Containerized Concrete Batch Plants

Containerized concrete batch plants, also called as the modular concrete mixing plant. It has advantages of fast installation and delivery, accurate measurement, strong adaptability, and convenient transition. It can meet various requirements of large and medium-sized construction projects such as high-speed rail and expressways.


Modular design and fast delivery

Containerized concrete batch plants adopt a modular structure, including a main mixing machine module,a metering module, a batching machine module, and a control room module. Each module is quickly connected by bolts, and each layer of modules can be assembled on the ground and then hoisted and spliced as a whole.

Foundation-free design and small footprint

There is no special concrete foundation required, when installing containerized concrete batch plants. As long as the ground hardness and flatness meet the requirements, it can be installed. The modular concrete plant has a compact structure and saves floor space, and it also saves various costs such as manpower and time.

Accurate measurement

The measurement accuracy rate of Luton containerized concrete batch plants can reach 99%.

The aggregate batching machine provides two weighing methods, including cumulative weighing and individual weighing. Customers can customize according to their needs.

Additives are weighed using micro-additive scales, and each additive can be measured separately.

The powder conveying adopts the structure of three scales, and the three kinds of powder are measured separately.

Safe and reliable, strong adaptability

The concrete batch plant is sealed with the container, which can fully protect various core parts in bad weather.

Environmental friendly

Containerized concrete batch plants adopt it own pressure difference for exhaust and dust removal, which breaks the traditional motor-driven dust collector and reduces power consumption. The aggregate area is completely isolated from the the inside of the main building, which avoids the discharge of dust into the main building and keeps the whole plant clean. The closed container structure significantly reduces noise pollution.

Fully automatic control system

The control room is spacious and bright. The control system can dynamically display the total amount and consumption of powder to prevent different batches of powder from affecting the quality of concrete. It also can collect and upload each batch of concrete production data in real time to meet the traceability requirements of concrete quality.

Installation and Working Process

All the parts, pipelines and electrical lines of the modular concrete mixing plant have been installed in their respective containers. The following outlines the installation and workflow.

How to Install the Containerized Concrete Batch Plants

Firstly, the steel plate shall be laid on the foundation according to the requirements.

After the containerized concrete batch plant is transported to the site, with the assistance of the crane, the walkway frame on both sides of each floor and the assembly frame in the middle can be assembled on the ground first, and then hoisted and installed together. The module is connected by flange or quick joint, and the main mixing machine and batching machine are connected by pin shaft and screw.

How Does the Containerized Concrete Plant Work

The aggregates are loaded into the batching machine by the loader. The batching machine performs weighing and batching according to the preset ratio. Then aggregate is conveyed to the elevator hopper through the belt conveyor. The hopper convey aggregates into the holding bin above the mixing machine. At the same time, the cement in the silo is transported to the mixing machine through the screw conveyor; the additives in the tank are sent to the mixing machine through the pipeline; the water in the tank is pumped to the mixing machine through the water pump.

Main parts of the Containerized Concrete Batch Plants

Mixing machine

The mixing machine with large capacity is driven by dual motors, which can be overloaded by 10%.

Anti-stick shaft technology reduces the cleaning frequency and workload of the mixing machine.

Hydraulic unloading, strong and powerful, low failure rate, multiple shaft end seals are quick to install and disassemble.

screw conveyor for sale

Screw conveyor

Universal ball head, with free placement.

Oil-free lubrication technology reduces maintenance frequency.

It can be configured with the sub screw conveyor to realize micro-metering of powder.

control system

Control system

Fully automatic control, stable performance and high accuracy of measurement.

With the dynamic interface display and monitoring system, all the operation status of all the parts can be observed.

It has the functions of deducting scale, replenishing scale, one-key scale calibration, automatic correction of weighing drop, and data upload.

the aggregate batchig machine

Aggregate bathing machine

The storage hopper has a large volume and a wide feeding width, which reduces the loading pressure of the loader.

No need to dig deep into the foundation.

Containerized structure is closed, without pollution and easy transition.

Technical Specification

Models and Technical Parameters
Theoretical Productivity (m3/h)6090120180
Mixer Discharging Volume (L)1000150020003000
Mixer Feeding Volume (L)1600240032004800
Mixer Motor Power (kW)18.5×230×237×255×2
Discharging Height (m)
Aggregate Material Quantity (m3)7×415×415×420×4
Cycle Period (s)60606060
Max. Aggregate Size (mm)80/10080/10080/10080/100
Cement Silo (t) (optional)2×1003×1004×1004×100
Aggregate Weighing System±2%±2%±2%±2%
Powder Material Weighing System±1%±1%±1%±1%
Water Weighing System±1%±1%±1%±1%
Additive Weighing System±1%±1%±1%±1%
Installation Power (kW)= 110= 160^220◎290
Feeding ModeSkip Hopper and Belt Conveyor
Control ModeFull Automate Computer PC Control

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