Concrete Pumps for Sale

What do you know about concrete pumps? What is a concrete pump? Let’s approach the concrete pumps for sale and unveil the mystery.

About Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is composed of the pump body and a delivery pipeline, which is a construction machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport and pour concrete along the pipeline horizontally and vertically. And it is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction and so on. The other is to install the pump body on the car chassis, and then equip it with retractable or inflexible distribution rods to form a boom pump truck, a large-scale concrete conveying equipment, which is used for the concrete conveying of large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, overpasses and so on.

The concrete pumps have other alternative names such as concrete delivery pumps, concrete conveying pumps, concrete transfer pumps. It works using a valve system and the basic principles of hydraulics.

Luton Concrete Line Pump

Classification of Concrete Pumps for Sale

The concrete pumps contains two basic types: line pumps and boom pumps.

Line Pump: refers to as the pump that is either mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer. This pump needs to manually connect the steel or flexible concrete pouring hose to the machine outlet and deliver the concrete to the pouring place. And the line pump is mainly applied to small-scale concrete placing projects such as swimming pools, sidewalks, single family residential concrete slabs and most floor slabs.

Luton line concrete pump

Boom Pump: as a commonly-used type of concrete pump for a large scale construction project, it uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm (called a boom) to place concrete accurately.

concrete boom pump

The concrete pumps can be classified as different types according to different standard of division.

Based on the transportation mode, the concrete pumps for sale can be divided into the stationary concrete pumps and mobile concrete pumps.

The stationary concrete pump refers to as the pump that doesn’t have the separate chassis, so it can be transferred via a person or flat-bed trailer. And the stationary concrete pump is also named the concrete trailer pump.

The mobile concrete pump is the pump that has the separate chassis and can directly move. Usually, the mobile concrete pump refers to as the truck mounted pump.

Based on the delivery capacity, the concrete pumps for sale can be divided into small, medium and large-size conveying pump.

The small-size concrete pump is the pump that the delivery capacity is 30 – 40 cm3/h.

The medium-size concrete pump refers to the pump that delivery capacity is 50 – 95 cm3/h.

The large-size concrete pump is the pump with a delivery capacity of over 100 cm3/h.

According to the drive mode, the concrete pumps for sale can be divided into diesel-driven type and electric motor type concrete conveying pumps.

The diesel concrete pump has a wide application range, which can be even used for the mountainous areas and isolate and remote areas. Because people in these places don’t need to concern about the problem of electricity supply.

The electric concrete pump is mainly used for the urban areas due to the requirements of electricity supply. Besides, it has an expensive price because it needs to be equipped with a motor. Also, the maintenance cost of the electric concrete pumps is a little high in the future because of more components.

Working Process of the Concrete Pumps for Sale

Working process of the concrete pumps for sale can be summarized as the pumping process or principle. Even though there are various types of concrete pump for sale, their working processes are similar and can be summarized as the basic principles of hydraulics. The specific working process is as below:

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed to the main oil cylinder through the sequence valves, which pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder back and forth. Because the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is linked with the piston rod of the concrete cylinder, the piston rod of the concrete cylinder will move backwards and forwards under the push of the high-pressure oil.

The suction and extrusion of concrete will be carried out. Meanwhile, two swing oil cylinders drive the swing arm, which will result in switching of S-shaped valve back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets under the influence of the swing arm.Through the continuous reciprocating motion of the concrete cylinders and switching of S-shaped valve backwards and forwards, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of concrete can be realized, so as to realize the whole pumping process.

The structural picture of pumping system is shown as below:

Concrete pumping system

1&2-two main oil cylinders; 3-c; 4-the reversing device; 5&6-two concrete cylinders; 7&8-two concrete pistons; 9-a swing arm; 10&11-two swing oil cylinders; 12-the spectacle plate; 13-the distribution valve (S-shaped valve); 14-the discharge hole; 15-hopper

The working process of the concrete pumps for sale consists of two state – pumping state and anti-puming state shown as the following pictures:

pumping state anti-pumping state

Pumping State: When the piston moves inward, the concrete is sucked out of the hopper, and when the piston moves outward, the concrete is discharged out of the distribution valve.

Anti-pumping State: The suction stroke concrete cylinder is connected with the distribution valve while the pushing stroke concrete cylinder is connected with the hopper.

Components of Concrete Pump for Sale

Pumping System

Under the thrust of high-pressure oil, the piston rod of the main oil cylinder takes the piston at the other end to continuously suck and extrude concrete in the concrete cylinder, so as to realize the continuous transportation of concrete.

the main oil cylinder

The water tank plays the role of heat dissipation and cleaning for the piston rod, and you can add some oil to it appropriately.

water tank

The S-tube valve swings back and forth along the fixed axis, with one end facing the two concrete cylinders and switching back and forth between them, and the other end facing the concrete delivery outlet.

