Concrete Trailer Pump

A concrete trailer pump also named stationary concrete pump, is a type of concrete delivery pump generally mounted on a single trailer frame, which is powered by a diesel engine or electric engine and uses the high pressure to continuously pump the concrete along the pipeline.

The concrete trailer pump can be found in terms of housing construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction and so on.

HBT30 electric trailer concrete pump

The Price of a Concrete Trailer Pump

The following is a introduction of HBTS series diesel concrete trailer pump prices. Prices for different model parameters of the same diesel concrete trailer pump vary. For instance:

  • The price of HBTSB40-10-66R is different from that of HBTSC40-10-82R even though they have the same conveying capacity and delivery pressure because of the difference of power.
  • The price of HBTSB40-10-66R ranges from $20,000 to $22,000, and the price of HBTSC40-10-82R ranges from $22,000 to $23,000.
  • The price of HBTS60-12-82R ranges from $23,000 to $25,000.
  • The price of HBTS80-16-129R is $11,000 higher than that of HBTS60-12-82R, and its price ranges from $34,000 to $36,000.
  • The price of HBTS80-13-129R is the highest among HBTS series diesel concrete pumps, of which the price is $36,000~ $38,000.

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Types of Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump can be divided into diesel concrete trailer pump and electric concrete trailer pump. Capacities from30m3 to 80m3 per hour.

Diesel Type Concrete Trailer Pump Models

Concrete Pump Models
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT30
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)30m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 6MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×500mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelYuchai
Engineering power52KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)100/300m
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT40
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)40m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ180/1300mm
Outlet diameterФ150mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Engineering power82KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)120/500m
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT50
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)50m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×800mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelYuchai
Engineering power92KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)150/600m
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT60
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)67/45m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 7/13MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ200/1650mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Engineering power129KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)180/1000m

Luton concrete trailer pump
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT80
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)84/45m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 7/16MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ200/1800mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Engineering power129KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)260/1200m

Electric Type Concrete Trailer Pump Models

Electric concrete trailer pump models include HBT30, HBT40, HBT50, HBT60, HBT80.

electric concrete pump machine
Electric Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT30
Max.theo.concrete output30m3/h
Max. pumping pressure6MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance140(m)
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance 450(m)
Max. Aggregate Diameter 20-30(mm)
Conveying Pipe Radius 100(mm)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 250(L)
Power of Main Electric Motor 37(kw)
Electric Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT40
Max.theo.concrete output40m3/h
Max. pumping pressure10MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance200(m)
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance 800(m)
Max. Aggregate Diameter 40(mm)
Conveying Pipe Radius 150(mm)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 400(L)
Power of Main Electric Motor 45(kw)
Electric Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT50
Max.theo.concrete output50m3/h
Max. pumping pressure10MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance120(m)
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance 8500(m)
Max. Aggregate Diameter 40(mm)
Conveying Pipe Radius 180(mm)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 500(L)
Power of Main Electric Motor 55(kw)
Electric Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT60
Max.theo.concrete output60m3/h
Max. pumping pressure13MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance280(m)
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance 1000(m)
Max. Aggregate Diameter 40(mm)
Conveying Pipe Radius 180(mm)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 600(L)
Power of Main Electric Motor 90(kw)
Electric Concrete Trailer Pump-HBT80
Max.theo.concrete output88m3/h
Max. pumping pressure16MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance300(m)
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance 1200(m)
Max. Aggregate Diameter 40(mm)
Conveying Pipe Radius 180(mm)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 800(L)
Power of Main Electric Motor 110(kw)

Diesel Concrete Pump in Indonesia

concrete pump equipment
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump Sold to Indonesia
Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump Transported to Indonesia
truck mounted concrete mixing pump in saudi arabia
JBS40 diesel mini concrete pump sent to Tanzania
JBS40 concrete mixer pump sold to Guyana

Advantages of the Concrete Pumping Trailer

1. Reliable Performance

Concrete trailer pump simplifies construction process while providing greater accuracy on the project. And it will always provide you with an accessible and reliable experience.

  • The highly automatic lubrication system can ensure that the hydraulic pressure oil is conveyed to various parts during the operation of the machine.
  • Concrete trailer pump adopts double-pump and dual loop open hydraulic system, and the main pumping channel for conveying oil and the swinging oil channel of the S-shaped valve are independent of each other, which makes it easy to operate the machine and extends the service life.
  • The concrete trailer pump has the anti-pumping function, which is convenient to deal with the pipeline fault and makes it available to machine halt and materials waiting for a short time.

2. High Quality

  • The concrete trailer pump adopts the advanced S-shaped distribution valve that can compensate wear clearance automatically, and it has good seal-ability.
  • Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring are adopted, which makes the trailer concrete pump have longer service life. The maximum service life of the spectacle plate can reach more than 30000 m3.
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures that the trailer concrete pump can be lubricated effectively during the operation.
  • All parts adopt national standards with good interchangeability.

3. Easy Operation

With the remote controller, people don’t need to operate the machine next to it, so the operation is more safe and convenient.

