FAQ of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What’s the capacity per hour does self loading concrete mixer have?

LT-6.5 Model,capacity: 26m3/hour (Biggest Type)

LT-5.5, Model,capacity: 22m3/hour (Bigger Type)

LT-4.0  Model, Capacity: 16m3/hour (Popular Type)

LT-3.5 Model, Capacity: 14M3/hour  (Most Popular Type)

LT-2.6 Model, capacity: 10.4m3/hour (Small type)

Is the body of the self loading concrete mixer separated?

Regards to our self loading concrete mixers, the 1.2m3, 1.8m3, 2.6m3,3.5m3 are the small models with chain design. They will be more easy for site transportation. The 4m3,5.5m3,6.5m3 models, they are large models with the heavy body, we use the integral type design to make sure their stability.

For self loading concrete mixer, can the pilot cabin be placed on the right side?

Self loading concrete mixer is belongs to a kind of construction truck like wheel loader or excavator, there is no difference for right and left.

Does the self loader mixer come with the weighting system?

Yes. We configured the electronic weighing system in mixer truck.

How many workers will the self loading concrete mixer need?

Two or three workers including 0ne driver, one or two workers do some auxiliary work.

Is the self loading concrete mixer easy to install?

For the self loading concrete mixer, it is almost delivered with a whole assembled condition. You only assembled the drum on the mixer truck when you received it. We also provide you the video of installation.

What size container does the self loading concrete mixer need?

1.2m3 will need a 20GP container. 1.8m3-4m3 will need a 40HQ container. 5.5-6.5will need a flat rack.

How long is the warranty period?

The guarantee period is one year, excluding tear and wear parts.

Is it easy to buy the wear parts?

We will provide you a whole set of wear parts which can be used for 1-2 years. Most of them is commonly used and easy to buy in your local.

Does the self loading concrete mixer can produce C35 concrete?

Yes, it can. The weigh scale can set up all the materials in proportion based on concrete grade(C30/C35) in advance. The driver will feed the machine according to the pre-set proportion. Then you will get correspondent concrete grade.

What is the speed of self loading concrete mixer in kilometers per hour?

Under normal circumstances, the driving speed can reach about 40 kilometers per hour, and some customers have reported that the speed will be faster under skilled operation.

How long have you been producing this self-loading machine?

About the history of self-loading. In 2011, the first dump truck came to China. At that time, there were only three manufacturers, and one of them was us, LUTON. From 2015 to 2016, self-loading trucks just entered the market and started to catch on. So it took us about five years to develop this product, and it’s been on the market for almost seven years.

What are the accessories of self loading concrete mixer included?

It includes Oil filter, diesel filter. Gasoline filter and air filter and a tool box

What’s the oil consumption of the self loading concrete mixer?

About 3-4L per hour

What’s the water tank volume?

About 400L-1500L, depends on models of the self loading concrete mixer.

What’s the gradient the self loading can drive?

30 degrees

What’s the drum rotation degree?

270degree(except 1.2, 1.8)

What’s the veering method?

3.5m3 and below are using hinge joint, above 3.5m3 are using integral joint.

What’s the material of chassis?

Q345B, 35Mnb for key part.

With regard to the 1.2m3 mixer truck, how long does one batch takes?

This self-loading truck takes about 12-15 minutes from loading, mixing, and unloading.

What is the estimated fuel consumption per 8 hrs of diesel engine concrete trailer pump?

Each hour is 11-14L, for 8 hours would be 88-112L.