Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale Australia

In February, 2021, the 3.5m3 self-loading vehicle independently developed and produced by Lutong Group was shipped to Australia. Self loading concrete mixer for sale Australia is the 4th product to be sold in Australia after concrete machinery, asphalt plant, as well as concrete pumps.
The technology of construction machinery in Australia is very sophisticated. Due to the unique advantages, body color and logo are adjusted according to requirement of customer, Luton can achieve zero breakthrough in self-loading concrete mixer.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price in Australia

Luton loading concrete mixer price in Australia is from $12,000 to $70,000. The price is vary in different configuration and models. So feel free to contact us for the detailed price.

Luton rough terrain concrete mixer for sale

Types of Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale Australia

Luton can provide various types of self loader concrete mixer, including LT-1.2, LT-1.8, LT-2.6, LT-3.5, LT-5.5, LT-6.5. The type of mixing machine includes pan type and drum type.

Pan type is equipped with small self loading concrete mixer, with mode of 1.2m3 and 1.8m3.

Drum type mixing machine can be equipped with any model of self loading mixer from LT-1.2 to LT-6.5.

LT-3.5 refers to 3.5m3 concrete mixture can be produced per batch. 3 to 5 batches can be completed per one hour. So there are about 6m3 to 20m3 can produced in one hour. This production capacity is equal to a set of cement batching plant.

4m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale

Why the New Self Loading Concrete Mixer is Very Popular?

Self loading concrete mixer truck can complete functions of self loading, self mixing, self discharging as well as short-distance transportation.

1 set of self loader mixer= 1 set of loader + 1 set of weighing machine + 1 set of mixing machine + 1 set of concrete mixer truck.

The self loader mixer can not only replace the function of a small mobile batching plant, but more importantly, it is cheap and only needs 2 worker (1 driver +1 working for paving concrete), which greatly reduces the labor cost and investment cost.

What is Cement Mixer?

The cement mixer also called as mini portable concrete mixer, another concrete batching machine.


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