S-shaped valve

The swing cylinder connects the swing arm and drives the swing arm, and finally, it drives the fixed shaft on the S-shaped valve to swing back and forth, so as to realize the left-right switching of the S pipe valve.

swing oil cylinder

The function of hopper is to store concrete.

There are screens and vibrators on the upper part of the hopper, and mixing blades inside. The mixing process is driven by the hydraulic motor to make the concrete more even and prevent segregation.


Power and Hydraulic System

The power and hydraulic system is composed of electric motor or diesel engine, hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic pump ( main oil pump, heat dissipation oil pump and mixing oil pump), pipeline system, change valve, hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic motor, cooling system and accumulator.

It is the fundamental power source of the whole concrete pump.

The voltage of Luton electric motor can be customized, electric motor of Siemens is a good choice, however, its product delivery time is a little long and price is several thousand higher than the common type.

The brands of Luton electric motor have Weifang Dilate, Weichai Deutz ( state-owned now)

Electric Motor

The high-pressure oil power source of the whole pump, together with the motor, forms the heart of the concrete pump.

Main Oil Pump

They are all gear pumps, but for different purposes.

High pressure oil is supplied through high-speed rotary extrusion between gears.

Mixing Oil Pump&Heat Dissipation
Oil Pump

Filter the impurities produced by hydraulic oil during operation to ensure the service life of hydraulic components.

Hydraulic Oil Filter

The hydraulic pipeline, as the transmission element of hydraulic power, enables the hydraulic power of the oil pump to be transmitted to each actuator, which is equivalent to the blood vessel.

The hydraulic hose is imported from Manuli in Italy.

Hydraulic Pipeline

The solenoid valve receives the signal from the control system through the pull-in of the coil, so as to distribute and control the flow direction of hydraulic oil in each mechanism (the same as the air circuit control principle).

Valve Block

The hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder is the final actuator of the system, and the high-pressure oil enters the cylinder / motor cavity to drive the mechanism to operate (stretching, swinging, rotating).

Hydraulic Motor or Hydraulic Cylinder

Heat dissipation gear oil pump

Due to the factors of hydraulic system, water cooling radiator is generally added to those below 40 pumps to increase the heat dissipation effect, which is not added by ordinary domestic manufacturers.

Water Cooling Radiator

The high-temperature oil in the oil tank is transmitted to the dense pipeline of the radiator through the hydraulic pump, and then air cooling is conduced.

Air Cooling Radiator

There is a certain pressure inside the accumulator, which plays a buffer role in the process of high-pressure oil release, reducing the impact on hydraulic components and increasing the service life of hydraulic components.


Trailer Pump for Sale

The trailer pump (also named stationary concrete pump or towing concrete pump) for sale, is a type of concrete delivery pump generally mounted on a single trailer frame, which is powered by a diesel engine or electric engine and uses the high pressure to continuously pump the concrete along the pipe.

The trailer pump for sale is featured by reliable performance and easy operation. Luton trailer concrete pump simplifies construction process while providing greater accuracy on the project. And it will always provide you with an accessible and reliable experience. The highly automatic lubrication system can ensure that the hydraulic pressure oil is conveyed to various parts during the operation of the machine.

Luton towing concrete pump adopts the advanced S-shaped distribution valve that can compensate wear clearance automatically, and it has good seal-ability.

Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring are adopted, which makes the trailer cement pump have a longer service life. Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures that the trailer concrete pump can be lubricated effectively during the operation. All parts adopt national standards with good interchangeability.

With the remote controller, people don’t need to operate the machine next to it, so the operation is more safe and convenient.

The stationary concrete pump for sale has a wide application range. So it can be found in terms of housing construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction and so on.

The hot concrete trailer pump for sale in Luton mainly has the following types: HBT90C-18-176R, HBTSB60-13-129R and HBTSB40-10-82R.

Crawler Concrete Pump for Sale

In many cases, the construction location is not static. Especially when the pile foundation is poured, the pouring position needs to be moved frequently. If the ordinary towing pump is used for construction, the concrete pipeline needs to be relaid when every time a pile is completed. With the increase of distance, the efficiency of concrete pouring will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in this case, a new towing pump came into being, which is “crawler concrete pump”. The crawler concrete pump for sale is also named crawler-mounted concrete pump or crack concrete pump for sale.

From the name, the crawler type towing pump for sale provides a crawler that can walk independently. It is driven by a hydraulic motor. In this way, the working position of the crawler-mounted pump will no longer be fixed. With the construction process of pile foundation, this crawler type trailer pump can also move its position at any time, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Its overall shape is more like an armored tank, which gives people a durable image.

