HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

The HZS90 concrete batching plant, designed and manufactured by LUTON GROUP,  is a popularly known concrete batching plant with a standard output capacity of 90m3/h. HZS90  is an ideal equipment choice for concrete manufacturers and construction industries due to its high output, flexibility, and performance.

The HZS90 concrete batching plant is ideal for medium and large commercial concrete production, precast concrete factories, construction projects, highway maintenance, building construction, and many more.

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Main Features of HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

  1. A beautiful appearance – attributed to compact, stylish structure and a reasonable layout.
  2. Modular design, easy installation, easy to disassemble, and cost-effectiveness
  3. High mixing performance is ensured by the high-quality and efficient JS1500 twin-shaft compulsory mixing host.
  4. Weighing accuracy of 1%, thanks to the PLD2400 batching machine and precise load cell.
  5. Improved conveying speed and efficiency due to the presence of a belt aggregate conveyor.
  6. The scale board and mixing blades are highly rigid with high-tenacity wearable case alloy steel, which helps extend the working life.
  7. The PC+PLC control system help to assure high reliability and ease of use.
  8. The performance of high-accuracy computing meets the manufacturing requirements of high-performance concrete production.
  9. It is eco-friendly with low noise and dust.

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The HZS90 concrete batching plant is widely used in a wide range of construction projects, including highways, buildings, bridges, municipal projects, expressways, dams, water protection, hydropower stations, and so on. It is also used as a commercial premix concrete batching plant and in the precast unit, factories to create high-quality concrete products for various sellers.

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Parts of 90m3/h Concrete Batching Plant

Seven parts form the main function systems of HZS90 concrete mixing plant:

1. System of Mixing

The JS1500 twin-shaft compulsory mixer features a high mixing uniformity, a maximum stirring particle size of 100mm, a long service life, and a 60-second mixing time. It is simple to operate and maintain. It also has a discharge height of 4 meters, a production capacity of 90m3/h, and a discharge volume of 1500L. The hydraulic discharge door angle can be adjusted. High wear-resistant chrome-manganese alloy plates and blades are provided.

The perfect shaft end sealing system can efficiently prevent leakage and ensures that the entire mixing system operates continuously for an extended period.

hese factors work together to provide users with a high-performance, efficient, powerful, and stable concrete batching plant mixing host.

2. Batching System

Typically, the PLD 2400 batching machine provides users with 2-4 kinds of aggregates via 2-4 aggregate bins. The PLD 2400 batching machine features 8-10m3 basic storage volume bins, durable belt width of 800mm, a 7.5KW robust engine.

3. Feeding System

The feeding system can be configured as a closed belt continuous feeding system. To do this, belts from well-known Chinese brands are used. The idler is grooved, with a belt tensioning mechanism and a cleaning system, ensuring optimum feeding efficiency and high durability for the equipment.

4. Weighing System

High weighing technology is used to construct the digital weighing system with buffer device and automated adjustment function. Interestingly, the weighing sensors are all from well-known Chinese manufacturers, assuring great weighing precision and manufacturing consistency.

5. Control System

The control system features the automated PLC+PC mode or an advanced integrated industrial computer automated control mode. Also, it features great anti-interference capabilities, easy operation and maintenance, high reliability and stability, and a zero error rate.

6. Dust-Collection Device

The LUTON HZS90 concrete batching plant comes with a dust collection system that helps to lower dust discharge. At the same time, it is environmentally friendly. As a result, it offers productions that comply with your environmental regulations.

For the dust removal system, a three-step dust removal method is advised. This involves gravity dust removal as the first stage, whirlwind dust removal as the second stage, and water dust removal as the third stage.

7. Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system of the LUTON HZS90 concrete batching plant helps to manage the opening and shutting of each part’s door, such as gas route doors of feeding, cement measuring, water weighing, admixture weighing, emptying cement silos, and many more.

The Pneumatic system also offers smooth and accurate switching action increasing the efficiency of the whole concrete batching plant‘s production process.

