What Is A Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklift, also known as all-terrain forklift or off-road forklift, is a special type of engineering vehicle. Unlike ordinary forklifts, it can load, unload, stack and transport materials on various uneven surfaces safely and efficiently. For different loading materials, manufacturers designed rough terrain forklift with various supporting accessories. So, this kind of popular loading and handling engineer tool is flexible, efficient and highly adaptable to the environment. To know what is a rough terrain forklift definitely, there are some main problem should to know.

what is a rough terrain forklift

Perfect Trafficability On All Terrain

Excellent Stability And High Reliability

Powerful Climbing Capability


Where The Rough Terrain Forklifts Are Used

Rough terrain forklift is perfect for urban construction sites, pipeline laying, oil field development, mountain forest areas and other off road projects. It can also be used in the terminal cargo yard container handling work, out-door material handling work, etc.

  • Construction Sits
  • Pipe Laying
  • Oil Field Developmeng
  • Mountain and Other off-road Projects
  • Other Handling Works
rough terrain forklift

How Many Types Of Rough Terrain Forklift

There are four main types of off-road forklifts, variable reach rough terrain forklift, vertical mast rough terrain forklift, rotary telescopic off-road forklift and truck or trailer mounted all-terrain forklift.

all terrain forklift
  • Variable reach rough terrain forklift has telescopic arm. Similar to a hydraulic lift, it can lift materials among different obstacles and objects. Mainly used on rough terrain outdoor or undeveloped road surface.
  • Vertical mast type off-road forklift is designed a vertical support at the front of the forklift. It features a mast on the front connection, similar to the mast on an industrial forklift/truck/lifting truck.
  • Rotary telescopic rough-terrain forklift is designed a rotary function on the basis of telescopic rough terrain forklift. It can lift extremely heavy objects and rotate the lifted material by 360 degrees on turnable to send it to its destination.
  • Truck or trailer forklift is a portable type rough terrain forklift. It is mounted on the back of a truck or a trailer, transported to work on site. Truck or trailer mounted forklift is not only portable but also can work on natural and rough terrain.

In addition, all terrain forklift truck can also be classified as diesel type, gasoline type, gas type and electric type. But the most common type is diesel rough terrain forklift truck.

The Main Technical Parameters of LUTON Rough Terrain Forklift

off road forklift truck
rough-terrain forklift
Overall Dimension (mm)3800*1850*24504300*2000*26504550*2035*28004720*2200*2800
Vehicle Mass (kg)4500550065007500
Engine ModelFAW Xichai 930FAW Xichai 4102FAW Xichai 4102 Turbo-chargedYuchai 4105 Turbo-charged
Rated Power(kw)36.836.880110
Tire Type20.5/70-1616/70-2016/70-2412R22.5
Minimum Turning Radius(mm)3200390040004050
Wheelbase (mm)2200232023502400
Maximum Speed30353535
Gantry Unloading Height (m)3-63-63-63-6

CE Certificate

Luton off-road forklifts have

Machinery Directive Attestation of Conformity

Prodcut brand/model/type are:

LT-3.5A, LT-3.5B, LT-3.5C, LT-4.0A, LT-4.0B, LT-4.0C, LT-5.0A, LT-5.0B, LT-5.0C, LT-6.0A, LT-6.0B, LT-6.0C

Why Is Rough Terrain Forklift So Popular

Perfect Trafficability

  • High chassis and ground clearance above 300mm
  • The height is twice as much as the standard forklift so can it pass through the bumpy road that ordinary forklift cannot pass through.
  • Off-road forklifts are usually four-wheel drive, which can reduce tire wear, fuel consumption and general wear during operating on rough terrain.
  • Differential lock function of all-terrain forklift is the perfect solution of slipping on wet and mugged terrain.

Excellent Stability

  • Usually, off-road forklifts have a longer and wider wheelbase than common forklifts of the same tonnage. These supports off-road forklifts a more stable performance.
  • Multipolar buffer, tires, cab suspension, shock absorption seat, combined with the full floating transmission system, reduce the impact of the engine vibration on the whole vehicle. Also, it has the effect of shock absorption and cushioning for drivers on the rugged roads.
  • Featured with articulate frame, the frame swing angle is large, generally up to ±30° – 40°. Simple steering system without expensive steering drive axle for small turning radius. makes Swing the frame horizontally by steering wheel, so that the cargo fork can easily align with the material.
  • Small off-road forklift is designed an integral frame, single bridge drive and drive axle with a differential lock.
  • All-wheel braking. In addition to the tank brand structure of small forklift, there are also pliers disc brake and wet brake for large rough terrain forklift. Parking brake is mostly independent hand braking.
  • The rear axle of the off-road forklift is fixed with the frame, while the front axle can be swung vertically relative to the frame ±8° – 12°.

Powerful Climbing Capability

More powerful engine of rough terrain forklift, and the climbing capacity reaches 60%, which is 2-3 times that of ordinary forklift of the same grade. Off-road forklift with wide and large tires, deep anti-slip grain, is anti-skid, anti-puncture, specially designed for off-road operation.

High Reliability

Rough terrain forklifts generally work in the wild, rugged and muddy area, so the working environment is much worse than ordinary forklifts. It requires that the rough terrain forklift trucks with very high reliability.

rough-terrain forklift
  • Stronger gantry, drive axle and steering bridge, fearless of extreme road bumps.
  • Two-stage air filtration system to filter the dust and impurities in the air.
  • High waterproof performance, easily pass through wading road surface.
  • Fully closed brake is different from the ordinary opened brake. Water, sediment, oil pollution have a greater impact on the brake. But wet brake can avoid these problem completely. Long brake life, reliable braking torque, fully closed, maintenance free.
  • The cylinder piston rod is equipped with a protective sleeve to prevent sand dust from scratching the piston rod.
  • High level exhaust, even in the deeper wading area, the exhaust pipe will not water, to avoid damage to the engine.

High Mobility

  • The maximum speed is generally (30-40)km/h. Power factor is above 0.65, good driving acceleration, and can climb slope of 30°~45°.
  • Similar to the loader truck, there are mechanical transmission, hydraulic shift mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and static pressure transmission. The difference is that the full power matching method is adopted and the maximum load is full load climbing condition.

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