Its walking mode is controlled by wireless remote control, and the crawler type walking mechanism greatly enhances its adaptability to road conditions, especially for complex road conditions such as the construction site, the crawler can ensure good grip and prevent itself from getting stuck. Therefore, compared with ordinary trailer pump, its environmental adaptability will be stronger, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

It is not only used in conjunction with pile foundations, but also has strong practical applications in tunnel, mine, water conservancy and other complex engineering construction.
Crawler concrete pump for sale has strong flexibility, equipped with hydraulic drive motor and wireless remote control system. Of course, the cost is relatively higher than that of ordinary concrete trailer pump for sale.

Boom Pump for Sale

The concrete boom pump, also named concrete pump truck, is the vehicle that has the devices to pump and transport the liquid fluid concrete to the specific location at the construction sites. The concrete pump truck is composed of the pump body installed on an automobile chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck. Luton offers different placing boom options for different job demands, such as 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, 58m, etc. Applying the Luton concrete boom pump for sale definitely is a wise choice!

Our concrete boom pumps for sale include but are not limited to:

BTB40R-14: Residential use

BTB60R-48: Commercial use

Boom Pump VS Truck Mounted Pump

Compared with boom pump, the advantage of truck mounted pump is that it occupies a relatively small area, but it has no independent support. However, the relative cost is relatively low. Therefore, if high-pressure pipe is used for operation, its conveying height will be higher. And the truck mounted pump has a wider range of applications, more flexible transfer and higher efficiency.

Following are mainly several differences between the boom pump and truck mounted pump in detail.

1.Pumping Mode

The truck mounted pump needs to be connected with the delivery pipeline to conduct the concrete pumping while the boom pump can directly use its boom to place concrete.

2.Delivery Capacity

The delivery capacity of a boom pump is larger than that of a truck mounted pump.

3.Application Range

The truck mounted pump is suitable for sites that need on-site construction and are completed in a short time; The boom pump is suitable for middle and bottom buildings and complex construction sites with particularly large volume requirements.

4.Pumping Height

The boom pump is formed by adding the boom on the basis of truck mounted pump, which has stronger working flexibility, but the placing height is also limited; although the flexibility of the truck mounted pump is not as good as that of the boom pump, the pumping height is higher.

Features of the Luton Concrete Convey Pump for Sale

Luton concrete convey pump for sale has many advantages, the author will present them to you in the following sentences. After learning them, you will have a deep impression of the Luton cement delivery pump for sale! Let’s go for them!

International brand accessories, with high reliability and low failure rate, can be purchased locally, and the after-sale is very convenient and easy.

The double pump and double circuit open hydraulic system is adopted, and the main pumping oil circuit and S valve swing oil circuit are independent of each other, which makes the system simple, prolongs the service life of components, has higher reliability, and is convenient for fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

It has the anti-pumping function, which is conducive to the timely elimination of pipe blockage, and can be shut down to wait for the materials for a short time.

The advanced s-pipe distribution valve can automatically compensate the wear clearance and has good sealing performance.

Wear resistant alloy spectacle plate and floating cutting ring are adopted, which has a long service life. The maximum service life of spectacle plate can reach more than 30000 m3.

Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures effective lubrication during machine operation.

The remote control function makes the operation more safe and convenient.

All parts and components adopt national standards, which enjoys the good interchangeability.

The cooling system adopts forced air-cooled large radiator device to ensure that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 70 ℃, so as to ensure that the hydraulic system of the main engine is in a normal working state.

Daily Maintenance of Concrete Transfer Pump for Sale

What if the pipe of the concrete pump is stuck by stones during use?

At this time, you can use the anti-pumping function. Click on the button constantly to press the reverse pump and the positive pump until it returns to normal.

The maintenance of pumping system – water tank

Ensure that the height of water in the water tank is higher than the oil tank itself.

The maintenance of pumping system – spectacle plate

The service life of spectacle plate is about 30000 m3, that is, when the cumulative pumping volume of the concrete delivery pump reaches 30000 cubic meters, you can replace the spectacle plate.

Daily lubrication

Operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

Replacement of oil

The model of hydraulic oil used is 46#, and the replacement cycle is one year at home and one and a half years abroad.

Find Your Concrete Pump

For contractors or individuals, careful consideration should be taken before purchasing a concrete pump. Therefore, Whether the concrete pump is suitable or not is related to the smooth progress of the construction project on schedule. Here, the author has some recommendations for reference:

First, you should know the requirements of the project at hand for the delivery capacity of concrete pump. Second, you need a diesel-driven concrete pump or electric-driven one. Third, what is the maximum particle size of aggregate required for the project? This determines whether the concrete pump is applicable. Last, make the relevant budget in advance. Your budget determines which concrete pump you can choose.

If you are searching for a new concrete pump in the internet, you can visit or send an email to us. Luton is an advanced manufacturer and supplier of concrete pumps in China with more than 20 years of experience, and its philosophy is that we are committed to supplying the best concrete pumps and provide the best service for all customers.

The concrete pumps for sale in Luton have a good performance, and you deserve one.

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