1.8m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Serbia

In August 2022, a set of LT-1.8m3 self loading concrete mixer for Serbia. The client from Serbia found LUTON GROUP from Google. He asked us to recommend a suitable self loading mixer.

1.8M3 self loading mixer machine

His main business is professional agricultural planting, specialize in growing corn and wheat, also raising pigs.

The self loader mixer that he looking for will be used for concreting fences along fields in a forest. That place is limited for big machine. So he was not sure if our machine can fit that.

We inquired about the customer’s project situation and usage requirements in detail, this client is so nice and patient, he made a full description on that, so we are very confident to work out a best proposal accordingly.

Finally he followed up our suggestion, and chose LUTON 1.8m3 model, it can not only meet concrete capacity client need, but also can move easily in such a limited working site.

1.8m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Serbia

Advantages of 1.8m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Serbia

After we sent some working videos and picture for this 1.8m3 self loader mixer, our client gave a great compliment. He especially satisfied with automatic functions of our machines, such as automatically feed, automatically stir, and automatically unload, it’s very intelligent. Besides, this mixer truck only need one driver and one worker to finish such a project, which greatly save labor cost for our customer .

In the following week, LUTON GROUP shows its strong production capability, high manufacturing technique, perfect after-sales service system, as well as machine maintenance accessories…He was delighted to pay us the 80% deposit in the second week.

Now the 1.8m3 self loading truck is ready to ship, this client from Serbia is very expect for his machine.

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