Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Nowadays, more and more medium and small-size project contractors need to change job sites frequently to ensure constant project supply. To meet the clients’ requirements and needs, Luton launched the mobile asphalt drum mix plant in line with the development trend of the construction area.


Small in size

Compact structure

High flexibility

Rapid transfer

Since the mobile asphalt drum mix plant came into the market, it has been favored by the majority of customers in the construction industry for its small size, compact structure, high flexibility and rapid transfer. Absolutely, the Luton mobile asphalt drum mix plant has many advantages. Do you know its some detailed advantages? How does a mobile asphalt drum mix plant work? What are the components of the mobile asphalt drum mix plant? This article will demonstrate them in the following paragraphs.

What is a Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

A mobile asphalt drum mix plant is the combination of the mobile asphalt plant and the (continuous) drum asphalt plant, integrating their respective characteristics. A (continuous) drum asphalt mixing plant is the plant that heating and drying of the cold aggregate and the stirring of mixture are continuously carried out in the same drum. Thus the mobile asphalt drum mix plant is like the mobile asphalt plant not only suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highways, but also has high productivity.

Suitable for:

County-rural roads

Low grade highways

Road maintenance and mountainous highway


Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Mobile asphalt drum mix plant featured by fast transportation and installation, low transportation and maintenance cost, less foundation, wide application range and fully automatic control.

First, modular design makes it convenient as well as quick transport from one site to another. Second, solid wheelchair conserve the added cost of employing a vehicle man as well as a flat-bed trailer. At the same time, the easy structure additionally decreases the upkeep expense. Third, it can pass through the slim roadway and also reach the mountainous areas as a result of their portable framework and also sufficient flexibility. Last, the mobile asphalt drum mix plant is included by completely automatic control, and is equipped with the advanced control panel. Therefore it’s simple and also smooth to run even if a novice can also master it in a short time.

How does a mobile asphalt drum mix plant work?


Batching and Screening

Each feed bin has a weighing hopper, adjustable gate and a feeder belt with variable speed.
After filtering the extra-large aggregate, different size material will be dropped down to the feeder belt at a specific ratio and conveyed to the drum dryer through the tilted conveyor.

Drying and Mixing

The drum dryer start working at the temperature of 120-180℃ when the fuel gets ready. The qualified cold aggregate, the liquid bitumen and the filler material will be mixed at the same time in this process.

Storage and Transportation

The finished asphalt mixture will be stored in a silo or goes to the dumper truck directly and then to your job sites.

Components of Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Cold Aggregate Bin

Luton mobile asphalt drum mix plant is typically outfitted with 4 cold aggregate containers as a group. Naturally, the number of cold aggregate container can be personalized according to the clients’ demands, budget as well as building and construction conditions.
Each container has a draw-off bin entrance to regulate the circulation} of cold aggregate. So cold aggregate can satisfy the need of percentage.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt conducts a preliminary measurement of cold aggregate. Then it conveys the cold aggregate to the dryer drum.

Dryer Drum

For Luton mobile asphalt drum mix plant, the dryer drum is mounted on a chassis. That makes it easy to move from one construction site to another and saves much time. The external surface of the dryer drum is coated with thermal insulating layer to reduce the loss of heat. What’s more, the utilization of the stainless steel alloy materials can prolong the service life of the dryer drum.

Dust Filter

The dust collecting system of the Luton mobile asphalt drum mix plant has multiple options such as water dust filter, bag dust filter and cyclone dust collector. Among them, the bag dust collecting system is the optimal choice because of its environmental friendly. After dust collecting, the concentration of dust can be maintained at a level of 50mg/nm3.

Asphalt Storage Tank

The role of the asphalt storage tank is to store and supply asphalt. Also, it can receive the heat from the heat conduction oil tank and heat asphalt to a certain temperature.

Filler Silo

The role of filler silo is to store and supply filler materials.


The Luton mobile asphalt drum mix plant uses the twin-shaft mixer. The materials of mixing blades and liners are wear resistant, so the mixer has a long service life. And one mixing cycle is 45 seconds, which realizes the stable production process.

Hot-sale Types of Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

High mobility, high efficiency, the LTDY-20 is highly recommended for small movable road construction sites.


LTDY-Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

LTDY-60 is a wise choice for frequently changed medium-scale job sites because of its relatively high productivity, strong flexibility and fast transfer.


Batch mix and drum mix asphalt plant, which one to choose?

Prior to making a decision to pick a batch mix or drum mix asphalt plant, you ought to have some understanding of their qualities. Based upon the pointed out above, the batch mix asphalt blending plant is characterized by high grading precision, high completed product quality and real-time proportion modification while the drum mix asphalt blending plant is featured by compact structure, high performance, continuous manufacturing and reasonably lower price. Besides, you ought to select the ideal one according to your building and construction conditions and prepared budget plan.

Low initial investment and high portability, LUTON mobile asphalt drum mix plant is a wise choice for contractors who shift sites more often. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us immediately!