Automatic Control System for Concrete Batching Plant

Composition of Automatic Control System for Concrete Batching Plant The automatic control system for concrete batching plant is mainly composed of computer control system, electromechanical control system, sensor detection system, hydraulic control system, pneumatic control system and so on. Computer Control System The computer control system is the core of the automatic control system for … Read more

What is the Aggregate Batching Plant

Types of Aggregate Batching Plants Based on the types of aggregate, the batching plant can be classified as two hoppers, three hoppers and four hoppers. According to the form of measurement: the batching plant can be classified as cumulative measurement and separate measurement. According to the operation mode, the batching machine can be classified as … Read more

Wet Process vs. Dry Process Cement

Wet process vs. dry process cement – which is the better one? Do you know the correct answer? As we all know, wet process and dry process are two methods of manufacturing cement, according to whether the raw materials are ground in wet or dry state. Nowadays, both of the processes are widely used with … Read more

Batching Plant Process Flow Chart

Batching plant process flow chart in this article is based on high quality concrete batching plant products from LUTON GROUP. High efficiency, good performance, long service life and easy maintenance. With so many advantages, how does definitely concrete batching plant work? Get to know it through the batching plant process flow chart. Concrete Batching Plant … Read more

How to Buy a Suitable Concrete Batching Plant

Brief Introduction The concrete mixing plant is a combined device that transports, feeds, measures, stores, batches, weighs, mixes and discharges the raw materials of cement concrete – sand, stone, cement, additives (including fly ash, mineral powder, expansion powder), water, etc. according to the set mix proportion, and produces cement concrete that meets the quality requirements. … Read more

Difference Between Various Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

LUTON GROUP provides Five types of the concrete mixing plants, like Belt conveyor, Bucket feeding, Foundation Free, Container and Mobile type. There are difference between various types of concrete mixing plant. People can choose the plant based on their working site, project requirements, and budget. Difference Between Various Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

Components of Concrete Batching Plant

The key components of concrete batching plant includes aggregate bathing machine, raw material conveying system, powder stroage system, mixing machine, dust collecting system, electric control system, etc. There are designed and produced with advanced technology and process. All of the raw material in these components meet international standards. They are so eco-friendly.  Aggregate Batching Machine … Read more

How to Choose The Best Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

The market is overcrowded with a variety of manufacturers. Interestingly, all of them claim to be the best in the market. How to choose the best concrete batching plant manufacturer, there are some key features that you must keep in mind before buying a concrete batching station. 1. Inspect Quality For inspecting the quality of … Read more

Main Components of Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

Mixers are used in process of mixing in many industries. Mixer types selected are different based on mixing quality requirements, performance standards and environmental conditions. Twin-shaft concrete mixer is the equipment with the highest proportion in the concrete machinery industry. With the improvement and optimization of equipment, the industrial use of twin-shaft mixer has also … Read more

Concrete Batching Plant Mixer Types

During the operation of the concrete batching plant, the mixer mixes all kinds of raw materials for the production of concrete products, and then processes them to form different types of concrete products. It can be said that the mixer plays an important role in the whole concrete batching plant. The concrete batching plant mixer … Read more