How to Operate the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer truck is integrated with self loading, mixing and transportation. How to operate the self loading concrete mixer? Here are 7 steps:

1. Ensure that the various working systems of the mixer truck are in normal before operation. The surrounding environment is in a state of safety and no hidden dangers.

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2. The driver wear clean work clothes, enter the cab in the correct way, adjust the seat position, and start the mixer truck. The cab is fully equipped, with air conditioning and a joystick designed according to ergonomic principles, which is easy to operate lightweight and flexible.

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3. After the water tank is filled with water, the driver controls the bucket with the joystick, fills in half a bucket of sand, and then pours the cement into the bucket. Then use the fluidity of the sand to bring the cement into the drum, and then load it into the aggregate electronic weighing system, which can accurately control the proportion of ingredients. After the aggregate and sand cement enter the mixing drum, it is automatically pressurized and mixed with water by the water tank to make it more evenly mixed.

4. Drive the self loading concrete mixer to the construction site. LUTON self loading concrete mixer has functions of anti-rolling and anti-falling. It is suitable for operation in any site, provides safe and reliable protection for drivers. And It is equipped with a four-wheel steering drive system, which enables the self loading concrete mixer to drive in harsh construction environments and complex roads. In the stirring state, to ensure that the sand and gravel do not settle, and to ensure the quality of the concrete.

How to Operate the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

5. Using the operating lever to rotate the mixing drum through 270 degrees, the concrete can be dumped at a height of 120cm to 160cm around the vehicle. During the check-in process, the mixer truck can move back and forth according to the actual situation.

6. After the end, use the automatic flushing function of the mixer to thoroughly flush the mixing tank. Make sure that there is no residue in the tank.

How to Operate the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

7. Regularly use the automatic lubricating oil function for daily maintenance of the self loading concrete mixer.

LUTON self-loading concrete mixer is committed to providing customers with the best solution for mixer and concrete pouring. Lightweight and flexible body. It is extremely suitable for construction in crowded urban mountainous areas and field projects. The market prospect is very broad.

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