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Specification of LUTON HZS90 Concrete Batch Plant

Model HZS90
Capacity 90m3/h
Mixing system Twin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feeder Bucket (Skip hopper)
Discharging height 3900mm
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Concrete mixer JS1500
Mixing cycle ≦60s
Aggregate batching machine PLD2400
Weighing system Aggregate,Water, Cement, Fly-ash, Additive
Weighing precision ±2%
Air system Air compressor, gas tank, pneumatic triplet, solenoid valve, air cylinder and pneumatic valve etc
Control system Type Computer automatic control module with PLY

What Is the Cost of Establishing an HZS90 Plant?

The cost of establishing an HZS90 concrete batching plant ranges between $90,000 and $140,000. This cost range is influenced by plant location, production capacity, local market conditions, price of steel material, and the effect of various customized configurations, among other factors. We are all aware that the price of a concrete batching plant is not the same as the total cost of establishing a concrete batching plant.

Therefore, you should be aware of the following crucial factors to be considered in establishing a concrete batching plant:

  1. The cost of the plant.
  2. The cost of transportation.
  3. The cost of professional advisors.
  4. Labor expenses, water and power expenses, environmental protection costs, and many more.

HZS90 concrete batching plant price is also influenced by the operating environment, the volume of concrete, and the product quality of each plant. In no case can a specific budget plan be employed in every concrete batching plant.

Before constructing a plant, determine the production output size, installation location, the site floor space, and transportation mode, all of which are required to identify the precise selection of the HZS90 concrete batching plant.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, highly dependable, and high-quality concrete batching plant, contact LUTON GROUP for the best offers on HZS90 concrete batch plants.

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How Does HZS90 Belt Concrete Mixing Plant Work?

The HZS90 concrete batching plant has four primary operating processes: feeding, measuring, mixing, and regulating.

1. Feeding supplies

  • Individual types of aggregate are fed into batching bins.
  • Cement and fly ash are loaded into cement and fly ash silos, respectively.
  • Water and additive are kept in a water tank and an additive barrel.

2. Material weighing

  • Aggregates are fed into weighing hoppers, where raw materials are weighed using accurate weighing sensors and a control computer.
  • Screw conveyors convey cement and fly ash from storage silos to cement and fly ash weighing bins.
  • Water and additive are piped to a separate weighing bin from the water tank and the additive barrel.

3. Material blending

  • Aggregates weighed are transported to the mixer using the hopper hoist, together with weighed cement, water, fly ash, and concrete additive and are uniformly mixed by the powerful JS1000 mixing machine.
  • Afterward, precise proportionate concrete manufacturing is completed.
  • When difficulties develop during production, the controller identifies the fault and raises the alarm; the operator can then halt the operation until the issues are resolved.
  • Electric motors, load cells, and butterfly valves operate in an automated fashion responding to the controller’s material feeding signal.
  • Every charge or discharge gate, including scale hopper butterfly valves, aggregate bin gates, and concrete mixers, is powered by a high-pressure air system.

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HZS90 Concrete Batching Station Production Capacity

As the name implies, the HZS90’s theoretical output capacity is 90m3/h. However, it is only a theoretical quantity.

There will always be a mismatch between theoretical and real production capacity. Actual capacity is an important aspect when selecting the correct concrete batch plant.

To evaluate the real production capacity of the HZS90, we must consider the following factors:

  1. The actual raw material mixing ratio
  2. The amount of water and additives actually needed
  3. The actual mixing cycles
  4. The actual preparation of the components and transportation

It may be difficult to get maximum production of 90m3/h. This is attributed to various conflicting factors, including batching management, mixer truck scheduling delays, and many more. As a result, the output capacity of the HZS90 concrete plant is less than 90m3/h.

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HZS90 concrete batching plant

The Best Manufacturer of HZS90 Concrete Plant – LUTON GROUP

The LUTON Group specializes in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art concrete production equipment such as stationary concrete batching plants, compact concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, on-site concrete batching plants, and many more. These concrete production facilities may be customized based on project type, capacity requirements, location, and other client specifications.

LUTON GROUP is one of the world’s leading producers of concrete mixing plants. Our customers have preferred LUTON products with great productivity and excellent performance at low operating and maintenance costs for more than 20 years. Furthermore, LUTON delivers high-quality service throughout the whole selling process.

Contact us today for the best concrete batching plant solution for your needs.

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