Electric Concrete Pump

What Is An Electric Concrete Pump

The concrete pumps can be divided into electric concrete pumps and diesel-driven concrete pumps according to the engine type. An electric concrete pump is the machine that the electric motor is as the essential power source.

Electric concrete pump
Max. Output capacity (mĀ³/h)50
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)12
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)120
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

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How Does An Electric Concrete Pump work?

The electric motor pushes the main oil cylinder under the influence of the high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump.

The piston rods of the main oil cylinder begin to move backward and forward, so does the piston rods of the concrete cylinders move back and forth in the similar way. The concrete is sucked into and extruded out of the concrete cylinders later.

Meanwhile, the swing cylinders drive the swing arm under the push of high-pressure oil, which drives the S valve to switch back and forth between the outlets of two concrete cylinders.

The continuous reciprocating movement of the concrete cylinders and switching of the S valve back and forth achieve the entire pumping process.

The Electric Concrete Pump Parts

The electric concrete pump consists of the main oil cylinder, water tank, concrete pistons, delivery cylinder, swing parts and mixing system.

main oil cylinder

The main oil cylinder: is composed of oil tank cap, oil cylinder body, piston rod, oil cylinder piston, limit oil cylinder and waterproof sealing device.


The main oil cylinder: is composed of oil tank cap, oil cylinder body, piston rod, oil cylinder piston, limit oil cylinder and waterproof sealing device.

The concrete pistons: is composed of concrete sealing body, guide ring, piston body and rod of piston core. Its various parts are fixed together by bolts.

Delivery cylinder: The front end is connected with the hopper, and the rear end is connected with the water tank, which is fixed between the hopper and the water tank via a pull rod.

swing oil cylinder

Swing parts: consist of swing cylinder fixed seat, left and right swing valve cylinders, swing arm, swing cylinder chuck and other parts, which are generally installed behind the hopper.

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Mixing system: is used to remix the concrete in the hopper to prevent the final segregation and slump loss of concrete and ensure its pump-ability.

electric concrete mixer pump

Premium Concrete

Wide Application

Easy Operation

Low Labour

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Where Are The Electric Concrete Pump Used?

The electric concrete pumps are mainly used in these fields such as high building , infrastructure, pile hole pouring, slope protection and bridges.

Electric Concrete Pump VS Diesel Concrete pump

Electric concrete pump:

The Electric concrete pump is more economical and environmentally friendly, however, it need be connected with the power grid, and using an electric concrete pump is not suitable in remote rural areas and the wild because of lack of electricity, besides, its pumping ability is weaker than that of diesel-driven concrete pump.

Diesel-driven concrete pump:

The diesel engine has high outlet pressure and convenient switching between high and low pressure. The advantage of diesel-driven concrete pump is that it has strong strength, especially suitable for high-rise pumping.

However, the cost of the oil consumption of a diesel-driven concrete pump is more expensive than that of a electric concrete pump.

small concrete mixer pump

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How Much Is An Electric Concrete Pump?

There are some factors influencing the price of an electric concrete pump such as the power of electric motor, theoretical displacement and the form of distribution valve and so on. The details are as fellows:

electric trailer pump

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Can Concrete Be Placed By Pump?

The pipeline of the concrete delivery pump makes it convenient to place the concrete. And the concrete can be pumped anywhere required on the construction site as long as the pipeline is enough long.

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