It uses the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to make the two oil cylinders reciprocate alternately to transfer the dense flow material.

Through the conveying pipeline, concrete material is sent to the mixed flow pipe. Then a thin stream formed by the compressed air is pipe delivered to the spray header.

At last, added up into a certain proportion of accelerator,concrete material is directly sprayed on the sprayed surface by the three-in-one mechanical device.

LUTON upgraded shotcrete machine optimizes the hydraulic system and pumping system, with Larger pumping volume, smaller commutation shock, lower spray pulse, etc.

Specifications of LUTON Shotcrete Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Model No./Concrete pump


Theoretical concrete output(m3/h)


Theoretical concrete pumping pressure (MPa)


Max. vertical conveying height


Max.horizontal transmission distance (m)


Allowing the concrete slump


Max.Aggregate particles (mm)


Hopper volume (m3)


Filling height (mm)


Dynamic model

3-phase asynchronous motor

Rated power


Voltage /Frequency(v/hz)


Concrete tube conveying diameter(mm)


Overall dimensions(LxHxW)

1700×870×950 mm

Total weight (kg)


Hydraulic pump type

Ram pump

Used Concrete Pump Machine For Sale


Of course, a used concrete pump machine is also an option during purchasing. It costs much lower than a new one. It seems like a good choice in a short term.

But more troubles may emerge as the using period growing.

First of all, the biggest hide trouble is the working performance of the used machine. It is hard to survey the actual situation of a used concrete pump machine.

When the project task is in process, once the mechanical failure occurs, it will cause large or small losses, including the cost of repairing machinery, compensation for the possible delay of the construction period and so on. That’s thing any investor doesn’t want.

Second, there is usually no thoughtful quality assurance commitment. Not like a new concrete machine with complete warranty, customers must take charge of all maintenance and repair cost for used pump equipment.
All the above cost is sometimes higher than the cost of a new one.

Adding up the same shipping cost, a new one, with high quality, stable and excellent working performance, longer service life and complete assurance, may be the wise and cost-efficient choice for investors.


How Much Do Concrete Pump Trucks Cost?

concrete boom pump truck

Concrete pump trucks here refer to concrete boom pump trucks. That is the most expensive equipment among all concrete pumping machine.

There are many aspects affecting the cost of concrete pump truck. Generally speaking the price range of concrete pump truck is from $110,000 to $450,000.

  • Conveying capacity
  • Mainly configurations
  • Brands and manufacturers
  • Designing Process and Technical Difficulties
  • Materials prices (steel, rubber hoses and other accessories etc.)
  • Local policy
  • Market supply and demand situation

Key Components of Concrete Pump Machine For Sale

Power System

Power host (diesel engine or electric motor)

Diesel engine and electric motor are optional. So concrete pumps are also called as diesel concrete pump or electrical concrete pump.

Diesel engine with more powerful torque and stable performance, is widely used in all sorts of concrete pump products.

Also, it does not need additional power supply units. So Compared with electric motor, it’s more suitable for power-shortage areas.

Electric motor with compact structure, simple components, low noise and pollution is also widely used in all sorts of concrete pump machine.

The voltage of the electric engine can be customized flexibly according to demands of different construction projects.

Luton concrete pump products are equipped with two types of engines from well-known domestic and foreign brands.

Main Oil Pump

The main oil pump is usually a plunger pump. Different main oil pump with different diameters meet various construction applications.

pumping engine

Hydraulic Pump Of Mixing System

The hydraulic pump of mixing system is used to pump high pressure oil to drive the mixing shaft of the hopper mixer.

Gear Pump

Double gear pump, one for cooling, one for drive mixing shaft of pump hopper.

Pumping System

Main Oil Cylinder

The piston rod of the main oil cylinder is pushed by the high oil pressure, which leads the other end of the piston in the concrete cylinder to constantly inhale and extrude concrete.

In this way, concrete is continuously transported out to destinations. The concrete cylinder is much larger than the main oil cylinder.

main parts of concrete static pump

Water Tank

Water tank is used to cool and clean the piston rod.

S Tube Valve

The S-tube valve swings back and forth along a fixed axis. It alternately connects the two concrete cylinders with the outlet to realize the continuous output of concrete.


Multiple feeding capacity options for customers.

Screen mesh is used to filter out large particle stones to prevent pipeline blockage. Vibrators allow the concrete feeding more smooth.

Contain mixing shaft inside hopper, which are driven by a separate hydraulic motor to keep mixing concrete again inside pump hopper and make the concrete more uniform and prevent segregation.

Electric Control System

The electric control box is the brain of the whole concrete pump body, and all the control instructions are issued from here.

Also, in sake of remote control, the electric control system is equipped with remote controller.

Luton concrete pump electric control system adopts OMron PLC and Schneider electrical components. The products of international brands assure high working performance.

control cabinet

Concrete Conveying Pipeline

What needs to be put forward in particular is the conveying pipeline of concrete pump, which is one of the biggest and most important accessory of the whole system.

There are three types of concrete pumping pipeline, including straight steel pipe, elbow steel pipe and high pressure hose.

Common steel pipe is cost-efficient, while thickened seamless steel pipe is more expensive. Customers can customize different configuration according to their actual needs.

Based on international production standard, all these pipelines are easy to exchange and join up.

How Far Can Concrete Be Pumped?

By far, concrete pump machine with more and more advance design and produce technology expands more and more broad pumping range.

The pumping distance is determined by the material characteristic, the engine power, the pumping pressure, the pumping direction, etc..

For concrete line pump machines, the longest horizontal pumping distance has already reached 1000m. And the longest vertical pumping distance is up to 120-150m.

For concrete boom pump truck, the longest pumping distance in the world is 101m.

Affected by the length of the placing boom, the pumping distance of concrete boom pump is shorter than concrete line pump.

ready mixed concrete pump

Concrete Pump For Sale Near Me

Find concrete pump for sale near around?

You can contact LUTON GROUP, a sophisticated concrete machine manufacturer with more than 20 years producing and exporting experience.

And LUTON sets 10 oversea branches around the world supply you all time service.