Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Indonesia

With pride, I introduce you a successful application of Luton self loading concrete mixer in Indonesia.

This is a A-type 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer truck for an Indonesian customer, who is looking for a right self loading concrete mixing machine for a small scale project of roadside trench building. Our experienced project consultant carefully and patiently listened to his requirements and recommended this type of concrete self loading mixer.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Indonesia

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It is a four-wheel-drive self loading mixer truck with turbocharged engine. With powerful engine and wear-resistant tires, this A-type concrete self loading mixer can flexibly adapt to various complex terrains.

The mixer drum is designed with a 270°rotation angle, that approaches the concrete mortar to almost every unloading points.

For the project of roadside trench building, A-type self loading concrete mixer is indeed the right choice. Our Indonesian friend is very satisfied with this cost-effective concrete producing equipment.

There are also other types self loading concrete mixers afforded in LUTON self loading concrete mixer family, and customized products for special applications.

All above aim to help customers get the truly suitable equipment with as little cost as possible.

Luton self mixing concrete truck

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Introduction On Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer, also known as self loading concrete mixer truck, is a set of compact efficient concrete manufacturing machinery.

It assembles multiple function systems in one, including self loading, self measuring, material mixing, self unloading, transportation systems etc.

Such a multiple functional concrete mixer needs only one operator in drive cab and an auxiliary on site.

Self loading concrete mixer now is widely used in construction industry fields, including new rural construction, urban construction, tunnels, airports, ports, high-speed rail stations, remote areas without electricity, farmer housing construction, rural roads, irrigation, reservoirs, mines, bridges, etc..

Self loading concrete mixer for sale

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Luton self loading concrete mixer truck is well known all over the world, depending on its high quality and excellent performance, such as the economic practicability, compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and so on.

More details for various models self loading concrete mixer, welcome to contact Luton Group where the senior experts will be pleased to offer you professional answers.

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