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Price varies from $25,000 to $360,000

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Ready Mix Concrete Plant?

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The ready mix concrete plant setup cost generally varies, from $25,000 to $360,000, depending on various factors such as – the type of batching plant, production capacity, additional features of the equipment, the application of the concrete, and other factors.

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Stationary concrete plant

Model: HZS25-HZS180

Capacity: 25-120m3/h

mobile concrete plant

Model: HZS25-HZS90

Capacity: 25-90m3/h

wet concrete plant

Model: HZS25-HZS180

Capacity: 25-180m3/h

dry concrete plant

Model: HZS25-HZS180

Capacity: 25-180m3/h

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Setup Cost Analysis

As we have seen before, the total cost of building a ready-mixed concrete station depends on various aspects such as – productivity of the RMC station, raw material consumption, working hours, and so on. The location of the station also affects overall costs. Let’s analyze these important factors below.

1. Production Capacity

The production capacity of the ready-mixed concrete station is different for various models and also the cost of building the station is also different. First of all, as far as the equipment itself is concerned, the higher the production capacity, the more capital that needs to be invested, which means higher cost.

Secondly, different production capacity also means different raw materials are requirements for production (such as – cement, coarse stone, sand, fine stone, and fly ash). This will also increase the capital investment of the entire project.

The production capacity of small and medium-sized ready-mixed concrete stations is usually less than 90m3/h and the production capacity of large-scale ready-mixed concrete stations is usually 120m3/h to 270m3/h.

2. Type and Model

Before planning to invest in setting up an RMC plant, you must first determine the type and model of the equipment to suit your needs. Different types and models of ready mixing plants have different prices, ranging from $25,000 to $360,000, and the gap between them is indeed not small.

It is not always true that the most expensive type of station is the best choice. You need to choose the most suitable and cost-effective ready-mixed concrete station considering your actual need and circumstances.

3. Project Site Cost

In addition to the cost of the ready-mixed concrete mixing station itself, the initial capital investment for the construction of the station also includes the cost of the site and the cost of a closed raw material production area to meet environmental protection requirements.

4. Operation Cost

The production and operation of the concrete batching plant will also incur other costs such as – water and electricity costs, personnel salaries, raw material costs, and transportation costs. These should be considered in the process of budget investment in the early stage.

5. Other Costs

The investment in the establishment of a ready-mixed concrete plant runs through the entire operation of the plant, and the costs incurred during the operation of the mixing plant should also be considered in the budget.

Finally, there is one more thing to note.

The capital investment of a commercial concrete mixing plant is greater than that of an ordinary engineering concrete mixing plant.

The purpose of the engineering station is to meet the use of engineering concrete. Some unnecessary functions can be ignored as long as the quality of the concrete product quality can meet the needs of customers.

However, since commercial concrete stations serve multiple purposes, they must be equipped to produce all kinds of concrete, including ordinary concrete and concrete products that need to meet special requirements. So its control system must be high-tech and fully automatic.

In addition, in order to improve work efficiency, the commercial concrete station must also have a storage function.

Factors to Determine Before Buying a Ready Mix Concrete Plant

One of the foremost factors affecting the price of the plant is – whether it is a stationary concrete batching plant or a mobile concrete batching plant.

While considering setting up a ready mix concrete plant, the first thing to consider is equipment cost (the cost of purchasing all equipment required for the whole concrete mixing plant.)

Then, we need to add cost of shipping the equipment from manufacturer’s facility to the production site

Next, if you are not familiar with such an operation, you need to seek professional help to set up the plant, an additional expense, which is indispensable.

Finally, there are operational costs such as – labor costs, water and electricity costs, environmental protection costs, and so on, which might not have been considered, but are very important to run a profitable RMC plant.

At the same time, you need to understand that there is no fixed/set budget plan that can be applied to every concrete batching plant for sale. This is because the amount of concrete usage, the operating environment of the plant, and concrete product quality requirement of each plant are different.

Therefore, before building the Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant, it is important to figure out the anticipated production output, the size of the project site, location of the plant, and transportation. Calculating these anticipated costs and requirements will provide you with the information necessary for choosing the right concrete mixing plant.

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Is It Profitable To Start An RMC Plant Business?

