Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

What Are Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers?

The self loading mobile concrete mixer combines loading, mixing, weighing, transporting, and discharge activities. A mobile concrete batching plant and a concrete truck may be replaced with a single self loading mobile concrete mixer. The self-loading mobile concrete mixer can combine materials such as sand, cement, and water into concrete, which is then released for use on the building site. The efficiency is considerably enhanced, as well as the manufacturing time and cost.

self loading mobile concrete mixer

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Price Of A Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

The price of a self-loading mobile concrete mixer ranges between $12000 and $63000, making it highly cost-effective compared to the profit.

The cost of a mobile self-loading concrete mixer varies depending on the type, size, setup, and other factors.

Customers should examine the price of a self-loading mobile concrete mixer and the quality and after-sales service.

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Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer for Sale

Luton self-loading mobile concrete mixers have been marketed in over 30 countries, including Kenya, India, Vanuatu, Indonesia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Nepal.
Among the most popular models are:

  1. LT-1.8 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  2. LT-2 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  3. LT-2.6 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  4. LT-3.5 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  5. LT-4 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  6. LT-5.5 self loading mobile concrete mixer
  7. LT-6.5 self loading mobile concrete mixer

self loading concrete mixer machine

luton mobile self loading concrete mixer

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Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Applications

A loader, mobile concrete batching plant, and a concrete tank truck may all be replaced by a Luton self-loading mobile concrete mixer. It is appropriate for small and medium-sized projects, particularly those with a short construction duration, a lack of staff, and a tiny profit margin, such as:

  1. Rural self-construction housing
  2. Building a factory and constructing a floor
  3. Mountain road construction
  4. Rural and pavement repair
  5. Tunnels and ditches
  6. Water conservancy projects and bridge construction

Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Features

Automatic Mixing:

Once water flows into the tank, it can completely blend aggregate and cement that has been supplied into the mixing drum. The mobile self-loading concrete mixer may be driven to the construction site for discharge and mixing since both operations can be completed while driving.

Automatic Loading System:

Aggregate can be correctly put into the mixer thanks to the innovative articulated hydraulic shovel. Cement bags may be cut using the bucket’s blade. All aggregates may be put into the mixer easily and fast, replacing the loader’s usual feeding mode. As a result, the expense of acquiring loaders may be avoided.

Auto Discharge System:

During unloading operation, the self-loading mobile concrete mixer may be driven anywhere, and the tank body of the mixer can be raised and horizontally moved by 180 degrees to 270 degrees. The mixed concrete can be discharged via one operating rod.

Simple to Transport:

The Luton self-loading mobile concrete mixer is appropriate for any field. It features a four-wheel-drive hydraulic transmission arrangement that allows it to climb steep slopes of up to 30 degrees with a full load. The counterweight center transfer mechanism enables the counterweight center to shift forward and backward while traveling uphill or downhill, hence increasing overall safety.

A Pleasant Working Environment:

  1. A cab is included with the self-loading mobile concrete mixer.
  2. The operating lever follows the ergonomic approach.
  3. For the operator, all of the primary operating activities are quite straightforward.
  4. The air conditioning system can function in high-temperature environments.
  5. The mobile self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with an anti-rolling and anti-falling object protection system to increase overall driver safety in the severe construction environment and road surface.

Self loading concrete mixer truck

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Suitable for All Types of Unique Environments:

The Luton self-loading mobile concrete mixer is appropriate for all unusual environments. It is also fitted with a vehicle-mounted lighting system for driving and building at night, allowing for 24-hour operation.

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Why Should You Purchase A Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer For Your Personal Business?

Why are more and more consumers purchasing self-loading mobile concrete mixers? What are the benefits of using a self-loading concrete mixer?

1. Three mechanical vehicles may be replaced by a self loader mobile mixer:

The mobile self-loading concrete mixer can load, mix, transport, and unload on the job site, taking the place of loaders, mixers, transport vehicles, and pump trucks.

2. High effectiveness

It can produce a tank of concrete every 12 minutes, and daily production of concrete may reach 500 tons based on a 10-hour start-up estimate.

