Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Vanuatu

Luton 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer has been sold to the Vanuatu. Thanks to our engineers and sales department, we have not not only been satisfied with our customer, but also got another contract.

This is a C-type 3.5m3 self-loading mixer truck is our hot sale machinery. The mixing tank and the cab may be rotated synchronously 270°, providing the operator with a clear view of the action and an adjustable unloading position.

self loading concrete mixer

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This self loading concrete mixer will be employed in the building of local mountain roads and municipal engineering. Taking into account the features of local mountain road terrain, two tires are fitted to the front wheel of the machine to improve grip, with the goal of adapting to mountain walking.

Furthermore, given the features of the island of Vanuatu, purchasing mechanical attachments may be problematic. Our clients are extremely pleased with the great design and caring service, and two sets of accessories offered for usage.

It is worth noting that Luton has partitioned the self-loading arrangement to satisfy the needs of various clients.

self loading concrete mixer in Vanuatu

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There are four types to pick from, and they may also be modified to meet the needs of individual consumers. There is just one goal: to assist clients in obtaining absolutely adequate equipment at the lowest feasible cost.

For more information on the different kinds of mixer trucks, please contact Luton Group, and our specialists will be happy to provide you with a competent response.

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