Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What Exactly Is A Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer

A diesel self loading concrete mixer is powered by a diesel engine, the most prevalent type of drive in the self loading concrete mixer family. The diesel self-loading concrete mixer truck, can execute a variety of activities such as self-feeding, self-mixing, self-weighing, and concrete transportation without the need for any other equipment.

Furthermore, the diesel engine’s strong drive mechanism allows the diesel self loading concrete mixer to operate on building sites with varying terrains. The diesel self-loading concrete mixer excels in difficult terrains such as steep mountain roads, tight tunnels and canals, and so on.

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Overview Of Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer

A diesel self loading concrete mixer is made up of a number of compact function modules, including a loading system, mixing system, metering system, unloading system, transportation system, and driving system.

Driving System

The diesel engine supplies the diesel self loading mixer truck’s power, which is also the primary power source for the complete self loading mixer system.

The diesel engine, not only powers the self loading mixer truck but also powers the mixing drum’s rotating stirring.

The self loading mixer truck cannot perform its numerous activities without the assistance of sufficient diesel power.

All Luton diesel self loading mixer trucks are outfitted with turbo-diesel engines from well-known manufacturers. In addition, Luton offers bespoke services, allowing customers to choose and modify various diesel engines according to their specific needs.

Loading System

The shovel and the hydraulic drive unit are the two primary components of the loading system.

Hydraulic motors drive the bucket and boom through separate hydraulic rods. To quickly realize the loading procedure, the operator merely has to manipulate the relevant operational lever in the cab.

The hydraulic shovel is used to put the aggregates into the mixer.

The water tank supplies water to the mixer.

The Metering System

A load cell on the shovel arm measures the materials loaded in the shovel. The operator may immediately view the weighing result on the display panel in the driving cab.

Water is measured using a time relay. The quantity of water injected is controlled by a time relay that calculates time and water flow.

System of Mixing

A primary mixer bucket and a collection of power devices comprise the mixing system of a diesel self loading concrete mixer.

The inside wall of the mixing drum is fitted with spiral mixing blades.

The raw ingredients are wrapped by the mixing blades and fed into the drum while the mixing drum rotates forward to begin the mixing process.

Materials in the drum are raised by the mixing blades and dropped by gravity. This ensures that they are fully and evenly combined.

Following mixing, the drum will be elevated to a particular height by the jack put underneath it in preparation for the subsequent quick discharge.

System of Unloading

When unloading, the mixing drum spins in the opposite direction, and the blades send out the uniformly mixed concrete mortar from the drum until all of the components are unloaded.

The mixing is accomplished with the assistance of the slewing support mechanism on the chassis.

The drum may be rotated horizontally by 270 degrees.

A detachable chute, which is put at the bottom, is sometimes required.

The unloading distance is increased by extending the exit of the mixing drum.

Furthermore, the chute may be turned 90° to increase the paving surface.

All of the above achieve full-area paving of diesel self-loading Mixer for concrete.

System of Transportation

The reduction box receives the enormous power of the diesel engine via the torque converter. This transmits the torque to the transmission shaft, which subsequently drives the mixer truck to walk.

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Parameter Of Standard Diesel Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer







Discharge Capacity






Water tank






Engine Model

(Famous brand)

supercharged engine



6105Pressure boost

Rated Power










2 forward 2 back


4 back

Oil tank

16 liters

Water supply

Time relay

Drum rotate



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Self Loading Cement Mixer With A Diesel Engine For Sale

Self loading concrete mixers are also known as self-loading cement mixers. The price of these self loading concrete mixers with diesel engines for sale ranges from $12,000 to $70,000, depending on the kind and capacity of the diesel self-loading concrete mixer.

  1. The price of a diesel self-loading concrete pan mixer is between $12,000 and $15,000.
  2. The diesel self-loading concrete drum mixer ranges from $16,000 to $70,000 in price.

Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer Classification

Diesel Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are classified into eight models based on their output capacity. LT-1.2, LT-1.8, LT-2.0, LT-2.6, LT-3.5, LT-4.0, LT-5.5, and LT-6.5 are the models. (The figures above reflect various production capacities, or how many cubic meters of concrete are produced every batch.)

