Best Concrete Pump

Best concrete pump for different construction jobs is various. For small-scaled concrete projects, like residential house construction, private swimming pool and garden job etc., small or mini portable concrete trailer pump is the best choice. For large-scaled concrete construction, such as large-scale high-rise building projects, water conservancy and hydropower station projects, tunnel projects, etc., concrete … Read more

Concrete Pump Models

Concrete pump can be divided into concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump, truck-mounted pump. Each type has various concrete pump models. Customers can choose the suitable model according to different requirements. Four Concrete Pump Models Concrete Trailer Pump Models – HBT Series Diesel Type Concrete Trailer Pump Models Diesel concrete trailer pump … Read more

How Far Can a Concrete Pump Reach

Do you wonder how far can a concrete pump reach? This question is very critical to the smooth development of the construction project. The distance a concrete pump can reach decides which type of concrete pump you can use. The concrete pump is the equipment that can pump the concrete to the place of destination … Read more

Delivery Pipe Maintenance Of Concrete Mixer Pump

Delivery pipe maintenance of concrete mixer pump is an important item of daily maintenance. High configuration and correct use are essential to ensure the service life of the concrete mixer pump. Configuration of LUTON GROUP concrete mixing pump: Related Articles: Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck With Pump Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Correct use and cleaning … Read more

Fuel Consumption Of Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are divided into two main types according to pumping method and transporting way. One is concrete line pump trailer, the other is concrete pump truck. Let’s take a look at the fuel consumption of these two different types of concrete pumps separately. Here, the so-called fuel consumption refers to the fuel consumption of … Read more

Process From Production To Delivery of Concrete Mixer Pump

Since we are a concrete manufacturer from China, many overseas customers are interested in our equipment but also have questions about the process from production to delivery of concrete mixer pump to the customer. Today we will answer you how we produce and deliver equipment to our customers. Manufacturing Testing Loading containers Shipping Finally, the … Read more

How to Operate the Mixing Pump

For many people who see a concrete mixing pump (also called mixer pump) for the first time, they will quickly understand that it is a multifunctional concrete equipment that can mix and pump concrete, which can improve efficiency and save labor. Therefore, it would be interesting to know if it is difficult to operate such … Read more

Difference Between Concrete Mixing Pump and Trailer Pump

Definition of Concrete Mixing Pump LUTON concrete mixing pump has some alternative names such as the mixer machine with pump, mixing trailer pump, mixing pump or mixing and conveying pump and mixing and pumping integrated machine, etc., and it’s a mobile concrete mixing station integrating a mixing system and pumping system. It is mobile, flexible, … Read more

Matters Needed Attention for Concrete Trailer Pump Operation

Inspection Before Start-up The routine inspection of concrete trailer pump mainly includes the following contents: liquid level of hydraulic oil contained in cylinder, whether there is water in the water tank, the wear of vulnerable parts, lubricating oil volume and whether there is pipe plugging as well as other parts of inspection. If it is … Read more