Yes, in our opinion it is worth staring an ready mix concrete plant business and it is worth promoting it vigorously. Some of the reasons to justify your investment in a ready mix plant are as follows:

  • It is quite obvious that concrete is one of the most important raw materials with a great demand in the construction industry. According to statistics, concrete cost accounts for nearly 30%-50% of the entire construction project. At the same time, the quality of concrete has a direct implication on the strength and durability of the projection structure. This shows the importance of ready concrete mixing plant for the production of concrete in the construction industry.
  • The benefits of using a precast concrete batching plant is obvious because it helps to improve the working efficiency and also reduces wastage of resources in construction projects, thereby increasing saving.
  • Concrete products of RMC batching plants are evenly mixed with cement, water, coarse stone, fine stone, and sand in a certain proportion according to the engineering project requirements of the customer and finally made into pre-mixed concrete for use. The concrete mixing equipment completes this task in the required proportion and then load it into the mixing tank truck to be transported to the construction site for use. The customized concrete product, based on customer needs, is remarkably better than most types of cement and has become the first choice of many customers.
  • For fast and efficient construction, a ready-mix concrete batching plant is the most common concrete preparation solution as it can eliminate the messy and time-consuming activity of on-site concrete preparation.
  • RMC plants can provide two services at the same time:
    • It can process the raw materials such as cement, stone, water, and additives into concrete.
    • It can transport the newly produced concrete products to the construction site in trucks within a short period of time (usually in less than 40 minutes at room temperature).

Now that we have seen so many advantages of RMC plant, we can conclude that it is a profitable business to set up a new ready-mix batching plant:

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What Is A Ready Mix Concrete Plant?

A ready-mix concrete plant is a combination of several equipment that function together to produce concrete of varying formula to meet demands of the end-users. It is also known as a premix concrete batching plant. It is designed for ready-mix producers, contractors, precast manufacturers, and for special applications. So more and more customers pay attention on ready mix concrete plant setup cost.

In modern engineering construction (such as building, high seed rail project, etc ), ready mix is one of the most common methods of producing concrete. Ready mix concrete is obtained in a ready mix concrete batching plant and then transported by trucks to the construction project site in a ready to use application.

The advantage of this kind of concrete mixing plant is that it can produce tailor-made concrete products for every customer according to different concrete index requirements.

This makes it widely accepted and welcome by end-users. Generally, concrete is transported by trucks that are cylindrical truck in shape and is called a “cement mixing tanker”.

The premix concrete mixing plant comes in various production capacities, covering a wide production range from 25m3 to 240m3 per hour.

During extreme weather conditions, stable and efficient production and operation can be achieved by either adding ice cubes or special additives to the aggregates. With so many different applications of concrete in various fields, various specially designed concrete premix plants which are suitable for different concrete applications such as dams, bridges, and precast projects are available today.

Most RMC plants adopt a modular design that provides flexibility to adapt to various on-site environments and additional features can be added at a later stage according to the special requirements of each project.

The specially cast machine parts are wear-resistant and more durable, thereby reducing maintenance time and keeping maintenance costs at a lower level.

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what are the benefits of using a ready mix concrete plant?

Quality & Consistency

The biggest advantage of using ready-mixed concrete the ability to control variables such as workability, composition ratio, cement and water ratio, pressure strength, and attenuation.

They can be customized for individual project requirements by RMC plants. Also, the speed of the engineering process can be achieved by improving the quality of the concrete material used in ready-mix concrete plants. Since high-tech equipment are used, it ensures stable product quality.

The traditional method on the other hand has many uncertainties due to manual preparation and different measurement methods adopted.


With traditional concrete mixing method, the concrete was required to be made on the site, which was labor intensive and a time consuming process to meet the needs of the project.

However, with the introduction of advanced science and technology into the construction industry and new developments, the modern concrete manufacturing process no longer requires the need for continuous supervision and the cement is used efficiently.

This is also a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly way of producing concrete.

The speed and efficiency of the ready-mix concrete mixing plant makes it favorable for the execution of modern construction projects.

Compared to the traditional method with the production speed of about 15-20m3 per hour, it is possible to achieve high-efficiency production of 30-45 m3 per hour using ready-mixed concrete mixing plant.

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environment friendly

Environmental protection and pollution control has become the primary issue in modern society. The influence of human activities on planet earth is said to have raised concerns in climate change.

Preparation of concrete at the construction in the traditional method produces dust emissions and noise pollution. Ready-mixed concrete station is an efficient way to reduce risk of large amounts of dust emissions and also reduces noise pollution.

convenient delivery

One of the main purposes of the ready-mixed concrete station is to provide the customers with the best quality concrete within the required time frame according to user requirement. Therefore, regardless of the quantity of products demanded, delivery time is of the utmost importance.

