Causes and Solutions of Pump Blockage

The principle of pumping is to use pressure to transport materials, and air must be avoided. How to use pump correctly to avoid pipe blockage?

1. The pipeline is not moist before using the mixer pump

Before pump concrete, fill the hopper with water, pump the water first, wet the pipeline, and check whether there is water leakage from the pipeline.(Make sure no air enters the pipeline)

Add cement to the water, Use mixing shaft mixing cement, and pump the mortar first.

Then pump the concrete after the preparation work is completed.

Luton concrete mixing pump on construction site

2. The discharge outlet and the reducing pipe are not fixed, the pipe is displaced when in use, the air enters into the pipeline.

The discharge outlet pipeline needs special fixing to avoid the pipeline moving during use, which will lead to the entry of air

3. The material in the hopper is insufficient, and the air enters the pipeline.

The principle of pumping is to utilize pressure for continuous conveying of concrete along pipelines.

The finished concrete in a hopper should be higher than the stirring shaft and glasses plate(The red line on the picture) to avoid air entering.

feeding hopper
Concrete Pump Engine

4. Grease oil needs to be added to this box every day.

If the consumption scale is different every day, it means that some pipes of automatic lubrication are blocked. It is necessary to check the blocked lubrication pipes immediately and clear them.

5. Please be sure to use cleaning ball clean the concrete trailer pump and pipes after finishing the work every day, prevents residual concrete stay in hoppers and pipeline, ensure the use for the next day.

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