Concrete Boom Truck

What is a Concrete Boom Truck?

A concrete boom truck is a highly valuable item that is used to transport concrete to required projects as it is mounted on a vehicle or truck. That’s why it is also known as a truck-mounted boom pump. For instance, if your project is going on in a high-rise building, then it would be difficult or tricky for you to deliver concrete plus cement mixture at such a height.

So concrete delivery will be easy via the boom truck’s hydraulics arm that can stretch up to the project’s area; thus, height doesn’t matter. You can choose a mobile concrete boom truck or static concrete pump as it depends on your demand. It minimizes labor costs as well. All-new as well as used concrete boom trucks, have excellent working experience along with pressure. In this article, let’s explore everything about concrete boom trucks. Stay with us throughout the post.

Concrete boom truck

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Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale

There are various platforms where you can find concrete boom trucks for sale. You choose the one brand that mostly meets your project requirements. Luton Group offers high-quality boom trucks made with the highest quality and premium precision at a reasonable price. We believe that our clients are our real asset, and that’s why we provide quality products having variety of premium features. That’s why our products compel our global clients to make deals with us, we have clients from 70 plus countries. Their trust boosts our customers’ support.

Types of Concrete Boom Truck

There are various types of concrete boom trucks in the market; Luton can supply concrete boom truck from 15m to 70m. In this post, we’ll explain some specific types of concrete boom trucks.

Z boom concrete pump

The boom concrete pump truck is limited by the upper space when it works, and the top height of the boom is required to be the lowest when it is unfolded. The folding of the boom with less than 4 sections generally adopts a single Z-shape.

The Z boom concrete pump is versatile and offers high performance as it works perfectly in rolling and folding.

24-meter concrete pump

It also offers high advantages owing to its low unfolding height in Tunnels, low & deep constructions.

32-meter concrete pump

Owing to its low unfolding height, the 32-meter concrete pump has a specialty in working inside existing structures.

39-meter concrete pump

The 39 meter concrete pumps are specially designed to meet the toughest challenges and reach up to 132-feet up.

42 meter concrete pump

The 42 meter concrete boom pump is ideal for those projects that demand little ingenuity with low unfolding height underneath Bridges and warehouses.

47 meter concrete pump

The 47 meter concrete pump offers a vertical reach of 151 feet 3 inches along with a horizontal reach of 138 feet 1 inch.

56 meter concrete pump

The 56 meter concrete pump gives the articulation to access the top floors of high-rise construction projects.

63 meter concrete pump

The 63 meter concrete pump possesses a long boom to access high buildings. Luton’s long boom concrete pump is easy to use plus maintain.

concrete boom pump price

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What is the Price of a Boom Pump Truck?

The price of a boom pump truck varies from different manufacturers and brands. The price difference can be a bit high or low. Almost one boom pump costs between $11000 – and $45000, the price ranges in different categories for all small and large concrete boom trucks. You can purchase one that suits your budget. Luton Group provides premium concrete boom trucks at reasonable prices with premium features than our competitors in the market.

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Small Concrete Boom Truck

Luton can supply small concrete boom truck with length from 15-30m. It is used in small areas and projects where no extra pressure is required. As we know, boom trucks are easier to control and carry than their counterpart cranes. Its length is flexible; having two options can reduce or extend to suit the construction projects. A small concrete boom truck makes your construction project faster and easy. Small boom truck helps to lift heavy things even from awkward angles, handle serious tonnage, lift workers vertically, easily load & unload cargo, etc.

small concrete boom truck

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Advantages of Concrete Boom Truck

A concrete boom pump has a variety of advantages over other concrete pumps.

1. Access in Inaccessible Areas

Its main benefit is its access to inaccessible areas. In other cases, to reach heights and complex areas, you need to invest a high amount of income as well as labor. Its hydraulics arm takes your concrete to the area where you wanted it. Through a concrete boom pump, you can deliver a high amount of concrete in a very short time at great heights with great accuracy.

