Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

An asphalt batch mix plant refers to the whole set of equipment used for quantity production of asphalt concrete. The role of the asphalt mix plant is in mixing the different aggregates of particle size and fillers(powders and cement) together with asphalt as the binder according to a specified proportion to produce the well-proportioned mixture at the specified time and temperature.

The frequently-used asphalt mixture includes asphalt concrete, asphalt macadam and asphalt sand. Asphalt mixture mixing equipment is the key equipment of asphalt pavement construction, and its performance directly affects the quality of the paved asphalt pavement.

In a general way, the asphalt mix plant is divided into two types: forced asphalt batch mix plant and continuous drum asphalt mix plant. The next paragraph is on the specific introduction of the asphalt batch mix plant.

asphalt mix plant

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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

The asphalt batch mix plant is the equipment that the components (macadam, sand, limestone powder and asphalt) are relatively measured accurately in a certain proportion, fed in batches and mixed forcibly. The production of the asphalt batch mix plant can summarize in this way: measurement in batches–feeding in bitches–forced mix in batches–discharging in batches.

The aggregates are calculated after drying. The drying and heating of the cold aggregate and the mixing of mixture are respectively carried out in two different assembly devices (drying drum and mixer). The drying and heating method of the cold aggregate is flame counter-current type. It is featured by high automation and preparation quality of asphalt mixture, good drying and heating effect, small residual water content of finished materials and wide application range. However, using an asphalt batch mix plant generates a large amount of dust, and the cost of the relevant dust removal equipment is very high.

asphalt batch mix plant

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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Process

The process characteristics of the asphalt batch mix plant are: measuring various components in batches, putting them into the mixer for forced mixing in sequence, discharging the mixed finished materials, and then carrying out the next cycle, thus forming a cycle operation process. The so-called batch type is the mode of batch measurement and mixing production. The process of the asphalt batch mix plant is shown as below:

  • Preliminary batching, heating, drying, re-screening and re-metering of cold mineral materials;
  • Heating, heat preservation, transportation and metering of liquid asphalt;
  • Transport and measure the fillers;
  • The hot aggregate, mineral powder and hot asphalt measured according to a certain mix proportion are evenly mixed into the required finished mixture.

Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

The asphalt hot mix plant or hot mix asphalt plant is called the HMA for short. It is generally equal to the asphalt mix plant. The asphalt hot mix is one plant that is used for mixing the dried and heated aggregates and fillers(powders and cement) together to constitute the homogeneous mixture in the effect of asphalt at a certain temperature, which is seen a lot in these fields such as constructions of highway, urban road, grade highway, airport and port.

asphalt hot mixing plant

Parts of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

The whole equipment of asphalt batch mix plant is composed of the following systems: cold aggregate feeder system, drying system, combustion system, hot aggregate lifting system, screening system, hot aggregate storage system, weighing system, mixing system, dust removal system, filler supply system, dust recovery system, finished material lifting and storage system, pneumatic system, control system, asphalt storage and supply system, thus forming a complete mixing process. Some parts of the asphalt batch mix plant are presented as the following structural diagram:

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Price

The price of an asphalt batch mix plant is to be influenced by these factors such as the asphalt plant types, production capacity, finished material bin types, burner types and so on. The price of an asphalt batch mix plant ranges from $200,000 to $5,000,000.

Hopper Capacity4×4.5m³4×6.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³4×7.5m³5×12m³5×12m³
Collect Belt Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h200t/h220t/h
Dryer Sizeφ1.2m×5.2mφ1.5m×6mφ1.5m×6.7mφ1.65m×7mφ1.8m×8mφ2.2m×9mφ2.6m×9m
Dryer Capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h180t/h240t/h
Vibrating Screen4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer5 layer5 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper500kg800kg1000kg1300kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Mineral Flour Metering Hopper120kg150kg200kg200kg300kg300kg320kg
Mixer Capacity500kg800kg1000kg1250kg1500kg2000kg2500kg
Cycle Time45s45s45s45s45s45s45s

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