It can help users save a lot of space that would otherwise be required for cement and aggregate storage.

For customers, with the option to avail ready-mixed concrete, the tedious process of transporting and storing large amounts of aggregate raw materials on the project site on a regular basis can be eliminated.

It only requires transporting the finished concrete products directly to the site, which is more convenient for users. In addition to the existing advantages, the ready-mixed concrete station is much more convenient for engineering sites close to busy areas and those located in remote areas.


The ready-mixed concrete plant can provide customized services for individual projects, and has the flexibly to meet the specified concrete needs of various construction projects.

reduced wastage

The ready-mixed concrete plant has a good controllability which helps reduce the consumption of cement by 10-12%. In the process of preparing concrete, a fixed amount and a fixed measurement method are used to ensure the stable quality of the concrete mix and also avoiding unnecessary wastage of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Another advantage of the ready-mixed concrete station is that it saves the capital investment that would otherwise be required to be spent on renting raw material storage space and mechanical equipment on the project site.

In short, the use of ready-mixed concrete stations can avoid the wastage of raw materials in the related construction process.

reduced life-cycle cost

Ready-mixed concrete plants are equipped to produce high-quality concrete products. These high quality products provide a stable and reliable guarantee for commercial projects and other constructions by virtue of their longer service life and reliable structural strength, thereby prolonging the life cycle of the product and reducing cost for the users.

With the advantages of the RMC plant so evident, you now know it is a profitable to set up a ready-mix concrete batching plant business. If you are planning on purchasing an RMC plant and have no idea how to go about it, contact our experts, and they will guide you in setting up a suitable RMC station.

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our advantages

With the focus on advanced and accurate technology design and pursuit for high quality of concrete plants, LUTON products are recognized and approved by customers for their:

01. high quality materials

02. Long component life

03. Tailor-made service

04. Comprehensive after-sales maintenance

05. 20+ years industrial experience with pioneering design

06. 18000+ plants manufactured and sold

about luton

LUTON Group is one of the most popular manufacturers of concrete batch plants in China and its products are well known all over the world. Luton is focusing on developing, manufacturing, and servicing of concrete mixing plants and also providing integrated solutions for customers to build up their suitable plants.

LUTON manufactures a wide range of products, such as – stationary concrete mixing plant, mobile (or portable) concrete batching plant, belt concrete batching plant, hopper concrete batching plant, dry concrete mix plant, wet concrete mix plant, etc.

All the above points place Luton Group machinery in the leading position in the concrete equipment manufacturing industry. Our components are reliable and of standardized construction, adaptable to various applications, either in a small project or in a large project.

Our fully-automatic design extends the life and service of equipment and reduces the operating cost.

If you would like to know more about ready mix concrete plant setup cost, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our best possible information and help you achieve more outstanding performance than you expect.



1. Is It Cost-effective To Install A Used RMC Plant?

Some customers think that ready mixing concrete batching plant parts are simple and it is not cost-effective to purchase new equipment. They think that buying a used RMC plant can save more money.

This is not comprehensive. Although the price of the second-hand mixing plant is low, the maintenance of the plant is troublesome with frequent problems and recurring expenses.

While the new ready mixing concrete plant has a slightly higher initial investment cost, the maintenance is simple, the quality is guaranteed, and the performance and quality of its products are more stable and easy to control.

Often, manufacturers of used concrete stations renovate all parts in order to sell at a higher price. Truth is that the parts and processes of a used plant decline over time and you may end up spending a high amount on maintenance of the used concrete station to make it profitable.

Therefore, consumers are reminded again that if you are planning to purchase a mixing plant that needs to be used for a long time, it is still recommended to invest in a new set of equipment. After all, many dangers are hidden dangers when buying second-hand goods.

2. How To Find The Most Suitable Manufacturer To Set Things Up For You Personally?

To find the best ready mixing concrete plant, please contact one of the most senior manufacturers, Luton Group, for example.

Luton Group has focused on producing and manufacturing concrete mixing equipment for more than 20 years. It has the designing and manufacturing experience and capacity of a full range concrete batching plant to meet the demands of various customers.

The factory has guaranteed quality after-sales service. You are welcome to inquire and purchase, or visit our factory!

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