Diesel self-loading concrete mixer trucks are classified into two categories based on their appearance:

  1. Pan self-loading mixer trucks
  2. Drum self-loading mixer trucks

Contact Luton; the knowledgeable experts will gladly give your investment the best buy selection strategy.

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Features Of Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck 

  1. The turbocharged diesel engine serves as the primary source of power for the self-loading vehicle and spinning mixing drum.
  2. A hydraulic mechanism powers the loading shovel.
  3. Equipped with a water tank, hydraulic oil tank, and so forth.
  4. A load cell offers reliable data for weighing raw materials.
  5. Time relays give dependable assurance for water metering.
  6. The mixing drum may spin horizontally at 270 degrees, and the externally replaceable chute allows for the widest possible discharge range.
  7. A cab and mixing drum synchronous rotating feature is available as an option to give a broader operational field of view.
  8. A two-way driving cab is available as an option for tight terrain operations.
  9. The water pump and associated hose are useful for washing up after work.

Self loading concrete mixer for sale

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Benefits Of A Self Loading Concrete Mixer With A Diesel Engine

  1. Strong turbo diesel engine, SUITABLE FOR movement and working on VARIOUS TERRAINS.
  2. Diesel power powers the rotation of the mixing drum, ensuring complete material uniformity and producing HIGH-QUALITY concrete products.
  3. The hydraulic motor drives and regulates the hopper filling, removing the need for additional personnel and equipment intervention and SAVING TIME, MANPOWER, AND ENERGY COST.
  4. The EFFICIENCY of mixing is HIGH. Each batch of supplies is ready in around 12 minutes. Based on a continuous working period of 10 hours per day, the daily production may reach 500 tons, which is many times the daily output of conventional mixing equipment.
  5. DOES NOT REQUIRE any ELECTRIC POWER SUPPORT; it can perform reliably in isolated mountainous places and other settings where conventional concrete mixing machines cannot.
  6. The mixer truck chassis saddle can drive the mixing drum to ROTATE HORIZONTALLY within a 270 DEGREE range. The discharge position is FLEXIBLE, making it suited for various application areas.
  7. INTELLIGENT WEIGHING and METERING SYSTEM for producing high-quality concrete products.
  8. SIMPLE AND EASY CONTROLLING, which allows the operator to execute most of the workflow within the cab using a set of control levers and switch buttons.

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Top 5 Manufacturers Of Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer

With the characteristics of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, compactness, ease, and efficiency, the Diesel Self Loading Concrete Mixer generates profit in a short period. As a result, prudent investors choose diesel self-loading concrete mixers.

Before making the decision to purchase a diesel self loading concrete mixer, it is advised that you do a thorough study into the market circumstances, local regulations, the buying budget, the needed capacity, and the trusted manufacturers.

For your convenience, below is a list of the top 5 diesel self-loading concrete mixer manufacturers.

The Luton Group

Luton Group is a well-known name in China’s construction equipment manufacturing business. Luton Group today represents outstanding design, high quality, and considerate services in the construction equipment business, with over 20 years of design and production expertise. Luton Group continues to manufacture and build high-quality, energy-efficient construction gear, such as concrete batching plants, self-loading concrete mixers, concrete pumps, asphalt mixing plants, dry mix mortar plants, and crusher plants.

Luton Group is quickly becoming one of the most widely used construction equipment manufacturers.

The Fiori Group

Fiori Group, headquartered in Finale Emilia (MO), Italy, designs, develops and produces off-road Concrete Batching Vehicles and Dumpers for the construction sector.


HAMAC is a self-loading concrete mixer supplier in China, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Zhengzhou.


Apollo Infratech Pvt Ltd is an Indian self-sufficient self-loading mixer maker that has formed an exclusive partnership with CARMIX – Italy for the Indian market.

Schwing Stetter

Founded in 1998 as a part of the Schwing Group of Companies GmbH, produces concrete construction equipment.

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Choosing the best diesel self loading concrete mixer manufacturer is the first step in your investment. Luton will always support your success with expert abilities, careful service, and high-quality goods. Please fill out the inquiry form below for more information about the diesel self-loading concrete mixer and other LUTON GROUP machinery.

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