Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

A small self loader concrete mixer refers to production capacity ranging from 1.2 m3 to 2.6 m3 per batch. These machines combine the functions of self-loading, weighing, mixing, transporting, and discharging the concrete on construction site. Compared with small concrete mixing plant, small self loader concrete mixer can save cost of machine, manpower and working time. It can be used for all many construction projects, especially in the remote or terrain areas.

Hot Models of Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Your Business

LT-1.2 self loading mixer truck

1.2m3 Self Loader Mixer

Discharge capacity:1.2m3/batch

Mixing machine types: Pan/drum

Luton 1.8m3 self loader concrete mixer

1.8m3 Self Loader Mixer

Discharge capacity:1.8m3/batch

Mixing machine types: Drum

Luton 2.0m3 self loader concrete mixer

2m3 Self Loader Mixer

Discharge capacity:2m3/batch

Mixing machine types: Drum

2.6m3 self loading concrete mixer

2.6m3 Self Loader Mixer

Discharge capacity:2.6m3/batch

Mixing machine types: Drum

The function of small self loading concrete mixers is equal to a portable concrete batching machines. Otherwise, Luton also offers other models such as medium-size self loader concrete mixers ( 3.5 m3, 3.4m3, and 5.5 m3) and large self loader concrete mixers ( 6.5m3).

Types of Mini Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Small self-loader concrete mixers are also known as mini self-loading concrete mixers. According to different mixing machines, it can be divided into small loader pan mixer and small self loader durm mixers.

small self loader concrete mixer

Small Self-loader Pan Mixer

Models: LTP-1.2, LTP-1.6, LTP-2.0,

LTP-1.2 means that the output per batch is 1.2 cubic meters. One complete batch cycle takes about 12 minutes – right from loading to the final unloading of the concrete mixture.

Features of small self-loader concrete pan mixer:

  • Forced mixing with more even mixing
  • Reasonably priced
  • Better suited for small projects
  • Since the driver’s seat is in the center, the driver can watch and control the operations of concrete mixing in the pan.
  • The opening orientation and a number of discharge outlets can be modified to meet specific needs

Small Drum-type Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Drum-type self-loading concrete mixers include models such as  LT-1.2, LT-1.8, LT-2, and LT-2.6.

1.2m3 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Discharge capacity1.2m³
Drum rotate270°
Gear shift4 forward 4 back
Oil tank16L
Water tank400L
Curb weight (kg)4185

1.8m3 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Discharge capacity1.8m³
Drum rotate270°
Gear shift4 forward 4 back
Oil tank16L
Water tank500L
Curb weight (kg)6500

2m3 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Discharge capacity2m³
Drum rotate270
Gear shift2forward 2back
Oil tank16L
Water tank500L
Curb weight (kg)6500

LUTON 2.6 m3 self-loader concrete mixers includes 4 types, such as  LT-2.6A, LT-2.6B, LT-2.6C, and LT-2.6D. Customers can choose any type depending on the different requirements.

2.6m3 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Discharge capacity2.6m³
Drum rotate270°
Gear shift4 forward 4 back
Oil tank16L
Water tank500L
Curb weight (kg)6500

Cases of Luton Small Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1.2m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Used in Zimbabwe

Two Sets of 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Malaysia

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Ready to Vanuatu

self loading concrete mixer in Vanuatu

This is a C-type 3.5m3 self-loading mixer truck is our hot sale machinery. The mixing tank and the cab may be rotated synchronously 270°, providing the operator with a clear view of the action and an adjustable unloading position.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Singapore


3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Malaysia

1.8m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Ready to Malaysia


Two Sets of 2.6m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Used in Tanzania

4m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold in Canada

3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Transported to Malaysia

3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Sold to Salvador

self loading concrete mixer for sale

Quality Certificates

LUTON Group ensures all export standards are met and has been awarded various certificates and patents like the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates.

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Bring LUTON Small Self Loader Concrete Mixers to Your Business


The double-arm of the bucket is controlled by hydraulic system, with flexible and fast loading capability

Large capacity water tank

Automatic water supply, labor-saving, convenient, and fast.

Special tire for engineering

Large load-bearing, strong grip

High wear-resistant manganese steel drum

concave design in the middle to ensure no residue in the discharge.

How Luton Is Highly Praised?

“The functions and quality of the LT-1.2 are beyond my expectation. It completely meets my daily needs for small projects.”

-Keemax is from Trinidad and Tobago

Luton customized a 3.5-square-meter self-loading car for me, and customized our own logo and color. It’s working very well. After-sales service is also very careful.

-Derick is from South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Difference Between A Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer& A Concrete Mixer?

In effect, the purpose of both the self-loader concrete mixer and the concrete mixer is to a produce concrete mixture. Although they both produce a concrete mixture, let us look into the difference between them.

Degree of automation

The self-loader concrete mixer requires only two workers for all operations – from loading to unloading since it is capable of self-loading, mixing, transporting, and unloading automatically.

On the other hand, concrete mixers need to be fed by workers and the concrete needs to be manually transported to the construction destination with a cart.

Blending accuracy

The bucket boom of the self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with a weighing system, which can accurately weigh the cement and aggregates. Therefore, the quality of concrete produced by self-loading concrete mixer trucks is higher than that of the concrete mixer.


Self loading concrete mixers can go to various construction sites by themselves as they can be registered and can be driven on the road.

Mixer trucks need to be transported to the construction site by trailers or trucks.

High production efficiency

The self-loading trucks can produce 12-32 cubic meters of concrete per hour, based on the model. The concrete mixers have a lower production capability of 8 to 20 cubic meters of concrete per hour.

2. What is the Prospect Of Small self loader concrete mixers

In the time that we live, with the increase in infrastructure projects, concrete is an indispensable infrastructure material. Due to this, more and more small self loader concrete mixers have come into the public’s vision and have gained popularity. So the question arises – why is the small self loader mixer popular?

Some of the reasons for the self-loading mixer’s popularity are:

Strong adaptability to the environment

Small self loader concrete mixer can adapt to various complex geographical environments with their small body, short wheelbase, strong four-wheel-drive horsepower, and its ability to climb a 30-degree slope. At the same time, the small self-loading concrete mixer also has a 180-degree rotation function in the cab, which makes it particularly suitable for rural trails where it is inconvenient to turn around, that is to say, when the mixer truck is driven in after the construction is completed, the self-loader mixer does not need to move, and the cab can automatically rotate 180 degrees to drive the mixer truck out easily.

Production efficiency

In remote rural areas, there are very few commercial concrete mixing plants. Therefore, the compact and flexible self-loading concrete mixer truck is the most suitable choice. It also has excellent production efficiency.

Production cost

The automatic small self-loader concrete mixer truck is not only low in cost, but it also saves on labor cost and commercial mixing cost due to minimum manpower requirement. This has a large rate of return and a high performance-price ratio.

Therefore, the small self-loader concrete mixer not only meets the needs of concrete production but can also perfectly adapt to various complex environments. The automatic feeding mixer has a good investment prospect.

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