Concrete Pump Manufacturers

Introduction Of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a kind of concrete conveying machine, which is used to delivery liquid concrete in pipelines to certain ares of job sites.

Consisted of two main parts of pump body and conveying pipelines, concrete pump integrates multiple functions of mixing, pumping, conveying etc. in one to accomplish efficient and simple concrete pumping process.

Concrete pump is so efficient, flexible and versatile that it makes modern construction speedy working come true. Nowadays, it has been the most popular concrete conveying method in construction field.

In order to meet the growing requirement of customers, designers have developed a variety of concrete pumping products.

Among them, many products from well-known manufacturers have been unanimously praised by the majority of consumers.

Their appearance provides more and better solutions for concrete pumping, and has made its own contribution to the development of construction machinery.

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diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete mixer truck

Model: Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete pump truck

Model: Concrete Boom Pump

Capacity: 13m-62m

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TOP 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers In China

Today, China, a well-known infrastructure madman, has numerous prominent concrete pump manufacturers designing and producing world-leading concrete pumping equipment with outstanding appearance, high quality, advanced performance etc.


Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  is a Chinese multinational industrial machinery manufacturer based in Changsha, Hunan. It is the third in the world to manufacture industrial equipment. Liang Wengen is the company’s founder and largest stakeholder.

Sany is most renowned because of its concrete technology, in which it is positioned first in the world. It manufactures tractors, forklifts, motor graders, and other heavy machinery.


Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is mainly engaged in the researching, designing and manufacturing of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other high-tech equipment.


Xugong Group Engineering Co., LTD., founded in 1943, is a world-renowned construction machinery brand, integrating research, development, production and sales, mainly engaged in cranes, scrapers, excavators, concrete machinery and other products.


Fangyuan Group Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaodong Peninsula, China. It is a diversified industrial enterprise mainly engaged in construction machinery, and its products cover concrete mixer, concrete pump, tower crane, concrete mixing truck and other products.


With more than 20 years development , LUTON GROUP is now growing up into a versatile construction equipment manufacturer leading modern design concept and advantage producing technology in China.

LUTON products now are sold all over the world, such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, SriLanKa, Indonesia, Egypt, Ghana,Kenya, Vanuatu etc..

LUTON products include concrete line pumps, concrete boom pumps, stationary concrete pumps, concrete batching pumps, self loading concrete mixer, crushing plant, mortar station, road roller etc.

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Top 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers Around The World


Putzmeister is indeed a German producer of concrete pumps and other machinery used to pump, distribute, and place concrete, cement paste, and other vital substances and prepare, temporarily store, treat, and deliver these chemicals. The company is the strongest in its sector and headquarters in Aichtal. It also offers pumps for a broad range of materials.

Industrial waste, drainage, garbage, and rainfall are just a few examples.

Putzmeister is a German word that means “Plaster Master” (Putz Meister). In 2017, the firm employed 3,000 people worldwide.


Schwing GmbH, located in Herne, is a German producer of portable and stationary concrete pumps, including truck blenders, as well as the founding business of Schwing Stetter in Memmingen.

The company is the world’s largest maker of concrete pumps.


Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational machinery company headquartered in Bulle, Switzerland, including its primary manufacturing operations and beginnings in Germany.
Liebherr comprises more than 130 firms divided into 11 groups: earthmoving, mineral extraction, large equipment, construction equipment, concrete engineering, marine cranes, aircraft and transportation infrastructure, industrial machinery and industrial automation, household appliances, and components. It employs around 42,000 people globally and generated nine billion euros in revenue in 2017.

By 2007, it became the most prominent global crane firm. Hans Liebherr founded the company in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 1949.


JUNJIN started as the manufacturer of spare parts and maintenance parts for concrete pumps and was later incorporated as JUNJIN Corporation. In 1991, the company manufactured its first concrete pump truck. By 2010, the company was manufacturing 35 models of concrete pumps, with a presence in 60 countries.


CIFA designs and manufactures a complete range of machines for production, transport, and placing of concrete. CIFA is a company that produces innovation in the construction sector. It designs and manufactures a complete range of machines and solutions for production, transport and laying of concrete. 

Since 1928, CIFA has been a technological leader in the concrete supply chain.

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Concrete Pump Manufacturers In India

In recent years India construction, has also developed swiftly. Various concrete pump products emerges in India market, many of which are well-known around the world. Numerous outstanding products are of world-leading China’s brands and manufacturers. These concrete pumping equipment with excellent performance are popular with local customers.

Large Concrete Pump Manufacturers

Cifa-Zoomlion has received the Guinness World Record for the tallest concrete pump, with a boom of 101m.

It breaks the previous record of 86m, held by Zoomlion’s rival in the concrete pump industry, Sany. Prior to that pump, Zoomlion had been the holder of the record, for an 80m pump.

Concrete Boom Pump Manufacturers

Concrete Boom Pump is a unique type of concrete pump, the design and manufacturing of which needs more complex producing technology, structure strength research, controlling design etc.

The concrete boom pumps with unique features from all above 10 world-leading
manufacturers are all the popular choices satisfies customers all over the world.

Electric Concrete Pump Manufacturers

Electric Concrete Pump is popular for the simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and prominent performance. There are also plenty of outstanding products of famous brands familiar to us, SANY, LIEBHERR, CIFA, PUTZMEISTER, LUTON etc.

Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturers

A recommended manufacturers list of concrete pump truck for customers as follow:

  • XCMG
  • SANY
  • CIFA

Concrete Pump Parts Suppliers

Most of concrete pump manufacturers support wear parts for customers. You can contact the manufacturers for their parts.

There are also many supplying platform of concrete pump parts online, providing various wear parts of all famous manufacturers, such as steel pipes, hoses, elbow pipes, alloy glass plates, reducers, clamps, O rings and so on.

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