2. High efficiency

Another advantage of boom pumps is their configuration system. An operator runs this boom truck with great accuracy and configuration. They require less startup time to carry the work and make the process more effective & efficient.

3. Lower Labor Cost

Another advantage is its high reduction in labor cost, and it depends on concrete quantity rather than working man without exhausting like labor feel after a few hours of the project. It benefits you as it requires less hands so reduces labour cost.

4. Intelligent and convenient

The concrete boom truck generally adopts the intelligent boom system, which can be easily controlled by one key, and realize the vertical or horizontal automatic pouring of the boom. In addition, the use of wireless remote control makes the operation simpler.

Concrete Pump Truck Reach

How far can a concrete pump truck take the concrete mixture? The answer is, owing to its design, concrete boom pumps deliver concrete precisely in hard-to-reach areas like in high buildings, in closed buildings, and over fences along steep downward slopes.

Concrete pump truck can reach up to 15-70 meters. The maximum theoretical output is 180m³/h, and the maximum outlet pressure is12/8.5Mpa.

boom concrete pump

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New Concrete Boom Trucks vs. Used Concrete Boom Trucks

We have been used to doing heavy machinery on working sites and projects to make the work easy, quick, and safe. Used concrete boom pumps have the features of high-cost performance along with low cost, high risk, and moderate returns. So the question is, which one is best?

Though used boom trucks cost you more beneficial than pure new in terms of saving. But new is new! New has high guarantee, low diesel consumption and high output.

Used concrete boom trucks are cheap, but after-sales service is not guaranteed and maintenance costs are high. And new boom trucks are free from risks and have guaranteed returns in case of any fault.

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Top 5 Concrete Boom Truck Manufacturers

In today’s market, we found many concrete boom pump manufacturers, and it’s hard to find the best and most quality manufacturer. So, in this section, we will try to explain some best concrete equipment manufacturers in truck-mounted boom pumps manufacturers. Let’s explore them one by one…

Putzmeister boom pump

Putzmeister company is Germany based and has been serving since 1958 in 90 countries all over the world. The company processes 20 subsidiaries plus manufacturing units across the world and has $1 billion global organizations. Products include:

  • Batching plants
  • Concrete pumps
  • Transit mixers
  • Buffer storage
  • Placing boom

It currently provides a 70 meters longest boom pump having three types, such as In Startup Kit, High-Performance Range, and e-Smart Series, having many options under subheadings.


Sany is also known as the world’s leading concrete pump and has its roots in 150 countries, along with 8000 suppliers worldwide. Sany has different ranges for different pumps, such as different ranges for diesel engine products and electrical engine products. Sany supplies electrical and diesel along with ultra high-pressure pumps for a different range of construction such as mining, Pilling rings, road machinery, port machinery, wind turbine, and other Petroleum drilling manufacturing business.


Schwing is another big name in the concrete pump industry. It is only known for concrete business. It has a well-known unit in Australia, India, USA, Brazil, etc., with a slogan of “Globally Present = locally guaranteed Made in Germany.” Here are basic advantages….

  • Truck-mounted
  • Concrete pumps
  • Truck mixers
  • Stationary concrete pumps
  • Truck mixers, concrete pumps
  • Batching plants

Luton Group

Luton Group, the world-leading concrete pump exporter, belongs to China. It has been serving its customers since 1999 in concrete business with various features such as

Luton Group is serving its customers not only in China but around the world. It offers customized services, too, if you have specific requirements or ideas in your mind and brings your imagination to reality. Since its production, Luton has sold almost 50,000 plus pumps of all types. Schedule a meeting with Luton to get the best quotes.


Liebherr also belongs to Germany in the concrete business. Liebherr not only provides the crawler concrete pump but also tire mounted. All models have different flows and pressure. The company offers refrigeration,

  • Construction machine
  • Mining equipment
  • Mobile crawler crane
  • Material handling
  • Maritime crane business

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