Aggregate Batcher

Aggregate batcher is also called as aggregate batching machine, which is suitable for the concrete batching plant, concrete mixer machine and concrete mixer pump. The aggregate batcher can automatically complete the batching procedure of more than two kinds of materials, such as sand and stone according to the designed concrete ratio.

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The aggregate batcher adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and console operation. It has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high batching precision, fast speed, reliable control system performance, easy operation, etc.

What are the Different Types of Aggregate Batchers?

Based on the number of materials, it can be divided into three types: two buckets, three buckets, four buckets.

Based on the models, it can be divided into six models: PLD800, PLD1200, PLD1600, PLD2400, PLD3200 , PLD4800.

Based on measurement method, it can be divided into two types: cumulative measurement of materials, separate measurement of materials.

The cumulative measurement includes bucket cumulative measurement and belt cumulative measurement. The materials enter the weighing bucket in turn to complete the cumulative measurement after the target value of the ingredients is determined.

Individual measurement: each materials has a separate measuring hopper for weighing.

Combination of Aggregate Batchers and Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump with batching machine is a perfect combination, concrete mixer pump can mix the concrete and convey the concrete into the construction site. And the aggregate batcher can weight and batching the aggregates to ensure the quality of concrete.

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Aggregate Batching Machine in Concrete Batching Plant

The aggregate batching machine is the key part of concrete batching plant. It can be selected according the concrete mixer and capacity.

Aggregate Batcher
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Parts of the Aggregate Batching Machine

The aggregate batching machine is the necessary equipment for the production of high-quality concrete in concrete mixer machine. PLD series aggregate batching machine is composed of three parts: feeding system, weighing system and electric control system.

Feeding system: the feeding system is composed of storage hopper and feeding device. The main function is to store materials and feed to the weighing hopper under the control of the system. The form of the feeding system has two kinds of belt feeding and pneumatic feeding.

Weighing system: it is a key part of the batching machine, consisting of weighing hopper, suspension device, weighing system sensor, batching controller, etc. Weighing form is lever+ single sensor.

Electrical control system: it is the core part of batching machine, it has function of weighing, display, operation and complete various automatic batching procedures. This system is mainly composed of a batching controller and a strong current loop quantity.

Working Principal of Aggregate Batcher

Before work: sand and stone are supplied to each hopper of batching machine by the loader. According to the instructions of the batching machine controller, input the recipe to the batching machine controller. After pressing the dosing button, the aggregate batcher will enter the automatic batching program.

How Does Aggregate Bathcher Work?

Four hopper batching machine as an example:

The aggregate batcher consists of: aggregate silo, rack, weighing hopper, aggregate conveyor, sensor and so on.

The aggregate silo is loaded by a loader or a loading belt conveyor. The aggregate silo is set to four buckets, each bucket has a capacity of 15m3.

Each storage hopper has two discharge doors to achieve the rough and fine scale when measuring. There are four aggregate measuring buckets.

Each aggregate measuring bucket is hung on the storage bin frame by four sensors. The signals sent by the four sensors are sent to the microcomputer in the main control room and passed through the secondary instrument. The conversion becomes the material weight value displayed.

A horizontal belt conveyor is arranged under the four weighing buckets. After the aggregate is finished, it is sent by the horizontal belt conveyor into the inclined belt and transported to the temporary hopper of the roof, waiting to be discharged into the mixer together with other materials.

The Detailed Steps of Working Process

Firstly, belt machine for materialⅠstarts to work, the materialⅠis transported to the weighing hopper, when weight of the materialⅠin the weighting hopper reaches its set value, the belt machine for materialⅠautomatically stops.

Then the belt machine for material II automatically starts, when the weight of the materials in the hopper reaches the sum of the set values of materialⅠand material II, the belt machine for materialⅠstops, and the belt machine for material Ⅲ starts to work.

After the discharging is completed, the discharging belt machine automatically stops, and automatically starts the second cycle of batching, the second cycle of batching ends, and waits for discharging, and so on.

Advantages and Features of Aggregate Batching Machine

1. Single hopper module, various combination methods, more flexible.

2. Symmetrical, can be loaded on both sides, more convenient to use.

3. Roller ripper, good overall rigidity, longer service life.

4. With the function of automatic and manual adjustment of aggregate moisture content, it can complete sand and water reduction and ensure concrete quality.

5. High batching accuracy: the main components are imported parts of international brands, with high batching accuracy and fast efficiency.

6. Microcomputer control: it can automatically complete the batching of various materials according to the concrete mix ratio.

Maintenance of PLD Series Aggregate Batching Machine

First, before using the batching machine, we should check whether the wiring of the electrical part is correct and reliable, and whether the electrical box shell is firmly grounded.

Second, you should check whether the operation of each part is normal in the operation, the conveyor belt is deviated, there is no foreign matter between the belt and the driven roller. If there is an abnormal situation immediately stop and eliminate.

The active part should be filled with butter, and the belt roller should be removed and refueled once a year.

To prevent sand and stone mixed with steel bars, large stones and others, to endure the quality of stone, so as not to damage the conveyor belt operation.

Air compressor and gas path components should be maintained as required.

Check whether the weighing bucket is moving freely, whether the sensor and cable is normal, whether there are stones at the lever of the weighing bucket affects the weighing accuracy.

The batching machine controller must be operated by a special person, and the instruction manual must be read carefully before operation.

Pay attention to the accuracy of the scale. Check the scale for accuracy every once in a while.

In order to ensure the safety of the batching machine, do not use it under severe weather conditions such as wind, rain and thunder, and turn off the main power supply.

When repairing the aggregate batching machine, the main power supply must be cut off.  

Parameters of Aggregate Batching Machine

TypeSilo No.Weight Hopper CapacityStorage Hopper CapacityNo. of aggregates

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