3. Simple to operate

Just two persons are required, the operation is straightforward, and you can learn to drive in a matter of hours. And the labor expense is reduced.

4. Four-wheel diesel drive

The self-loading mixer is adaptable to a variety of situations. Can effectively climb 30 degrees steadily and strongly. If the building site is located in a low-lying area, it may be paired with a trailer pump or driven straight to a low-lying area to deliver concrete.

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Choosing The Best Self-Loading Mobile Mixer?

There are various self-loading mobile mixers, and they come in a variety of styles. How do you choose the best self-loading mixer truck?

  • Understand the self loading mobile mixer’s performance criteria, such as engine, capacity, and application scope.
  • Recognize the manufacturer’s popularity: We can only accompany our equipment if we have excellent after-sales service. Therefore, brand is a quality guarantee when selecting and buying.
  • Consider if it is easy to replace and acquire the components and whether the original parts can be obtained in a timely manner.
  • After-sales servicing and maintenance to provide a prompt and efficient solution to equipment failure.

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How To Use A Mobile Self Loader Concrete Mixer Truck Properly

The proper use of a self loading mobile concrete mixer promotes the smooth progress of construction and may increase the efficiency of engineering work; but, if not used appropriately, it can harm the mechanical elements of the equipment and shorten its service life.

  1. During the operation of the self-loading mobile concrete mixer, the hydraulic system pressure must conform with the specifications of the operating instructions and must not be altered arbitrarily. The hydraulic oil quality and the amount must fulfill the original specifications.
  2. When running the self-loading mobile mixer, ensure that the leftover water and sundries in the mixing drum are drained before loading. To avoid concrete segregation, keep rotating during transit. Before the self-loading concrete mixer truck arrives at the building site and is unloaded, the mixing drum must be turned at full speed for 1-2 minutes, followed by reverse unloading. Before reversing, the mixing drum must be stopped consistently, and then the reversing process must begin.
  3. If the temperature is more than +25 °C, the time from loading to unloading must not exceed 60 minutes; if the temperature is lower than +25 °C, the time must not exceed 90 minutes.
  4. Before beginning the machine during winter construction, check whether it is frozen; carefully remove the leftover water in the mixing drum as well as the water supply system after work, turn off the water pump switch, then place the control handle in the “stop” position.
  5. Immediately after unloading at the building site, the discharge hopper, discharge chute, and other locations must be cleansed to remove the sludge and concrete that has clung to the body. Water must be pumped into the mixing drum to clear the concrete residue adhered to the drum wall and blades.
  6. After the shift, the driver is responsible for injecting clean water into the mixing drum and spinning it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10 minutes before draining the water to guarantee the drum is clean. When cleaning each component of the mixing drum with high-pressure water, keep the instrument and control lever in mind. The distance between the vehicle body’s painted surface and the pressure water nozzle should not be less than 40 cm.

Articulated Self loading Mixer

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Manufacturers of Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer


FIORI GROUP is an Italian manufacturer of self-loading mixers. They have many years of manufacturing and sales experience.

The Luton Group

With over 20 years of experience in the construction machinery industry, Luton Group is a well-known manufacturer of self-loading concrete mixers. Luton’s manufacturing capabilities include self-loading concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, dry mix mortar plants, asphalt mixing plants, crushing plants, and many more. Interestingly, self-loading concrete mixers are in great demand, so you can rely on us for prompt service.


Macons Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is one of the high-end manufacturers of self-loading concrete mixers in India.


Apollo, founded in 1990, is India’s leading manufacturer of self-loading concrete mixers.


HAMAC is a self-loading concrete mixer supplier in China, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Zhengzhou.

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Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers?

Luton Group can provide a variety of self-loading mobile concrete mixers, as well as a bespoke solution to meet our customers’ needs. Luton is a well-known producer of construction equipment, including concrete batching plants, self-loading concrete mixer, concrete pump, asphalt mixing plant, crusher plant, dry mortar mixing plant, a road roller, concrete block producing machine, and many more.

Are you searching for the right producer of self-loading mobile concrete mixers? Are you interested in purchasing a concrete batching plant? Are you interested in learn more about construction machinery? Please contact us straight away!

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