How to Operate the Mixing Pump

For many people who see a concrete mixing pump (also called mixer pump) for the first time, they will quickly understand that it is a multifunctional concrete equipment that can mix and pump concrete, which can improve efficiency and save labor. Therefore, it would be interesting to know if it is difficult to operate such … Read more

Difference Between Concrete Mixing Pump and Trailer Pump

Definition of Concrete Mixing Pump LUTON concrete mixing pump has some alternative names such as the mixer machine with pump, mixing trailer pump, mixing pump or mixing and conveying pump and mixing and pumping integrated machine, etc., and it’s a mobile concrete mixing station integrating a mixing system and pumping system. It is mobile, flexible, … Read more

Matters Needed Attention for Concrete Trailer Pump Operation

Inspection Before Start-up The routine inspection of concrete trailer pump mainly includes the following contents: liquid level of hydraulic oil contained in cylinder, whether there is water in the water tank, the wear of vulnerable parts, lubricating oil volume and whether there is pipe plugging as well as other parts of inspection. If it is … Read more

Concrete Production Plant For Sale

Concrete production plant for sale in market is also known as another more famous name, concrete batching plant. As one of the most efficient concrete mixing and producing equipment in modern construction industry, concrete production plant for sale has already been the main power of concrete problem solutions. This article will give you a close … Read more

How to Debug Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pumps are widely used in high-rise, high-speed, overpass and tunnel and other large-scale concrete projects. Users must have an in-depth understanding of the company’s product performance, quality and services when operating the equipment, and how to debug concrete trailer pump, then the following conditions must be met when debugging the concrete trailer pump … Read more

Truck-mounted Mixer Pumps Popular In Market

Truck-mounted mixer pumps popular in market? Why? What attract so many investors to buy it? The vehicle-mounted concrete mixing pump is a machine with autonomous driven power, high-efficiency twin shaft forced concrete mixer system with conveying concrete pumping system. It is fully automatic combined movable equipment can mix concrete and pump concrete at the same … Read more

Concrete Pumping Guidelines

What is concrete pumping guidelines for high-rise buildings? Before construction, the pumping plan and process should be optimized and clarified to reduce errors in work. In super high-rise buildings, the water-saving and pipe-running method is more commonly used, that is, pumping a small amount of water, then adding pure cement slurry, pumping mortar, last pumping … Read more

Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

Luton mobile concrete pump for sale is featured by compact structure, small size, strong portability, etc. If you are searching for a concrete pump that is suitable for shifting between construction sites and is cost-effective, Luton mobile concrete pump for sale is the ideal equip and optimal choice. About Mobile Concrete Pump The mobile concrete … Read more

How Many Workers Needed in Concrete Mixer Pump Work Process

How many workers needed in concrete mixer pump work process? That is depending on the specific working process. The whole process, including loading, mixing, pumping and laying concrete, requires a total of about 6 laborers. Each person is very efficient in his own job. At first, before the mixing pump being put in use, the … Read more

How Does a Concrete Batching Plant Work

Luton has rich experience in designing and manufacturing the concrete batching plant. The concrete mixing station adopts advanced process, each component and equipment has unique advantages. How does a concrete batching plant work? What are the advantages of working process of Luton concrete mixing plant? Working Process & Principle of Concrete Batching Plant 1. The … Read more