How Do Concrete Trailer Pumps Work?

concrete line pump working process

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed to the main oil cylinder through the sequence valves, which pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder back and forth.

Because the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is linked with the piston rod of the concrete cylinder, the piston rod of the concrete cylinder will move backwards and forwards under the push of the high-pressure oil. The suction and extrusion of concrete will be carried out.

Meanwhile, two swing oil cylinders drive the swing arm, which will result in switching of S-shaped valve back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets under the influence of the swing arm.

Through the continuous reciprocating motion of the concrete cylinders and switching of S-shaped valve backwards and forwards, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of concrete can be realized, so as to realize the whole pumping process.

Component of Concrete Trailer Pump

Pumping System Parts

Concrete pumping system

1&2-two main oil cylinders; 3-water tank; 4-the reversing device; 5&6-two concrete cylinders; 7&8-two concrete pistons; 9-a swing arm; 10&11-two swing oil cylinders; 12-the spectacle plate; 13-the distribution valve(S-shaped valve); 14-the discharge hole

Power System of a Concrete Trailer Pump

The electric motor or the diesel engine: is the essential power source, the voltage of which can be customized. And Wei Fang (a city in Shandong province) Delier and Wei Fang Deutz (formerly a joint enterprise,now a domestic brand) are the leading brands in terms of the electric motor or diesel engine throughout China.

diesel concrete pump machine
Diesel Engine of Concrete Trailer Pump
electric motor
Electric Engine of Concrete Trailer Pump

Hydraulic System of a Trailer Concrete Pump

Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank, revising valves, hydraulic oil cylinder or hydraulic motor, cooling system, as well as energy accumulator.

The hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is composed of the main oil pump, the heat dissipation oil pump and the mixing oil pump.

  • The main oil pump (piston pump): is the power source of the high-pressure oil to the whole pumping system, and which is also a part of the “cardiac system” of the trailer concrete pump besides the electric motor.
  • The mixing oil pump: provides the hopper mixer with the high-pressure oil as the dynamic impetus.
  • The heat dissipation oil pump: conveys hot oil from the hydraulic oil tank to channels of the heat radiator and then the heat dissipation can be carried out through the blowing of an air fan.

The mixing oil pump and the heat dissipation oil pump are the parts of gear pumps. Despite of different purposes, they works in the same way that the high-pressure oil is supplied by high-speed rotation and extrusion between gears.

The hydraulic oil tank:

The hydraulic oil tank is used to store hydraulic oil that is the medium in which the liquid force is conveyed.

The hydraulic oil port is at the top of the hydraulic oil tank, and the oil is filled up when the trailer concrete pump leaves factory. The whole tank of oil costs about $300.

The hydraulic oil cylinder or hydraulic motor

The operating part of the hydraulic system, drives the concrete cylinder pistons, the swing arm and the swing oil tank under the effect of high-pressure oil.

The cooling system

The cooling system consists of water-cooling system and air-cooling system.

Due to some factors of the hydraulic system, generally the water-cooling system is installed in the trailer concrete pump, of which conveying capacity is 40m3/h and below so as to enhance the heat dissipation, and price is in 3000 yuan or so.

But the common domestic manufacturers don’t use the water-cooling system.

Why cool down the hydraulic oil? As time goes on, the hydraulic oil absorbs heat and increase temperature during the processes of extrusion and release, which will have a negative effect on the service life and efficiency of the hydraulic components.

The energy accumulator

The energy accumulator has a certain pressure inside itself so that it has an positive effect on the hydraulic components.

The pressure can act as a buffer against the release process of high-pressure oil to extend the service life of the hydraulic components.

The Electronic Control System

General electric control system adopts PLC controller, some of them even equipped with text display and touch button, has the good man-machine communication interface.

The monitors send signals to PLC controller, PLC controller shows the working state of the concrete pump via text display.

PLC is installed in the electric control cabinet which acts as the brain of the whole concrete pump and gives instructions.

Omron is the well-known international PLC manufacturer, and electric components related to PLC are imported from Schneider which is the leading electric enterprise and one of the world’s Top 500 enterprises.

concrete trailer pump for sale

What is the Meaning of the Concrete Trailer Models?

A  concrete trailer pump mainly has the following several technical parameters:

  • Conveying capacity
  • Delivery pressure
  • Power
  • Form of distribution valve. The majority of the trailer concrete pumps used are S-shaped valve concrete pumps.

The introduction of model parameters of S-shaped valve concrete pump equipment is as fellows. Take HBTS40-13-55R for an example.

  • Explanation of the letters:
  1. The meaning of letter “H” is concrete;
  2. The letter “B” means the delivery pump;
  3. The letter “T” means the trailer concrete pump;
  4. The letter “S” means S-shaped valve.
  • Explanation of the numbers:
  1. The number “40” refers to conveying capacity that a concrete trailer pump conveys 40m3 concrete materials per hour;
  2. The number “13” refers to delivery pressure that the high pressure oil is pumped into the main oil cylinder at 13 Mpa;
  3. The number “55” refers to the power of a diesel engine;
  4. The letter “R” refers to the diesel-driven engine.

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