FAQ of Stone Crusher Machine

Can all rocks be processed by crushers? Yes, for different kinds of stones, there will also be corresponding crushing equipment for processing. What is the capacity of mining equipment? Our production capacity is from 10t-1000tph How long does it take to install the stone crusher machine? In China it usually takes two to three months, … Read more

FAQ of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Could the working noise be further reduced below 85db(A). Regarding working noise, the national standard is no higher than 85 db(A). When our machines leave the factory, engineers will conduct test-machine debugging and control the noise at around 50-60 db(A). The burner. What are the most popular models your clients buy? Is it the coal-fired … Read more

FAQ of the Concrete Pump

What is the pumping distance of the concrete trailer pump? Vertical distance of 6-10 floors and horizontal distance of 100-150 meters. How will the concrete trailer pump be shipped? Most of the equipment can be shipped in containers by sea. How far can this concrete mixer pump? The concrete mixing pump can produce concrete on site and pump … Read more

FAQ of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What’s the capacity per hour does self loading concrete mixer have? LT-6.5 Model,capacity: 26m3/hour (Biggest Type) LT-5.5, Model,capacity: 22m3/hour (Bigger Type) LT-4.0  Model, Capacity: 16m3/hour (Popular Type) LT-3.5 Model, Capacity: 14M3/hour  (Most Popular Type) LT-2.6 Model, capacity: 10.4m3/hour (Small type) Is the body of the self loading concrete mixer separated? Regards to our self loading … Read more