Diesel Concrete Pump


The usage of a diesel concrete pump is common in the construction of high-rise buildings, roadways, bridges, and water conservation projects, as well as other projects. It is powered by a diesel engine, making it ideal for concrete pumping in areas where electricity supply is short. Hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve are the two most important parts of a diesel engine concrete pump. It features an improved s-valve for smoother pumping. It is well-liked by customers because of its dependable performance, high pumping efficiency, and economical cost.

diesel concrete pump

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Diesel Concrete Pump Price

The price of a Diesel Concrete Pump is determined by a number of criteria, including engine output, application areas(for example, all kinds of construction projects, commercial investment, residential use), and so on.

The most common diesel concrete pump costs between $15,000 and $48,000. With precise and high quality core components, these diesel concrete pumps have been substantially enhanced conveying distance and pumping height. As well, excellent after-sales service ensures the outstanding working performances and so on.

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Types of Diesel Concrete Pump

There are five different types of diesel concrete pumps. Diesel tiny concrete pump, diesel small concrete pump, medium diesel pump, large diesel pump, and extra-large diesel.

There are also three types of pumps in the diesel variant: diesel concrete mixer pumps, concrete trailer pumps, and concrete boom pumps.

diesel concrete trailer pump

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Features of Diesel Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps powered by diesel are among the most efficient construction tools available today. Concrete pumps are used in almost all forms of building operations. Unlike electric concrete pumps, diesel concrete pumps are not constrained by the source of power. Because they rely on the combustion of fuel, they can be utilized even in the most remote regions where electricity is unavailable.

The use of a diesel concrete pump solves challenges faced by communities with limited access to electricity, allowing those areas to expand more rapidly. The DEUTZ engine and other high quality engines are used in the diesel engine concrete pumps, ensuring great performance, low energy consumption, and environmental protection.

Diesel concrete pump varies from electric concrete pump in its motivation mode, and it achieves smooth operation when fueled by diesel.

diesel concrete mixer pump

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Technical Features of the Diesel Concrete Pump:

  • Open-loop hydraulic system with two pumps: great dependability and durability.
  • Reverse pumping function: to tackle the problem of pipe blockage in a timely manner.
  • Long service life thanks to a hard-wearing alloy glasses plate and a floating cutting ring.
  • Heavy-duty construction the S-valve compensates for the wear gap automatically.
  • Automatic lubrication system: to ensure that various parts are properly lubricated.
  • Remote control is simple and safe to use.
  • Parts and components that may be swapped out are simple to maintain.

Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

As the name says, the most significant advantage of a portable concrete mixer with pump over a standard pump is convenience. Because of its small design, high-quality materials, ease of transportation, extensive application, and consistent performance, portable concrete mixers with pumps are quite popular in the construction machinery market.

The portable concrete mixer and pump is powered by a diesel engine. It is better suited to areas where electricity is not readily available. The use of a diesel portable concrete mixer pump solves the problem of some places having limited access to electricity, allowing those areas to develop more quickly.

If your building project isn’t too large, you might want to consider a small portable concrete mixer pump, which will not only fulfil your construction needs but also save you money on portable concrete pumps.

Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump Features

The field of operation of a portable concrete mixer pump is quite adaptable. This type of concrete mixer and pump is more adaptable, with pump heights ranging from less than 20 meters to more than 120 meters. Not only can our portable concrete mixer pump work continuously, increasing the output distance to suit the needs of construction, but it can also function continually. A more streamlined appearance appears to be more unique and attractive. Wear parts like spectacle plates and cutting rings, for example, use advanced technology to extend service life.

Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

small diesel concrete pump

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It’s possible that you’ll need to get a small concrete mixer. You might have a variety of concrete mixers, but none of them will have a pump.

A concrete mixer’s efficiency is determined by the pump. Rather than placing the mixer within the area where the concrete must be placed, the pump will simply send it out, via a pipeline or a hose, to the desired location. These are just a few of the many reasons why choosing a small concrete mixer is a wise decision.

Appropriate for small and medium-scale road and home construction projects, it can also work in locations where there is a power outage because it is fitted with a generator.

The Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump ensures easy operation, mobility, flexibility, and consistent performance.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Diesel Concrete Pump?

diesel concrete pump machine

It is the preferred choice for rural and urban concrete construction equipment because it is flexible and convenient to transport, and it considerably increases the safety factor of the construction.

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